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Original Appearance:

Mega Man X (1993)

Platform of Origin:

Super Nintendo Entertainment System





Cross appearances:

Project X Zone
Project X Zone 2

Voice Actor:

Ryotaro Okiayu

First Chapter Appearance:

Chapter 20 (PXZ)
Chapter 7 (PXZ2)

"I never cared about justice, and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero. I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate... If an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!"
—Zero, Mega Man Zero 4

Zero (ゼロ Zero?) is a deuteragonist from the Mega Man X series and the protagonist of the Mega Man Zero series.


Zero is a Reploid, an advanced android able to think and feel independently much like a human being. He is the masterpiece of the nefarious Dr. Wily. After Dr. Wily's death, his lab was abandoned and forgotten, but Zero apparently was still on standby mode.

Zero was later discovered by a squad of Maverick Hunters under the command of the then-commander, Sigma. Sigma and Zero fought a violent battle, which resulted in Sigma taking heavy damage, and Zero being knocked unconscious. When Zero was repaired by the head of Reploid research, Dr. Cain, he no longer displayed violent tendencies and decided to become a Maverick Hunter, alongside Mega Man X, Sigma, and Vile.

Zero, unlike X, has no qualms about entering battle and eliminating enemies, and his track record of always completing a mission with an eliminated target made him one of the most respected and efficient Maverick Hunters, going so far as to gaining respect among his fellow Hunters and his targets. Despite this, he never viewed X as weak and respected him, as he knew that X's empathy and mercy was what gave X strength.

When Vile was officially labelled a Maverick after many missions of endangering his teammates and cruel behavior, X asked Zero what would cause a Reploid to go Maverick, and Zero responded with program errors and short circuits in their electronic brains as examples, and going on to say that the same things that give Reploids their power are also their greatest weakness.

Shortly after Vile's imprisonment, Sigma had gone Maverick for reasons unknown, and freed Vile, who joined his rebellion with the intention of destroying X. After a fierce battle against Vile, Zero's body was damaged to the point where he was thought to be irreparable, and X would go on to defeat Vile and Sigma.

Zero's parts were found by Sigma's Maverick forces after his destruction, and were recovered by X who fought against them. Once Zero was reconstructed, he received an upgrade to his armor, as well as his trademark weapon, the Z-Saber. He would later take Sigma's previous position as the commander of the Maverick Hunters, as well as their most prominent Hunter.

When Repliforce, a special forces group dedicated to protecting humanity against Mavericks was labelled as Mavericks and attempted a coup against humanity, Zero was forced to fight against Colonel, a high-ranking member of Repliforce, and the older brother of Zero's love interest, Iris. Iris pleaded on multiple occasions to both Zero and Colonel not to fight each other. Colonel refused because Repliforce did not believe in surrender, and would sooner face death than shame. Zero refused because he was duty-bound to eliminate all Maverick threats. Zero would eventually face off against Colonel and defeat him in battle. When Iris learned of this, she was overcome with grief and attempted to kill Zero in order to avenge her brother. Zero defeated Iris, but was able to hear her final words, and she died in his arms. This incident has weighed heavily on Zero.

During the incident involving the Space Colony Eurasia, a new form of virus was spreading throughout the earth, causing all Reploids who were exposed to it to deteriorate both mentally and physically, X and Zero had to face the incoming threat of collision from the station, as well as the last stand of Sigma, who had survived every previous defeat handed to him by the Maverick Hunters, and was responsible for the virus, earning it the name Sigma Virus.

When Zero was exposed to the virus, however, he became stronger, and his injuries were healed as a result of coming into contact with the virus. This confused the Maverick Hunters, as well as Zero, who had no idea why the virus reacted to him in this manner, and planted seeds of doubt within his fellow Hunters, including X. This doubt culminated into a fight between X and Zero in Sigma's stronghold, where the virus was at its strongest, and left both Hunters incapacitated. With his final act against Sigma, Zero shielded X from Sigma's attack meant for them both, and after a fierce battle, Sigma was finally defeated, but at the cost of Zero's life.

Zero was repaired once more, and research was done on the virus in order to solve its origin and the mystery behind why Zero reacted to it with its side effects. The research showed that the Sigma Virus was an evolved form of a virus which was transferred from Zero to Sigma in their first encounter, and was seen to be found in the majority of Mavericks the Hunters had faced throughout the years.

Zero consented to allow his body to be used as research for a cure for the virus in order to prevent future Maverick attacks. This research was headed by a female scientist, who was experimenting with a new form of technology. The cure was created in a form of technology known as the Mother Elf, which cures Reploids of the Maverick Virus. The Mother Elf was also the advent for a new type of technology known as Cyber-elves, something which would eventually segue into the Mega Man Zero series.

Zero claims to see X as his rival, but the reality is that he views X as a close friend, having saved X's life on multiple occasions, as well as telling him it's ridiculous to think that X will ever go Maverick (and he was right, as X never went Maverick). Zero even once said that he and X were the best partners. Zero also seems to balance out X's pacifist tendencies; whenever X questions why it's necessary for Reploids to fight, Zero always gives him a reason to carry on the fight, regardless of the circumstances. X also looks after Zero, and is helping Zero work through the pain he felt after the Repliforce incident.

While Zero may seem stoic, cold, and ruthless, he has a strong sense of justice, and sees all Mavericks as targets to be terminated before they are allowed to wreak havoc on innocents. He is loyal to the Maverick Hunters and is willing to fight against Mavericks no matter when or how they appear. The S-Class Hunter's rank is well-earned as his fighting skills are some of the most impressive among Reploids. Unlike X, Zero's power level has essentially stayed the same over the course of the X series timeline, but during the Eurasia Incident of Mega Man X5, he had temporarily grown extremely powerful due to his exposure to the virus that stained Earth after the space colony's impact. Since Mega Man X6 onward, his abilities have gone back to normal.

Crosspedia Entry[]

An Special A class Hunter with exceptional combat capabilities and the leader of Special 0 Unit of Maverick Hunters. Always calm and collected, he carries out every mission given to him without hesitation. X is his junior as a Hunter and also his friend, and while Zero acts as something of a mentor to him, the two have often worked together to resolve Maverick incidents. However, when the Reploid militia group, the Repliforce, launched a coup d'etat, Zero ended up having to fight against Iris during his handling of the indecent. Although there had been a connection between the two of them, for the sake of his mission Zero ultimately cut her down. This tragedy has weighed heavily on Zero ever since.


Zero first appears in Chapter 20: The Maverick Hunters for Project X Zone and first appears in Chapter 7: Going Commando for Project X Zone 2. Zero uses his Z-Saber and techniques learned from the Mavericks of Mega Man X4, which is the first time in the series Zero was able to fight the Maverick bosses and earn their abilities. He wields attacks such as Hyouretsuzan, learned from Frost Walrus, and Kuuenzan, learned from Split Mushroom.

Stats at Level 50 (Project X Zone)[]

50 12574 363 348 155 160

Stats at Level 99 (Project X Zone 2)[]

99 47201 735 411 268 274

Ultimate Equipment (Project X Zone 2)[]

Gear: Ride Chaser (ATK+312, TEC+40, DEX+40, HP+2000, MOVE+1)

Accessory: Hyper Chip (DEF+270, TEC+10, DEX+10, SP+50, Nullifies ZOC)

Attack List[]

Project X Zone Attack List[]

Name Strength XP Rate Effect Notes
X-Buster & Z-Saber C 7% None Stardard A attack. X fires three shots and a charge shot.
Tornado Fang & Kuuenzan B 5% Critical+ Right+A attack. X uses a charged Tornado Fang and Rising Fire.
Frost Tower & Hyouretsuzan B 4% Down Left+A attack. X uses a normal Storm Tornado and Frost Tower.
Twin Slasher & Raijingeki C 5% Stun Down+A attack. Learned at Level 14. X uses a normal Tornado Fang and Twin Slasher.
Nova Strike & Shippuuga S 3% None Up+A attack. Learned at Level ?. X uses Spin Wheel and Nova Strike.
Special: Ultimate Armor & Rakuhouha S 100% Cost Stun Special Y attack. X attacks with a charge shot, Double Cyclone, Triad Thunder, and ends by equipping the Ultimate Armor and using its Nova Strike.
MA: Hadoken & Genmu Zero (2-4 enemies) B 100% Cost Stun Multi-Attack. X uses a Cross Charge Shot and Hadoken.
Support: Rising Fire & Ryuenjin C None None X fires three shots, a charge shot, uses Spin Wheel, a normal Rising Fire, and a charged Rising Fire.

Project X Zone 2 Attack List[]

Name Strength Effect
X-Buster & Z-Saber A None
Frost Tower & Hadangeki B Down
Triad Thunder & Ryuenjin C Stun
Rising Fire & Hyouretsuznan B Block Crush
Fire Wave & Raikousen C Stun
Special: Ultimate Armor & Sougenmu S Stun
MA: Genmurei (2 enemies) S None
Support: Nova Strike & Raijingeki A None

Skill List[]

Project X Zone Skill List[]

Skill Name XP Cost Target Effect Description
Zero Buster 15% Self Attack Range +1 Allows Zero to take down ranged enemies
Body Parts 25% Self Defense +15% X increases the toughness of his body
Tenkuuha 20% Self Cancel Enemy Encounters Zero reflects attacks with the Z-Saber
X-Buster 35% Self Attack +15% X increases the output of his Buster
Hidden Power Auto (XP over 120%) Self All stats increase 10% X Only

Project X Zone 2 Skill List[]

Name SP Cost Target Effect Description
Body Parts 50 Self Defense +50% Power-up parts that make X's Titanium-X Alloy more resilient.
Sub Tank 30 Ally HP Heal 40% A tank containing life energy X uses to heal himself.
Tenkuuha 40 Self Nullifies Counterattacks The energized Zero uses his Z-Saber to nullify counters.
Hyper Dash 70 Self Move +1 Zero equips reinforced parts made from enemy robot programs to boost his speed.

Project X Zone 2 Auto Skill List[]

Name CP Cost Activation Rate Effect Description
Arm Parts 0 After Action: XP 80 or more Charge Bonus Damage +15% An enhancement to the X Buster that allows him to fire charged shots.
0 Unit Commander 0 Start of Turn: 100% Back Attack +15% Zero's "Shinobi" unit excels in assassination as well as combat.
Foot Parts 300 Start of Turn: 100% Nullifies Traps Allows X to hover and dash through the air, letting him dodge traps.
Dark Hold 400 Start of Turn: 100% Extends Cross Freeze Zero stops time with his special weapon to freeze and attack foes.
Head Parts 500 Enemy Turn: Damage taken 10% or more of Max HP Nullifies Block X's headguard can butt its way through solid obstacles.
Growing Reploid 600 Start of Turn: HP 50% or less CP Acquired +20% X is a Reploid capable of learning and maturing like a human being.
Unbending Love 700 Start of Turn: 5 or more skill types in effect Skill SP Cost down 50% Zero overcomes his self-doubt and sadness over precious losses to fight on in battle.


His theme is a remix of Zero's Theme from Mega Man X. In Project X Zone 2, his theme is his opening stage theme from Mega Man X4.

Other Appearances[]

Zero has also appeared in the Marvel VS Capcom series. He's also appeared in the Super Smash Bros. series since the 4th game, as a Mii costume in both 4 and Ultimate, as well as an Assist Trophy in Ultimate.


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List of Quotes - Zero (Story/PXZ2)




  • Zero, X, Vile, Sigma, and Nebiroth are the only characters that debuted on the SNES.
  • X and Zero's representation does not go past Mega Man X4.
  • He, X, Alisa Bosconovitch, KOS-MOS, T-elos, Fiora and the Servbots are the only mechanical units in the Cross series.
  • X and Zero are both the second last pair to join the party in Project X Zone and the last pair unit to appear in the game.
    • Chris and Jill, who join the party a chapter later, appear in Prologue 5.
  • Zero is the last character alphabetically.
  • Zero is the only playable character with an existing drastic redesign that used the old one.
    • Alisa A. wears different outfits between entries.
    • For Dante's case, Project X Zone released before 2013's DMC: Devil May Cry.
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