Original Appearance:

Project X Zone 2



Voice Actor:

Kotono Mitsuishi (Sheath)

Nine Nine is one of the antagonists of Project X Zone 2. It is the reconstruction of 99/Kyuju Kyu from Namco x Capcom, minus the head and torso. Unlike how Saya became Kyuju Kyu's core, Sheath outright pilots this machine. Its only appearance is Chapter 41 as the game's climatic boss fight.

During its encounter, Nine Nine is completely invincible. Any damage done to it will be healed via the egg-shaped barrier located on the most southern part of the Centipex. It can only be damaged once the barrier is shattered.


A new model of manned robot based on the bottom half of the prototype "Kyuju Kyu" originally developed by Ouma's Far East Headquarters. It is piloted by Ouma America Agent Sheath.

It has partial implementation of Kyuju Kyu's functionality, giving it the ability to create portals to other worlds. However, as it lacks the corresponding upper half (with the exception of its arms), it is unable to draw different worlds together as Kyuju Kyu did during a previous incident.

While it shares with Byakuya X the ability to traverse various words and dimensions, Nine Nine's performance is far superior in this regard. Its offensive capabilities also resemble those of Byakuya X, as it uses its arms to punch, shoot fire, and unleash powerful electric shocks.


Roaring Thunder: Nine Nine performs this attack very similarly to both Kyuju Kyu and Byakuya/X. Instead of rapid stabbing with electric swords like the former or shooting lightning from its head like the latter, it instead does a series of heavy hitting lightning punches, followed by a dash plus several more punches and then encloses its foe in a sphere that shocks it a few more times before Nine Nine shatters the sphere.

Hellfire: Also based on one of Kyuju Kyu's and Byakuya's moves. Nine Nine attacks by spreading its arms several times, spreading fire all over the area while doing so. It then creates a small hurricane which draws in every nearby foe, along with the fire, with the resulting fire hurricane heavily damaging everyone within the storm.

Enemy Attack List Edit

Name Strength Effect
Attack A None
Multi-Attack (2-4 targets) A None
Special: Roaring Thunder S Stun
MA: Hellfire (2-4 targets) S None

Enemy Auto Skill List Edit

Name Effect
Nultify Poison & Stun & Down Cannot be poisoned, stunned and downed (or removes the effect)
Nultify ZOC Nullifies foe's ZOC (zone of control)

Theme Edit

Nine Nine has the theme "God The Hundred" like Byaku Shin


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