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Original Appearance:

Shining Force EXA

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Voice Actor:

Romi Park

"I'm gonna make you look like Cyrille's cooking!"
—Toma, Project X Zone

Toma (トウマ Toma?) is a character from Shining Force EXA.

Crosspedia Entry[]

Toma is a cheerful, tough and wild youth from a tribe in the mountains, who is also one of the masters of the holy sword Shining Force. He has a very direct personality, and generally acts before thinking. While traveling with others from his tribe, they got caught up in the conflict between humans and demons, and most of them were killed. Barely surviving himself, Toma vowed to become the new king and bring an end to all wars. He set out in search of the holy sword said to have the power to rule the world. Having successfully become the master of both the holy sword and the "Geo-Fortress," he now fights alongside Cyrille to bring peace.


Toma first appears in Prologue 4: The Man The Devils Fear and reappears in Chapter 18: Light and Darkness. Toma uses most of his power moves from Shining Force EXA, including Sky Upper, Power Press, and Unrivaled Atttack. He can also use some degree of magic, which is usually infused in his sword.

Attack List[]

Attack Name Strength XP Rate Effect
Sky Upper & Spark B 7% None
Unrivaled Attack & Inferno B 4% None
Power Press & Spark Breath B 5% Stun
Counter Straight & Ice Spike C 6% Stun
Dark Arrow & Hell Blast A 5% None
Special: Holy Sword Shining Force S 100% Cost Stun
MA: Chaos Gate & Apollon Nova B 100% Cost Stun
Support: Unrivaled Attack & Freeze Breath C None None

Skill List[]

Skill Name XP Cost Target Effect Description
Secret Art: Rising Dragon 10% Self Fixed Enemy Launch Height A Secret Art from Toma that sends enemies flying into the sky
Invisible 20% Self Cancel Enemy Encounters Magic Used by Cyrille to vanish
Secret Art: Steel Body 25% Self Defense +15% A Secret Art protects Toma by hardening his body
Puppet 30% Self Solo Attack +1 Magic used by Cyrille to control someone else at will
Stun Resistance Auto Self Nullify Down & Stun Toma Only


His theme in the Japanese version is an instrumental version of Shining Force EXA's opening theme, "World's Love". In the international version, he shares Cyrille's theme of "Hope" instead.


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