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Prologue 2 - Where the Strong Survive


Roppongi, Japan


Project X Zone

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Xiaoyu chases after Jin to the Roppongi district in Japan. Jin came to find out what was happening to him, when suddenly, demons appeared out of the fountain! Jin's Devil Genes start reacting to them, then a silver robot appeared! They appeared to be surrounded, but then two people appeared. Xiaoyu recognizeds one of the two as Pai, an action movie star. Xiaoyu thinks they're on a movie set, by Pai disagrees. They were chasing the silver robot, Dural, along with her bodyguard Akira.

After introducing them, Akira figures out Jin's identity: the new head of Mishima Zaibatsu. The two decide to help out Jin and Xiaoyu, seeing as they need to deal with Dural. After getting Jin back on his feet, they team up to take on the devils.

Suddenly a woman appears, and she seems to be after Dural. Pai recognizes her as Juri Han, agent of S.I.N. Just as she was about to take them on, two more figures appear: US street fighter Ken Masters, and World Warrior Ryu.

After some talk, they decided on the only course of action: their fists!

Juri flees with Dural, while Xiaoyu explains the situation. Suddenly, Jin gets a weird feeling. The fountain glows, and drags Ryu, Jin, Ken, and Xiaoyu into it, leaving Akira and Pai. They decide to look for them, but Akira wonders if this is just one big coincidence.


Party Members
Jin & Xiaoyu
Akira & Pai
Ryu & Ken
Red Arremer x4
Juri Han (Boss)
V-Dural (Boss)

You'll be surrounded by Red Arremers. The stage's goal is to defeat either Juri or Dural. Just focus on one of the two, and they should go down quickly.

Note: The stage also serves as a Tutorial on Rescuing, Support Attacks, and Cross Hits.


  • Pai's "Movie Pal" is a reference to Fei Long from Street Fighter. Like Pai, he also is a star in Hong Kong Action Movies.
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