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Miles Edgeworth
Miles Edgeworth.png

Original Appearance:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (2001)

Platform of Origin:

Game Boy Advance

Unit Type:


Cross appearances:

Project X Zone 2

Voice Actor:

Eiji Takemoto

First Chapter Appearance:

Chapter 31

Miles Edgeworth (御剣怜侍 Mitsurugi Reiji?) is a character from the Ace Attorney series and friendly rival to Phoenix Wright. Four years as a prosecutor, he had a perfect win record in trials due to his willingness to do just about anything to get a guilty verdict for the defendant. However, he was defeated in court by Phoenix Wright. It was the beginning of a series of seismic shifts in his attitude concerning his profession. He attempted to quit twice, but he returned with a fresh outlook on his life.

He is currently Chief Prosecutor of the prosecutor's office in Los Angeles.

He appears as an NPC character in Project X Zone 2.


A young, natural-born prosecutor. Miles is always calm, collected, and extremely analytical.

Trained by Franziska von Karma's father, Manfred von Karma, Miles started his career with a long streak of wins. However, he was shunned by his colleagues for his willingness to go to any lengths to secure a guilty verdict, something for which even Phoenix criticized him.

Once, he saw defense lawyers as nothing more than enemies to be trounced, but after Phoenix faced off with and ultimately defeated him, Miles had a change of heart. He came to see lawyers not as foes to fight but rather as trustworthy comrades in the pursuit of truth and justice.

After this, his cold, distanced attitude softened, and when Phoenix was framed for kidnapping Maya, Miles provided his full cooperation toward solving the case and saving them both. He now seeks to walk the path of justice, having even challenged Franziska over her harsh methods. He continues to face off with Phoenix in the courtroom, but now as both a good friend and professional rival.


Project X Zone 2[]

Chapter 31[]

  • The prosecution is ready, your honor.
  • ...I would like to know that myself.
  • The apparition of a young boy with peculiar cranial structure suddenly appeared in my office.
  • But anyway, I have been briefed on the matter at hand. Let us begin.
  • Really. Here. Now. This is a courtroom, is it not? For the time being.
  • Yes?
  • If you're trying to impress upon me the significance of this case, you need not bother.
  • Now that I'm standing here at the bench, the importance of the case has no bearing.
  • Isn't that true, Wright?
  • Just as long as you understand.
  • ...Likewise.
  • Hm.
  • ...It seems we've arrived at the truth. Wright.
  • I would appreciate that. I'm merely a prosecutor. I'd prefer to eschew violence.
  • ...Very well.


  • Hm? You two... Right, the special agents I met back then. Thanks for your help.
  • Yes, well... I was asked to chaperone a small sub-party, of sorts.
  • And the decision they arrived at was to settle their differences with a footrace.
  • You and me both. Perhaps my client over there can explain it better.
  • V-Valkyrie wins. Gahh, I thought I was going to be trampled to death...


  • The incident described in Edgeworth's crosspedia entry, in which he solved a case where Phoenix was framed for kidnapping Maya, never actually happened. It is, however, likely an erroneous reference to the events of the episode Farewell, My Turnabout, in which Phoenix is forced to defend a murderer in court as ransom by Maya's kidnapper, and Edgeworth aids him in the resulting conflict. 

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