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Phantom (Gespenst Haken)
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Original appearance:

Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier (2008)

Platform of Origin:

Nintendo DS

Unit Type:


Cross appearances:

Project X Zone

First Chapter Appearance:

Chapter 11

Phantom (ファントム Fantomu?) is an boss originating from Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier. It is Haken's mech.


The Phantom was created by the nation of Fromido Heim, one of the worlds of the Endless Frontier as a war machine. It was designed using data from the Gespenst Haken, a full-sized combat mecha built to be the personal machine of Haken Browning, though at the time he was far too young to pilot it.

After the end of the war, the Phantom disappeared and wandered around the Endless Frontier for ten years. As a race of monsters known as the Einst started to become active, sightings of the Phantom began to increase, drawing the attention of the adult Haken, who had become a bounty hunter. After a number of clashes, the Phantom was subdued by Haken, and reprogrammed to follow his commands based off the pilot designation of the original. Over the course of Haken's adventure, it would help him defeat two similar machines called Nacht and Abend, and would also program them to follow Haken as well.

Phantom also appears in Endless Frontier EXCEED, still fighting by Haken's side even when the Nact and Abend have been turned by members of the Shadow-Mirror army.

Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Moon Dwellers[]

After the events of Project X Zone, Haken has the Phantom repaired. In an attempt to send Sanger Zonvolt back to his home dimension, Haken ends up there as well, where he finds a completed Gespenst Haken.


Phantom makes his debut in Chapter 11: Across Infinite Time who is transported by Cross Gate to Akihabara with a lots of Endless Frontier's robots, however, Haken and Kaguya manage to find it. According to Haken, Phantom is a support unit used by him, but inexplicably it has gone rogue and they seek why this happens, so Haken and Kaguya seek help from the heroes to subdue him. However, it seems Juri took interest in Phantom and proceeds to eliminate the heroes and keep it. After his defeat, he activates the Cross Gate to escape here. He then reappears in Chapter 19: Thus Spake Eternity in Wonglide's Corridor with other robots from Endless Frontier, Robodians and V-Dural. Haken reveals that he is equipped with electronic warfare equipment, with which he could reprogram V-Dural to serve him and that robots who appeared along with him, they are not an exception. However, he is defeated and retreats from the ship.

In Chapter 27: The Dimensional Cliff, he reappears in Geo-Fortress, along with Coco ★ Tapioca and others robots from the Endless Frontier and Marvel Land. It's revealed by KOS-MOS that all those robots that accompanied him were hacked by him, Haken decides that enough of this little chase, so he proceeds to defeat him once and for all. After his battle against the heroes, Phantom is definitely defeated and remains offline, to which Tron decides to examine it, in order to repair and reprogram it to obeys Haken's orders, allowing Haken and Kaguya, to learn the Multi-Attack, Gachirin Ghost.

Phantom returns as one of the clones created by the Portalstone in Final Chapter: The Winged Wanderers.



  • Phantom is the first permanent boss in Project X Zone to have a final fight as it joins Haken in Chapter 27.
  • Phantom is the only boss to originate on the Nintendo DS.
  • Phantom, Coco ★ Tapioca, Sigma, Vile, Metal Face, Alisa B., Dural, the Prelude, and T-elos are the only mechanical bosses.
  • Phantom and Skeith from Project X Zone 2 are very similar since both of them have been pursued by their owners to take them back. Both eventually become a part of the multi-attacks of Haken and Haseo, respectively.
  • Phantom is the only permanent Super Robot Wars boss.
  • Phantom and Riemsianne are the only bosses who don't stay villainous in their home games.
  • The Gespenst, Phantom's title, has been used since Super Robot Wars IV. Those were other Gespensts as Phantom didn't appear until Endless Frontier.
  • Every chapter he can be fought with the exception of the final chapter has both variants of Defense Droids and WR Androids in it, but they don't necessarily accompany him. The Defense Droids come on their own in Chapter 11 and the WR Androids come with Seth in Chapter 19.
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