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Nana Kozuki

Original Appearance:

God Eater 2 (2013)

Platform of Origin:

PlayStation Portable/PlayStation Vita

Unit Type:



Ciel Alencon

Cross appearances:

Project X Zone 2

Voice Actor:

Emiri Katou

First Chapter Appearance:

Chapter 16

Nana Kozuki (香月ナナ Kōtzuki Nana?) is one of the main characters of God Eater 2 and a playable character in Project X Zone 2.


Nana was the daughter of a God Eater named Yoshino who always told Nana to eat her Odenpan whenever she felt sad. One day Yoshino was dying in the battlefield with Nana by her side and she told Nana to run away herself. Soon, a team of God Eaters was dispatched to rescue Nana; however, her hidden power started attracting Yaksha to the area, resulting in a battle that ended in the deaths of both sides. Dr. Rachel Claudius later arrived to retrieve Nana, who as a result of the incident blocked off her tragic memories of her past and was admitted to the orphanage Magnolia Compass. She is later recruited into the Blood unit on the same day as the Protagonist.

Crosspedia Entry[]

A bright and easygoing God Eater who works together with Ciel in Blood.

Though small in stature, she is surprisingly strong, as evidenced by the incredibly heavy hammer-type God Arc she swings around in battle as easily as a toy.

Her mother, Yoshino, was also a God Eater, with the inadvertent effect that Nana was also born with a bias factor. As a result, she now has an unusual constitution that acts like a magnet for Aragami, which she has turned to her advantage by acting as a decoy during Blood missions.

Nana's favorite food is the "Oden Sandwich", which is made with konyaku, chikuwa, daikon radishes, and other oden ingredients. She first learned how to make it from her mother, but she has since come up with all sorts of variations on her own.


Nana first appears in Chapter 16: Thicker Than Water. She uses her Hammer to whack the enemy along with some extra bullets she packed in. She also uses her Booster to deal massive damage as well.

Stats at Level 99 (Project X Zone 2)[]

99 41536 720 396 284 274

Ultimate Equipment (Project X Zone 2)[]

Gear: Warlord Knife: Sage (ATK+374, DEX+40)

Accessory: God Eater (ATK+20, DEF+250, TEC+50, DEX+10, SP+50)

Attack List[]

Name Strength Effect
Silent Lotus & Nana Burst A None
Blood Cascade & Shotgun B Down
Sniper & Boost Impact B Block Crush
Kirin Dart & Prominence C Stun
Astral Dive & Divine Jaw Crusher C Stun
Special: Fated Deicide S None
MA: Infernal Vortex & Tornado Carnage (2 enemies) S None
Support: Magic Grenade A None

Skill List[]

Name SP Cost Target Effect Description
Stealth Field 20 Self Nullifies ZOC Ciel launches a protective field that keeps foes from perceiving her.
Sniper Sight 60 Self Attack Range +1 Ciel uses this high-grade target scope to attack foes from afar.
Really Random Restorer 50 Ally Random Nana's drug-based cooking, which comes in oddly random flavors.
Nana Burst 30 Self Nullifies Block Nana uses her giant hammer-type God Arc to smash foes. AKA Gaia's Fury.

Auto Skill List[]

Name CP Cost Activation Rate Effect Description
Blood Power: Intuit 0 Start of Turn: 100% Poison, Stun, and Down Rate +10% The power within Ciel's blood lets her relay her foes' condition to her teammates.
Blood Power: Attract 0 After Action: 5 or more enemies remain Doubles ZOC Nana uses synthetic pheromones to stop enemies in their tracks.
Devour 300 After Action: 10 or more enemies defeated Collects SP The God Eaters prey upon downed foes to power up their weapons.
Oden Sandwich 400 Start of Turn: HP 30% or less HP Recovered 30% Nana's home cooking, taught to her by her mother, can be enjoyed in many ways.
Thrift 500 After Action: SP 50% or less Halves Counterattack SP Cost Ciel fights efficiently, conserving ammo as she counters.
Strong Stance 600 Start of Turn: HP 50% or less DEF +10% The weakened Nana stands firm, vastly boosting her defense.
Training Menu 700 Enemy Turn: Damage taken on 30% or more of Max HP EXP acquired +15% The well-trained Ciel's regimen for improving the skills of her team.


Nana's theme is "F.A.T.E.", the opening theme of God Eater 2.


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  • Those "cat ears" she has is just hair.
  • The God Eater characters are the only characters to debut on the PlayStation Portable.
    • The characters introduced in God Eater 2 are the only characters to debut on the PlayStation Vita.
  • Nana and Ciel are the newest characters to be in Project X Zone 2 as they debuted in 2013.
  • "Odenpan" means "Oden bread." Oden is a Japanese food consisting of various ingredients stewed in broth.
  • Nana is the only character whose cutscene sprite depicts her holding a food item, that being the oden sandwich.
  • Nana is the only God Eater character to only be the secondary partner.
    • Alisa is the secondary partner in Project X Zone and is a solo unit in the sequel.
  • Nana, Reiji, Ryo, Sakura, Guntz, Heihachi, Dante, and Vergil are the only playable units that are revealed to have deceased parents.
  • Nana is the only playable character whose primary weapon is a hammer.
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