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Tong Pooh
Tong Pooh.png

Original Appearance:

Strider (1989)

Platform of Origin:

Arcade (CP System)



Cross appearances:

Namco x Capcom
Project X Zone 2

Voice Actress:

Miho Yamada (NxC)
Eri Nakao (PXZ2)

First Chapter Appearance:

Chapter 20 (NxC)
Chapter 4 (PXZ2)

Tong Pooh (東風 Ton Pū?) is an antagonist of the Strider series and an enemy in Namco x Capcom and Project X Zone 2.

Entry (Namco X Capcom) (Translated)[]

One of the Grandmaster's subordinates. Her murdering technique is a form of martial arts equal to Hiryu's. Her kicks can create an arc of plasma energy identical to that of the Cypher.

Crosspedia Entry[]

Assassin and underling of Grandmaster Meio. She has a strong determination to win and profoundly adores the Grandmaster.

A member of an acrobatic group, she normally hides her more colorful abilities from the public. Her agile kicks are able to fire plasma bursts much to the same as Hiryu's Cypher.

Tong Pooh is the middle of a trio of sisters, the eldest sister being Pei Pooh and the youngest being Sai Pooh.


Project X Zone 2[]

Tong Pooh first appears in Chapter 4: A Summons to Action, where she emerges from the Evocation Gate on the Island of the Strays alongside two Vectors, though she is surprised that the location was different from what she expected and that Strider Hiryu was there as well. When he demands to know what she is doing, she refused to answer and declares that she will not let him interfere with her plans. She fights Hiryu and the other heroes but is defeated, though she manages to retreat.

Tong Pooh's second appearance is in Chapter 10: Code Holder, where she appears alongside two more Vectors on the Queen Zenobia. The group that encountered her were surprised to see her after they assumed her injuries would be fatal, but she claims she was saved by someone that she was now waiting for, who is revealed to be M. Bison. She fights the heroes again but is defeated, afterwards Hiryu and Captain Commando demand she explain her supposed connection to the Fourth Empire, which should have collapsed. Tong Pooh, however, retorts that until 'he' returns, she can not afford to die as she retreats.

Tong Pooh's third appearance is in Chapter 23: The Shade of the Night, where she appears on the Balrog with Solo and several archcriminals, though she wasn't expecting the group of heroes to arrive. The group deduce she wasn't expecting M. Bison, but Ouma, which she reveals is true. After the group announce their plan to destroy the Balrog, Tong Pooh brings out an army of Aragami, including a Vajra and Marduk, and later an army of God Arc Soldiers, B.O.W.s and Mavericks. After several enemies are defeated, Kurohagane α, Black Hayato, and more Vectors appear, where she reveals that she had been stalling the group until Black Hayato had gain control over Hayato Kanzaki's body. She orders B. Hayato to destroy the Dragonturtle Mk. I, though it accidently gets knocked off the ship by Hibana, which she then tasks B. Hayato with fighting the heroes. Despite her strength, she is again defeated, but she manages to escape.

Tong Pooh's fourth appearance is in Chapter 34: A Door in Time alongside the Shtrom Family, where the heroes deduce they are looking for someone. She refuses to tell them who she and the others are looking for and challenges them. She is defeated but manages to retreat, though she says that she is close to reviving her master.

Tong Pooh's fifth and final appearance is in Chapter 37: Cypher Punk, where she aligns herself with Sigma, Solo, and B. Hayato, where she reveals that she plans on using the power of the Magic Circle to revive her master: Grandmaster Meio. After she is defeated for the final time, she laments how she desperately wanted to bring Grandmaster Meio back to life and tells Hiryu that with his power, he could have revived all his friends back to life. When he denies he doesn't have friends nor does he need them, she calls him a man who is truly alone before dying from her injuries.

Enemy Attack List[]

Name Strength Effect
Attack A None
Special: Plasma Kick S None
MA: Clone Plasma Kick (2-3 targets) S None

Enemy Auto Skill List[]

Name Effect
Nultify Stun Cannot be stunned (or removes the effect)



List of Quotes - Tong Pooh (NxC)

List of Quotes - Tong Pooh (Story/PXZ2)


  • The "acrobatic group" mentioned in her Crosspedia entry is a reference to the "Ming Liang Acrobatics Troupe", a group the sisters are part of in Strider 2 as a cover job when not doing work as assassins. The entry also references this fact when claiming that she "hides her more colorful abilities from the public".
  • The kanji in her name, 東風, directly translate to East Wind.
  • Nang Pooh, or South Wind, the hidden fourth member of the Kuniang, is a minor enemy in Namco X Capcom
  • Her two sisters Sai Pooh and Pei Pooh can be seen in her Multi attack.
  • Her sisters were supposed to be enemies in Namco X Capcom but were not in the final release.
  • Tong Pooh is the only Strider boss in Project X Zone 2.
    • Solo is more of a mid-boss since he doesn't have any specials.
  • Tong Pooh, Juri, and B.B. Hood are the only female bosses from Capcom in Project X Zone 2.
  • Tong Pooh is the oldest boss in Project X Zone 2 as she debuted on March 1989.
  • The Strider bosses are the only bosses in the Cross series whose franchises originated as a manga.
    • They themselves debuted in the 1989 video game. Of all the characters only Hiryu himself was in the 1988 manga.
  • Tong Pooh is the inspiration for Chun-Li.
  • Tong Pooh, Chun-Li, Pai Chan, Xiaoyu, Hsien-Ko, June, Fong Ling, Xiaomu, and Ada are the only Chinese characters.
  • Tong Pooh slices her opponents with a kick in her specials. She, Sigma, Black Hayato, and Ranmaru are the only bosses that have their opponents sliced.
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