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Prologue 4 - The Man the Devils Fear


Magic Chamber, Zouna's Pyramid, Marvel Land


The Adventures of Valkyrie

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A lady enters an office, and talks with Dante of Devil May Cry. While he normally takes priority jobs from hotties,  if it's from Valkyrie, it has to be bad (according to him anyway). He also notices another person behind her, Demitri Maximoff of the Makai Realm. It seems both have been reccommended by someone to visit Dante, though Demitri has a fair idea of who suggested it.

Valkyrie asks the both of them to go to Marvel Land with her, and explains that Jedah Dohma is behind the crisis. After heading to the pyramid in the desert, they head into the deepest part and find a Magic Circle. Valkyrie says it's highly unstable, as monsters appear from time to time.

Demitri also notices chests scattered about. Dante suggests taking the contents as payment for his services. Though Demitri is disappointed by this, Dante tells that he needs money to make a living.

After procuring the chests, the circle suddenly glows and more monsters appear. One of them introduces herself as Riemsianne La Vaes, a demon from another world. While inquiring about the others with her, two more people show up: Toma & Cyrille. It appears they were tracking her down when she used the Transport system in their Geo-Fortress. After the devil queen issues her challenge, another guest appears: the Silver Knight, Arthur.

Arthur immediately sees his comrades and explains his situation. Though he thinks he sees Sparda, Dante explains that he's his son. Everyone teams up to fight Riemsianne and the remaining monsters.

After defeating her, she pulls one last trick: she activates the magic circle and drags Toma, Cyrille, and Arthur with her! Demitri leaves with disgust while Dante heads back to Devil May Cry to look into the matter. Valkyrie stays to examine the circle, though now trouble begins to stir once again.

Note: The tutorial in this stage explains Treasure Boxes.

Trivia: The "Tower" Dante refers to is Temen-Ni-Gru from Devil May Cry 3. The "green pudgy guy" Dante refers to is Kurino, a Sandra friend and retainer of Valkyrie.

Party MembersEdit

Pair UnitEdit

Dante & Demitri

Toma & Cyrille

Solo UnitEdit




Chaox x2

Succubus x2

Hell Pride x2

Riemsianne (Boss)


Blue Orb

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