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Original Appearance:

Resonance of Fate (2010)

Platform of Origin:

PlayStation 3/Xbox 360

Unit Type:



Leanne (Project X Zone)
Vashyron (Project X Zone 2)

Cross appearances:

Project X Zone
Project X Zone 2

Voice Actor:

Hiro Shimono

First Chapter Appearance:

Chapter 7 (PXZ)
Prologue 4 (PXZ2)
Chapter 14 (PXZ Joins Party)

"At least it's better than shooting a paper target."

Zephyr (ゼファー Zefā?) is one of the three playable protagonists in Resonance of Fate. A PMF Hunter who gives his all when on a job, he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. He also tends to spit out one-liners at enemies during a fight, though he still feels guilty about his past sins.


In the Tower of Basel, in a future where Earth is covered in a poisonous fog, Zephyr was involved in an experiment where he and several other children were given traits of a girl called Rebecca who lived outside Basel to see if they could survive. He was the only success in the experiment, but there was a huge drawback: he became mentally unstable and goes into a killing frenzy, murdering every person involved in the experiment. Despite having been shot in the head twice, he still lived due to his newly-imbued immortality.

After that, he worked with Vashyron as a PMF Hunter. A year later, he sees Leanne jumping off a bridge and catches her in midair and saved her life. Since then, they have become friends and partners.

Some time later, Cardinal Lagerfeld, who was in charge of Crank Seminary during the time Zephyr went berserk, challenged him to a duel to avenge those who died during his rampage. Although he was defeated, he reveals to Zephyr that he had a sister among those who died and unknowingly killed her. As grief overtook Zephyr, he was knocked to the ground and about to be stabbed until Leanne saved him with a single shot. Depite knowing his past, Leanne consoles him and tells him to continue living for her sake.

Sullivan says that he now held Leanne's Quartz, and if he dies, she dies as well. Cardinal Rowen overhears this and immediately guns him down. Zephyr flies into a rage, swearing vengeance against Rowen.

Rowen gathers his forces at the Basilica and awaits the heroes for their arrival. Eventually they fought their way to him, and after a long hard bullet ballet, the finale ends with Zephyr putting a bullet through Rowen's heart. They leave at Vashyron's request and they find that the miasma had subsided.

Note: In the bonus dungeon Neverland, an abandoned amusement park, the heroes encounter Sullivan and Rebecca as Secret Bosses. Even if defeated, Sullivan claims to be immortal, and all "theories" are see-through to him. Zephyr vows to keep killing him until he dies permanently with Sullivan looking forward to it.

Crosspedia Entry[]

A member of a squad of Hunters, people that will complete any job for money. With no blood relatives, he was raised in a Seminary, but he caused a terrible accident there due to his rejection of its oppressive regime. Dragging his sins behind, he fell into a self-destructive lifestyle, but after saving Leanne's life and then seeing her own brave struggle against her cruel fate, he decided to keep on living in order to support her, and together they attempted to solve the mysteries of the layered tower-city of Basel. Can be blunt and indifferent, and has a bit of a foul mouth. However, he is pure at heart, and his sense of teamwork is also very strong.


In Project X Zone, Zephyr first appears in Chapter 7: The .hackers alongside Leanne and Lindow Amamiya. In Project X Zone 2 he first appears in Prologue 4: Welcome To The World and reappears in Chapter 14: Renaissance of Fate alongside Leanne and Vashyron. Zephyr uses the same weapons in his game, his primary weapon being the Machine Gun. He also uses Handguns and Grenades while fighting alongside Leanne. In Project X Zone 2, he also uses a knife.

Stats at Level 50 (Project X Zone)[]

50 12173 352 352 161 166

Stats at Level 99 (Project X Zone 2)[]

99 45784 705 380 265 282

Project X Zone 2 Ultimate Equipment[]

Gear: Power of a Knight of Zenith (ATK +339, TEC +30, DEX +30, HP +8000)

Accessory: Neverland Suit (ATK +20, DEF +220, TEC +20, DEX +20, SP +50)

Attack List[]

Project X Zone Attack List[]

Name Strength XP Rate Effect
Handgun & Molotov Cocktail C 7% Down
Sliding Shot & Dual Guns B 8% Critical+
Backflip Shot & Cartwheel Shot B 6% Down
Midair Barrage & Cartwheel E. Grenade B 5% Stun
Reverse Midair Barrage & F. Grenade B 6% Critical+
Special: Midnight Bell S 100% Cost Stun
MA: Stars from the Heavens' (2-4 enemies)' B 100% Cost


Support: Machinegun & T. Grenade C None Poison

Project X Zone 2 Attack List[]

Name Strength Effect
Knife & Handgun A None
Dash Shot & Electro Grenade C Stun
Sliding Shot & Rebound Shot B Down
Backflip Shot & Molotov Cocktail B Block Crush
Midair Barrage & Freezer Grenade C Stun
Special: Two Shots to the Head S None
MA: Grenade Blast Up S None
Support: Combo Attack & Toxic Grenade C Poison

Skill List[]

Project X Zone Skill List[]

Skill List XP Cost Target Effect Description
Hero Action 15% Self Nullify ZOC Run freely between enemies
Blast Up 10% Self Fixed Enemy Launch Height Easily launches any enemy into the air
Gauge Crack 15% Self Nullify Enemy Block Aim carefully and shatter enemy defenses
Charge Cancel 15% Self Cancel Enemy Encounters Exploit an opening and shut down enemy retaliation
Good In The Dark Auto (XP over 100%) Self Attack Range +1 Zephyr Only

Project X Zone 2 Skill List[]

Name SP Cost Target Effect Description
Hero Action 30 Self Nullify ZOC Zephyr runs freely amongst his foes to gain the best attack position.
Armor-Piercing Rounds 20 Ally Damage Blocked +40% Vashyron's special bullets can hit home against armored foes.
Multi-Charge 70 Self Charge Bonus Damage +50% Zephyr readies his gun before attacking, taking his time for extra power.
Trusty Magnum 60 Self Normal Attack Range +1 Vashyron uses his beloved Magnum to take on foes from far away.

Project X Zone 2 Auto Skill List[]

Name CP Cost Activation Rate Effect Description
Good In The Dark 0 Start of Turn: 100% Extends CRT Window Zephyr's dark-seeing eyes notice the slightest opening in foes.
Victor's Credo 0 After Action: XP 100 or more Join Counterattacks Vashyron's former boss only trusted those who stood shoulder to shoulder with him.
Secret Stash 300 Start of Turn: Round 5 or higher Gold Acquired +15% The thrifty Vashyron is always quick to spot extra money he can keep.
Toxic Grenade 400 Start of Turn: Round 10 or lower Poison Counter Zephyr throws a poison grenade at attacking foes.
Galaxy Knuckle 500 Start of Turn: SP 80% or more Disables Block Crush A battle arena prize that makes it easier for Vashyron to down foes.
Seminary Scripture 600 Start of Turn: SP 25% or less Recovers SP on turn unit doesn't respond Kept by Zephyr as a reminder of the indelible past he must face up to someday.
Knight of Zenith 700 Start of Turn: 100% Heals fully when Rescuing Zephyr and Vashyron miraculously kept their critically-wounded bodies alive.


His theme is Battle To Pay The Debt (B) in Project X Zone. In Project X Zone 2, his theme is The Beginning of Eternity.


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List of Quotes - Zephyr (Story/PXZ2)



  • Zephyr has a striking resemblance to Shulk, the main protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles.
  • Zephyr is the only playable Resonance of Fate unit to always have been a pair.
  • Zephyr and Vashyron have some of the lowest stats in Project X Zone 2. They have the lowest ATK, DEF, and TEC of any pair.
  • Zephyr tends to move first in most fights in Project X Zone.
  • Zephyr, Leanne, and Vashyron are the only Tri-Ace developed playable units.
    • They are also the only playable units in the Project X Zone games to have multiple characters from a one-off title.
  • The Resonance of Fate cast, Juri, and Natsu are the playable units to simultaneously debut on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.
  • Zephyr, along with Vashyron, Seth, Felicia, Erica, and Aty are the only characters to have a sprite featuring a different appearance than their default sprite.
    • Zephyr and Vashyron use their reindeer costumes from Chapter 13 of Resonance of Fate.
    • The Valkyrias don't count since they simply glow.
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