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Fire Emblem: Awakening





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Yū Kobayashi

Lucina is a major character in Fire Emblem: Awakening and a playable character in Project X Zone 2.

Crosspedia Entry Edit

Chrom's daughter.

She traveled back in time from a ravaged future in which the revived Fell Dragon Grima has destroyed the world. In Lucina's world, Chrom was betrayed and slain by one of his comrades, and she intends to find the one responsible and prevent it from happening again.

In order to avoid becoming entangled in history, she started out wearing a mask and using the name of the ancient hero "Marth." However, Chrom gradually picked up on the truth about her.

Her strength of will is a great asset to her, though at times it manifests as pure stubbornness. She has a fierce devotion to refining her sword technique through daily practice, and like her father tends to wreak havoc on her surroundings in pursuit of this. She maintains a serious demeanor most of the time, yet on occasion the strangest things will prompt a laugh. She also has a fairly unique sense of fashion. While she views Chrom as someone to protect, she also reveres him as her beloved father and acts as a dutiful daughter to him.

Theme Edit

Her theme is "Divine Decree (Ablaze)" from Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Divine Decree (Ablaze)

Divine Decree (Ablaze)

Divine Decree (Ablaze) (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Gameplay Edit

Ultimate EquipmentEdit

Gear: Exalted Falchion (ATK +297, TEC +50)

Accessory: Fire Emblem (DEF +280, DEX +70, SP +50)

Stats at Level 99Edit

99 48617 751 399 274 284

Attack List Edit




Dual Falchions A
Rapier & Twirling Blade C Stun
Killing Edge & Bride's Lance A
Levin Sword & Reverse Spin C Stun
Gradivus & Brave Bow B Block Crush
Fire Emblem: Awakening S Stun
Astra Bride S
Dual Strike B Down

 Skill List Edit

Name SP Cost Target Effect Description
Noble Rapier 30 Self Block Damage +50% A narrow blade, usable by Chrom and Lucina, that's best against armored foes.
Gaius's Confect 100 Ally Max HP & SP +50% & Atk, Def, Tec, and Dex +10% High quality candy that the sweet-loving bandit Gaius gave to Chrom.
Sword Swing 50 Self CP Earned +25% Lucina frequently swings her sword to polish her skills and keep her protected.
Parallel Falchion 20 Self HP +40% Lucina's sword, a memento of her father. It has the power to heal life force.

 Auto Skill List Edit

Name CP Cost Activation Rate Effect Description
Rightful King 700 Start of Turn: Round 7 or higher Skill SP cost down 25% Chrom exercises his natural royal talents to their limits.
Charm 0 Start of Turn: XP 120 or more Extends Cross Freeze The heroic, popular Chrom spurs everybody in the team forward.
Destructive Tendencies 400 After taking action: 5 or more types of skills in effect Block Crush Damage +50% Chrom, who tends to break things a lot, crashes right through guarding foes.
Aether 600 After Action: 15 or more enemies defeated Absorbs HP Lucina's special ability lets her heal her body while attacking.
Back to Back 300 Start of Turn: 100% Nullifies back attacks Lucina swears to always keep her beloved father's back covered.
Funny Bone 500 Start of Turn: 30% Combo XP Recovery +50% Something sets off Lucina's peculiar sense of humor, boosting her tension.
Dual Strike 0 After taking action: 10 or fewer enemies remaining Join Counterattacks Chrom and Lucina join nearby allies to punish foes.

Quotes Edit

List of Quotes - Chrom & Lucina


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