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Yuri Lowell

Original Appearance:

Tales of Vesperia (2008)

Platform of Origin:

Xbox 360

Unit Type:



Estellise Sidos Heurassein (Project X Zone)
Flynn Scifo (Project X Zone 2)

Cross appearances:

Project X Zone
Project X Zone 2

Voice Actor:

Kosuke Toriumi

First Chapter Appearance:

Chapter 12 (PXZ)
Prologue 5 (PXZ2)
Chapter 21 (PXZ2 Joins Party)

"You may be protected by the law, but not from me."
—Yuri before dealing the death strike to Ragou

Yuri Lowell (ユーリ・ローウェル Yūri Lōweru?) is the main protagonist of Tales of Vesperia.


Yuri Lowell is a young man who was born in the imperial capital of Zaphias in the world of Terca Lumireis. The people of Terca Lumireis utilize devices called blastia to make their lives more convenient and to protect their homes from monsters lurking outside. Yuri's entire journey began when a thief stole the blastia responsible for providing water to the poorer and less privileged folk of the lower quarter of the capital. Along with his trusted canine companion Repede, Yuri cornered the thief, but ended up being thrown in the castle prison for breaking into a noble's home. During his time escaping from prison, he encounters Princess Estellise, who is searching for Flynn, Yuri's best friend who is working hard in the Imperial Knights to change things for the people. It is from here Yuri's journey takes him outside the capital city and into the vast world of Terca Lumireis where he meets many people, both friend and foe, and determines for himself what it means to enforce one's idea of justice (which is the central theme that defines Tales of Vesperia's characteristic genre: RPG to Enforce "Justice"). 

Prior to the events of Tales of Vesperia, Yuri's time in the Imperial Knights was chronicled in the anime movie Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike. Even during this time, Yuri and Flynn's ideals clashed as they often disagreed about many things and opposed one another's way of interpreting situations. After the deaths of Lambert, Repede's father, and the captain of his unit, Niren Fedrock, did Yuri realize he could no longer stay with the knights. His view of things had been unquestionably changed due to the events that had transpired throughout the movie and he came to realize that relying on the nobility was a mistake. 

Yuri Lowell is noted for being the first protagonist in the Tales series to have an already established mindset and personality that defines who he is. Unlike other heroes, such as Cress or Luke, who change and learn over the course of the story, he is well aware of the workings of the world and changes little during the course of the game. He is not afraid to deal with more difficult situations, such as taking the life of a villain who has wronged innocent people, nor does he allow himself to become sidetracked by hesitation. However, Yuri is aware that his vigilantism will eventually lead to severe consequences down the line and that he risks becoming just as terrible as those in power he has grown to despise. 

Crosspedia Entry[]

A young man who lives in the lower quarter of the Imperial Capital, Zaphias, and a member of the guild "Brave Vesperia." Formerly a member of the Imperial Knights, he left them after becoming disillusioned with the corruption within the Empire. After that, a chance encounter with Estelle led to a journey across the world, during which he was confronted with the revival of the potentially world-ending Adephagos, but with the aid of his companions he brought an end to that threat. Although often cynical, he has a strong sense of justice and possesses an earnest desire to aid the weak and the powerless.


In Project X Zone, Yuri first appears in Chapter 12: Fury Sparks and fights alongside Estelle. In Project X Zone 2, Yuri first appears in Prologue 5: The Fire Emblem and reappears in Chapter 21: You Must Play the Sega Saturn! alongside with Flynn. He utilizes many of his base and arcane artes from Tales of Vesperia, such as Shining Fang and Azure Wolf Strike. During his finisher, he uses his established Mystic Arte Savage Wolf Fury.

Stats at Level 50 (Project X Zone)[]

50 14179 356 348 148 157

Stats at Level 99 (Project X Zone 2)[]

99 47673 766 396 276 271

Project X Zone 2 Ultimate Equipment[]

Gear: Fell Blade Demonlight (ATK +308, TEC +40, DEX +30)

Accessory: Hope of the Town (ATK +60, DEF +247, TEC +10, DEX +20, SP +50)

Attack List[]

Project X Zone Attack List[]

Name Strength XP Rate Effect
Azure Edge & Photon B 5% Stun
Lone Wolf Charge & Star Stroke A 4% Critical+
Tiger Blade & Marche Waltz C 7% None
Severing Fang & Angel RIng A 4% Down
Ghost Wolf & Sylphie Roll C 9% None
Special: Savage Wolf Fury & Holy Lance S 100% Cost Stun
MA: Divine Wolf & Sacred Penance (2-4 enemies) B 100% Cost


Support: Lone Wolf Charge & Fatal Strike C None Stun

Project X Zone 2 Attack List[]

Name Strength Effect
Azure Edge & Demon Fang A None
Tiger Blade & Dazzling Spin C Stun
Shining Fang & Rising Phoenix B Down
Lone Wolf Charge & Beast A None
Severing Fang & Divine Streak B Down
Special: Twin Wave S None
MA: Savage Wolf Fury & Radiant Dragon Fang (2 enemies) S None
Support: Fatal Strike B Down

Skill List[]

Project X Zone Skill List[]

Skill Name XP Cost Target Effect Description
Dispel 15% All Heal all ailments Magic used by Estelle to cure status ailments
Nurse 80% All Heal HP 30% Magic used by Estelle to heal all allies
Concealed Wave 15% Self Nullify Enemy Block A sword skill used by Yuri to create a massive shockwave
Helm Splitter 10% Self First Critical A mighty overhead sword strike used by Yuri
Vigilante Auto Self 20% Exp. increase (30% chance) Yuri only

Project X Zone 2 Skill List[]

Name SP Cost Target Effect Description
Fatal Strike 50 Self Cross Break Damage +100% Yuri's blow hits home mid-combo on a stunned foe.
Payment for Work 60 Ally Gold Acquired +50% The Guild relies on the fees reaped by Yuri and the others for its operations.
Cure 30 Ally HP Recovery +60% Flynn's healing magic, which relies on holy benevolence.
Over Limit 80 Self Combo XP Recovery +100% A special mode that lets Yuri and Flynn extend combos further.

Project X Zone 2 Auto Skill List[]

Name CP Cost Activation Cost Effect Description
One Who Bears Chivalry 0 After Action: SP 50% or less Halves Defend SP Cost Flynn's knightly spirit helps him defend himself and others with his shield.
Vigilante 0 Start of Turn: 100% Back Attack +15% Yuri is willing to commit the sin of striking from behind to slay evil.
Guild Tradition 300 Start of Turn: 5 or more active Allies Extends Cross Freeze Yuri faithfully follows guild guidelines to support allies' attacks.
HP Surge 400 Start of Turn: 100% Heals fully when rescuing The knightly Flynn's spirit never flags, even when knocked to the ground.
Emperor of the Night 0 Start of Turn: Round 5 or higher CP Acquired +15% Flynn, ever the smooth operator, takes full advantage of his "off" time.
Concealed Wave 500 Start of Turn: XP 50 or more Block Crush Damage +25% Yuri unleashes a shockwave at foes with his in this special move.
Lion Heart 600 After Action: More active Allies than enemies Nullifies Poison, Stun, Bind, and Down Flynn's ferocious fighting spirit is enough to even block status ailments.


His theme in the Japanese version of Project X Zone is an instrumental version of the opening theme of Tales of Vesperia, Kane wo Narashite, which was also dubbed into Ring a Bell for the game's U.S. version. However, due to copyright issues, it was removed. In its place he has Fury Sparks, a remixed theme of the duel between Yuri and Flynn to fill in for Ring a Bell (normally Fury Sparks is Flynn's assigned theme and special attack theme for Yuri and Estelle). In Project X Zone 2, his theme is a remix of the first battle theme of Tales of Vesperia, Furnace of War.


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  • Yuri is the only playable Tales of Vesperia unit to have always been the primary partner.
  • Yuri and Flynn is the last pair to be unlocked in Project X Zone 2.
  • Both chapters where Yuri joins the party have him challenging a boss who becomes a solo unit (Sänger and Segata respectively) before the rest of the party arrives.
  • The Tales of Vesperia cast and Frank West are the only characters to exclusively debut on a Microsoft console, being the Xbox 360.
  • Yuri, Flynn, Estelle, Dante, Alisa, Gemini, Erica, and Morrigan are the only characters in Project X Zone 2 that join the party in a stage from their home franchises that didn't do so in the predecessor.
    • All of them join the party in a stage from their debut games.
  • Yuri, Chrom, Ogami, Dante, Haseo, Demitri, Ryu, Akira, Jin, Hotsuma, Hiryu, Kiryu, Chris, Ciel, Zephyr, X, Fiora, KOS-MOS, Reiji, and Xiaomu are the characters seen flying towards Byaku Shin in Project X Zone 2's intro.
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