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Original Appearance:

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (1994)

Platform of Origin:

Arcade (CP System II)

Unit Type:

Solo (Namco x Capcom)


Lilith Aensland (Namco x Capcom)
Chun-Li (Project X Zone)
Demitri Maximoff (Project X Zone 2)

Cross appearances:

Namco x Capcom
Project X Zone
Project X Zone 2

Voice Actor:

Yayoi Jinguji (NxC)
Rie Tanaka (PXZ, PXZ2)

First Chapter Appearance:

Prologue 4 (NxC)
Chapter 8 (NxC Joins Party)
Prologue 5 (PXZ)
Chapter 1 (PXZ Joins Party)
Chapter 3 (PXZ2)

"And here I thought you'd show a girl a good time..."

Morrigan Aensland (モリガン・アーンスランド Morigan Ānsurando?) is the most recognizable character of the Darkstalkers series. She is the current head of the Aensland clan of the Makai realm. Rather than be waited on hand and foot, she wanders the world looking for excitement, which isn't hard considering she is a Succubus.

She appears as a playable character in Namco x Capcom, Project X Zone, and its sequel.


Morrigan was born in Scotland in the year 1678. Belial, the head of the Aensland clan at the time, foresaw that the Makai realm would face extinction soon. Even knowing that the one to control the Aensland house wouldn't be born for another 1200 years, he left the clans' hands in Morrigan's stead. She was born an S Class Succubus, a rarity even among Darkstalkers. But at the time, the Makai was in turmoil, and she was unable to attain control of the clan at the time. What's more, she had no way to control the enormous power within her. Belial, knowing this, split Morrigan's soul into three without her knowing to protect her.

With castle life being boring, she left to find excitement in the human world. One night, she sensed a strange power from Pyron and headed out once again.

Later, she learned that Belial had died and she was named the successor to the Aensland House. Though she still goes out to the human world from time to time, she was still the rightful ruler of the Makai realm. Then, her castle was pulled into Jedah's Majigen. She then sensed Lilith, the embodiment of her fractured soul, and heads out for some more enjoyment. After meeting Lilith, they then fuse together to create Morrigan's true form.

Crosspedia Entry[]

The current head of the House of Aensland, one of the three noble houses of the Makai, Morrigan is also a succubus, an alluring demon who controls dreams in search of excitement and stimulation.

With the death of the Demon King Belial, the former head of the house and her guardian, she had no choice but to take up the position of the new head of the house. She becomes bored by a life in which others wait on her hand and foot, and soon reverts to a freer and more wanton way of living.

It is around that time that, along with the revival of Jedah, strange things start to occur in the Makai. Seeing this as a chance for more stimulation, she flies into battle in order to try and find fulfillment for her heart.

Her clothing and wings are actually made up of bats, and they can transform themselves into drills, blades and other weapons at her command.

Other Appearances[]

Morrigan has also appeared in the Marvel vs. Capcom series as well as Super Puzzle Fighter, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Pocket Fighter, Capcom vs. SNK, and Cross Edge.


Morrigan has all of her moves from Darkstalkers including her signature Soul Fist, Shadow Blade and Darkness Illusion. She is partnered with Chun-Li. She first appears in Prologue 5: Dead Re-Rising and reappears immediately in Chapter 1: Welcome to the Koryuji House.

In Project X Zone 2, she first appears in Chapter 3: Turnabout Family Reunion along with Demitri Maximoff, her new partner.

Stats at Level 50 (Project X Zone)[]

50 13778 348 345 167 160

Stats at Level 99 (Project X Zone 2)[]

99 46728 728 384 284 279

Project X Zone 2 Ultimate Equipment[]

Gear: Belial's Outfit (ATK +312, TEC +40, DEX +40, HP +7000)

Accessory: Aensland Ring (ATK +50, DEF +227, TEC +10, DEX +10, SP +50)

Attack List[]

Project X Zone Attack List[]

Name Strength XP Rate Effect
Stomp Kick & Necro Desire B 6% None
Kikoken & Midair ES Soul Fist C 4% Down
Spinning Bird Kick & ES Soul Fist B 7% None
Focus Attack & FInishing Shower B 3% Stun
Kikosho & Valkyrie Turn A 4% None
Special: Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku & Darkness Illusion S 100% Cost Stun
MA: Kikosho & Astral Vision (2-4 enemies) C 100% Cost


Support: Hosenka & Darkness Illusion C None None

Project X Zone 2 Attack List[]

Name Strength Effect
Chaos Flare & Soul Fist A None
Demon Cradle & Shadow Blade A None
Bat Spin & Valkyrie Turn C Poison
Demon Blast & Finishing Shower C Poison
Midnight Bliss & Astral Vision B Block Crush
Special: Midnight Pleasure and Darkness Illusion S None
MA: Midnight Festival (2-4 enemies) S Poison
Support: Demon Cradle and Shadow Servant C Poison

Skill List[]

Project X Zone Skill List[]

Skill Name XP Cost Target Effect Description
Principles of Investigation 20% Self Exp. increased 20% The police procedures that Chun-Li places so much faith in
Vertical Dash 15% Self Nullify ZOC Morrigan flies lightly on her wings
Blown Kiss 10% Ally Heal all ailments The kiss from a succubus cures status ailments
Yawn 35% Self All stats increase 10% Chun-Li relaxes and brings her full power to bear
Magic of Aensland Auto (XP under 50%) Self XP increase 10% Morrigan Only

Project X Zone 2 Skill List[]

Skill Name SP Cost Target Effect Description
Vampire Dash 40 Self Nullify ZOC Demitri disappears for a moment, letting him go right through foes.
Aura Release 100 XP +75 Demitri intensifies his aura, boosting his fighting drive further.
Blown Kiss 30 Ally Heal Poison, Stun, and Bind Morrigan's sweet, melting kiss frees her target of the pain of status ailments.
Cryptic Needle 70 Self Attack Range +1 Morrigan wraps wings around her arms for extended reach.

Project X Zone 2 Auto Skill List[]

Skill Name CP Cost Activation Rate Effect Description
Noble Aura 0 Enemy attacks: if Poisoned Nullifies Poison, Stun, and Bind The vampire Demitri nobly defends himself against the sun and his other weaknesses.
Demon's Lure 0 After Action: 20% Stun Counter The succubus Morrigan bewitches her hapless attackers, knocking them out.
Advancing Guard 300 After Action: XP 75 or less Halves Full-Defend XP Cost Demitri blocks enemy attack, then stabs back at foes.
Guard Cancel 400 After Action: SP 70% or less Halves Counterattack SP Cost Demitri blocks enemy attack and counters while they're still frozen.
Vertical Dash 500 Start of Turn: 100% Nullifies Traps Morrigan soars into the air with her wings to dodge traps.
Bloodsucker 600 After Action: HP 50% or less Absorbs HP Demitri follows his vampire instincts and sucks away his foes' force.
Spirit Absorb 700 After Action: SP 50% or less Absorbs SP Morrigan sucks away her foe's spirit for her own sustenance.


In Project X Zone, her theme is a remix of her original stage music, "Scotland". In Project X Zone 2, her theme is a remix of her theme from Darkstalkers 3, "Deserted Chateau".


List of Quotes - Chun-Li & Morrigan

List of Quotes - Demitri Maximoff & Morrigan Aensland

List of Quotes - Morrigan Aensland (Story/PXZ)

List of Quotes - Morrigan Aensland (Story/PXZ2)



  • Much like Demitri, this is Morrigan's third foray into crossover RPG territory. Her first time was Namco x Capcom (where she remained a solo unit for a good portion of the story until Lilith became her partner), and her second was Cross Edge where, interestingly, she was the very first crossover ally to join the main heroes, York and Miko. She also was the first character to figure out the mystery behind the Cross Edge world. 
  • She is one of the few characters in Namco X Capcom that is both a solo and pair unit. Morrigan pairs up with Lilith, the other part of Morrigan's soul, later in the game.
  • Morrigan, Demitri, and Lord Raptor are the only Darkstalkers characters to appear in all entries of the cross series.
  • Morrigan and Chun-Li is the only characters who have different partners in all three cross games.
    • Incidentally, Morrigan and Chun-Li pair up in Project X Zone.
  • Project X Zone 2 is the only cross entry where she doesn't appear in one of the prologues.
  • Project X Zone is the only time when:
    • She isn't paired with a Darkstalkers character.
    • She doesn't join the party in a Darkstalkers stage.
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