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Riemsianne La Vaes

Original Appearance:

Shining Force EXA (2007)

Platform of Origin:

PlayStation 2

Unit Type:


Cross appearances:

Project X Zone

Voice Actor:

Megumi Toyoguchi

First Chapter Appearance

Prologue 4, Chapter 18

Riemsianne La Vaes (リームシアン・ラ・ヴァース Rīmushian Ra Vāsu?)is an antagonist from Shining Force EXA. She appears as boss in Project X Zone.

Crosspedia Entry[]

Queen of the demon territory of Fyrlandt.

Has a cold and calculating personality, combined with the authority of her position,

The law of demon world is that the strong shall rule, and in accordance with this she defeated the previous king while still only a teenager, obtaining the ultimate title of "La Vaes" by doing so.

Her strength and beauty have made her popular among the demons. 

After learning that Toma was the new Master of the holy sword, Shining Force, she attempted to get him to join her forces, hoping to use the power of the sword to achieve victory over the humans in their ongoing conflict.


Riemsianne makes her debut in Prologue 4, who through Geo-Fortress's transport system appears in Marvel Land's pyramid with other transported demons by the magic circle in the pyramid. But she is found by Toma and Cyrille who seek to stop her, so she prefers to eliminate Toma and company (even Dante, Demitri and Valkyrie, although they did not seek to harm her). However, she is defeated by the heroes (including Arthur), so she activates the magic circle of Marvel Land's Pyramid as last resort escape, taking Toma, Cyrille and Arthur with her.

In Chapter 10, she meets up with Jedah in the Majigen who asks her to let him borrow some of her minions which she agrees. She leaves shortly after that. Later her minions arrive in Dimitri's castle with Lord Raptor, who Jedah appointed.

Later, Riemsianne appears in Chapter 18: Light and Darkness on the Woglinde. She reveals that she gave her minions to Selvaria to defeat the heroes. But is found one more time by Toma and Cyrille and proceed to help the heroes and defeat her. She retreats from the ship after his defeat.

She then reappears in Chapter 22: God, Man, and Demon in God-Eating Fool's Carrier, a server from The World created by Feydooms based on Soma, Alisa, Lindow, Bruno, Toma and Cyrille's memories. She only comes to hinder the mission of the heroes in recovering the fragments of Aura, however, she is defeated and retreats from the server.

In Chapter 28: The Realm of Overlords, she comes to see the Astaroth's power and compares it to Fyrlandt's force, and takes the Toma's Shining Force, after speaking with Jedah and Astaroth, also, it's revealed that she was the one who controlled the Morolians to make them hostile. However, she is defeated once again and retreats from Astaroth's castle. However, in Chapter 33: Die Even Harder, she controls Toma with her charm to give her the Shining Force. It's known that she can do that, since no man can resist his embrace, besides that now she is full of more magic than before, however, Morrigan manages to uncharm Toma, due her succubus powers. Seeing this, Riemsianne is surprised and admits that it is a useful power. After a talk, she invokes Makai's demons, Marvel Land's monsters and Bermuda gang to attack the heroes. After a various enemies' defeats, she invokes the Morolians and Coco ★ Tapioca to help her, but she is defeated, before his retreat, she reveals all will be the same thing in time.


List of Quotes - Riemsianne La Vaes (Story/PXZ)


  • Riemsianne is the sole Shining Force boss in the Cross series.
  • Riemsianne, Astaroth, Marduk, Kamuz, Shielder, Vile, and Pyron are the only bosses that use fire in their attacks.
  • Riemsianne, Vajra, Phantom, Sigma, Metal Face, and Lord Raptor are the only bosses who use electricity in their attacks.
  • Riemsianne is the only woman who is affiliated with the demon world, aside from some of her minions.
  • Riemsianne is the newest Sega boss, debuting in 2007.
  • Riemsianne, Lord Raptor, Jedah, Selvaria, Eins, Drei, and Due are the only bosses in Project X Zone to be fought seven times.
    • The first three are fought once in the prologues, five times regularly, and once optionally as one of Meden's clones.
  • Of Meden's clones, Riemsianne, Vajra, Coco ★ Tapioca, and Astaroth are the only bosses who can respawn at different points in the level. The third round of clones, Aya-me, Selvaria, Jedah, and Skeith Zero can only respawn if defeated before Meden's health is low, but the former four can do so at that point and when Kogoro reaches Meden's barrier.
    • Riemsianne is the only one to have at least one chapter with Vajra, Coco ★ Tapioca, and Astaroth.
  • Riemsianne and Phantom are the only bosses who are temporarily antagonistic in their home games.
  • Riemsianne, Zagi, Juri and T-elos in Project X Zone 2, B.B. Hood, Dokugozu and Dokumezu in Project X Zone, Selvaria, Azure Kite, Black Hayato, and Shadow are the only permanent bosses who don't die in their final encounters.
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