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Prologue 3 - The Swords That Smite Evil


Schlafen Celeste, Transporter Room


Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier

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Two people enter and find the transporter room in a total mess. The lady, Kaguya, senses a spiritual power unlike any she's seen. The man, Haken, thinks its connected to another world. Someplace so far away, yet only a few footsteps to them: that's the way it goes in their world, the Endless Frontier. As they prepare to clean up, two Defense Droids appear out of the transporters.

Suddenly, the last transporter near them turns on. And a man suddenly appears. After introductions are made, the man introduces himself as Sänger Zonvolt. After getting the story from him, Haken sets the coordinates to Sänger's "New AD" world when they receive more unexpected guests, the unwelcome kind.

They decide to fight when Kaguya notices the spiritual power of the sword. She holds it for a moment, and after a prayer, the sword transforms! After christening it "Type-X Colossal Blade", the three prepare to fight when one more person shows up. He introduces himself as Jedah Dohma, and is a very dangerous man as Sänger feels. Jedah seeks strong souls, but Kaguya and Sänger decide to fight back, for they are the Swords That Smite Evil!

As Jedah disappears, the transporter gets wrecked. Though Sänger will be staying for awhile, Haken says he'll contact his "mad scientist" to make repairs and Kaguya makes tea while waiting for the patchwork to finish.


Party Members
Haken & Kaguya
Sänger Zonvolt (Solo)
Defense Droid Alpha x2
Q-Bee x2
Jedah (Boss)

Breaking the barrels will yield items, so be sure to pick them up if you can. Same goes for other breakable objects across the room.

This stage sets the Tutorial for Breakable Objects, Solo Units, and Solo Attacks.

Once Sänger joins as a Solo Unit, your new goal is to defeat Jedah. First off, defeat the enemies before going after Jedah.


Mage's Soul, First Aid


  • The "Mad Scientist" Haken is referring to is Professor Marion Sumii of Haken's bounty hunter crew on his ship "Zeit Krokodil". She is also a robo-maniac.
  • When Sänger hears the names Nanbu and Browning, it reminds him of his former ATX teammates from SRW: OG; Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning.
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