Original Appearance:

Sakura Wars


Enemy Unit

Voice Actor:

Kiyomi Asai

Ranmaru is an antagonist from the Sakura Wars series. He appears as an enemy unit in Project X Zone 2.

Crosspedia EntryEdit

The reincarnation of Ranmaru, who was attendant to the Warring States general Nobunaga Oda. Nobunaga was sealed away long ago by the Five Star Warriors, and Ranmaru now plans to revive him in New York.

He looks like a kind, attractive youth, but his personality is cold and cruel, with a twisted hear that enjoys inflicting pain upon others.

he attacks with swift strikes from a massive scythe, though he can also unleash intensely hot fireballs.

He is the one who killed Gemini's master, Mifune, making him the object of her revenge.


Enemy Attack List Edit

Name Strength Effect
Attack B Bind
Multi-Attack (2 targets) B Bind
Special: Scythe S None
MA: Heaven's Demon: Cannon Burial (2-4 targets) S Bind

Enemy Auto Skill List Edit

Name Effect
Nultify Poison Cannot be poisoned (or removes the effect)
HP Absorb Heal HP by 10% of damage landed on foe
XP (EP) Absorb Heal XP (EP) by 0.1% of damage landed on foe


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