• Let's waste 'em and get out of here.
  • Looks like I'm going to have to fight you one way or the other.
  • I'm literally gonna fill you full of lead!
  • You seem like you're really enjoying this!
  • Haha! I could hit you with my eyes closed!
  • Heh, you're pretty cool, you know that?
  • This one looks like it could be a handful.
  • Target acquired. We'll eliminate them one by one until we're through.
  • I suppose this'll be more fun than shooting a paper target.
  • I don't think we really need to strain ourselves too much here.

Special AttackEdit

  • The witching hour is over!
  • You can have as many dreams as you like.
  • You're right about that, Leanne.

Support AttackEdit

  • Don't trip, Leanne!
  • If you're gonna bring it, bring it!
  • Leanne! Do your best!
  • This is our perfect range!
  • Quit wasting my time.
  • I'm working here.

Multi AttackEdit

  • I'll take it all, thanks!
  • Take as much as you like!
  • Eat dirt!
  • Lick some mud!


  • Hopefully, it'll be more easy next time!
  • It's dull when everything is so predictable.
  • I can't stand routine work!
  • I'm always in top form!
  • That was more fun than I thought it would be.
  • I feel like I'm taking out the trash.



  • Let's get this over with!​​
  • Don't you think you're getting a bit out of hand?
  • I'll try to keep out of everyone's way.
  • I'm won't let anyone get in my way!
  • I wish there was more I could do...
  • I've got a bad feeling about this...
  • I'll show you just how much I can change!
  • I'm getting better at this every day!
  • I've decided to keep moving forward!
  • Let's keep our wits about us!

Special AttackEdit


  • I may not be the best but I've made it this far.
  • Come on, I can do this.
  • Look everyone! Here I go!
  • I will take care of myself!
  • See? I won't drag you down!


  • Did I wake from a dream?
  • Eat some of this!
  • Zephyr, it's the same as that one time.

Support AttackEdit

  • I don't have time to lick my wounds.
  • Zephyr, let's do this together!
  • It's our turn... Right!
  • I-I won't let up!
  • Zephyr, I'll follow you! OK!
  • Don't make fun of me too much, okay?


  • How long do we have to keep this up...?
  • I honestly feel like we just got lucky back there...
  • I think I'm starting to get the hang of things.
  • No, no, we must be careful!
  • Were our enemies too weak, or are we getting stronger?
  • I feel like I just climbed another step on a very long staircase.

Paired CharactersEdit


  • Zephyr: You're going to drown in your own blood!
    Leanne: Um, I'm not sure this guy bleeds...
  • Leanne: No no! Stop everything! My make-up is running!
    Zephyr: There's no time for that! Just leave it as is and go!
  • Leanne: We'll be fine as long as we do what we always do.
    Zephyr: Machine guns followed by handguns or grenades.
  • Zephyr: My bullets are a one-way ticket to hell!
    Leanne: We can't have you coming back after all ♪
  • Zephyr: Keep your guard up, Leanne!
    Leanne: Don't worry, I've got your back!


  • Leanne: That didn't even seem like a fair fight.
    Zephyr: You saying you're ready for something a bit tougher, Leanne?
  • Zephyr: C'mon, that wasn't even fun! Try harder!
    Leanne: Well, we did fill them full of holes before they even had a chance to try...
  • Zephyr: Oh man, that was damn close!
    Leanne: Really damn close! Ugh, now you got me saying it.

Solo CharactersEdit



  • Leanne: No matter how strong I may become, I'll never be relaxed enough to laugh.
    Alisa: Don't worry, Leanne! it's okay to laugh! See?
    Zephyr: That's not funny in the slightest! It's freaky!



Zephyr: I don't know that I like those weapons of yours.

Arthur: Lances and daggers are quite fun once you get used to them.

Leanne: It does look like it would be fun to jump and rain them down on enemies.



Bahn: Let's do this! I'll break 'em to pieces!

Leanne: Sometimes I wish you were this lively too, Zephyr.

Zephyr: Well, we aren't in Basel anymore, but are you sure this is really what you like?

Batsu Ichimonji Edit


Batsu: Where do all these monsters come from?!

Leanne: Batsu is kind of cool now that I think of it.

Zephyr: He's too hotheaded for me. I'll never get your taste in guys, Leanne.



Leanne: Let's pull off some great aerial shots this time!

Bruno: I can't jump all over the place like you kids, so I hope you're okay with that.

Zephyr: It's all good as long as you at least go flying somewhere in the end.


Bruno: You know, sometimes it's fun to use other things besides guns.

Zephyr: A machine gun is the only other thing I need.

Leanne: Shaking pepper down on everyone from the air does sound fun, though.



Zephyr: Leanne, doing your makeup is fine, but don't fall behind!

Devilotte: If you're hoping to become one of my female minions, then you need thicker eye shadow.

Leanne: I'm not trying to become one of your followers...



Zephyr: More bad guys? These chumps are really starting to piss me off.

Flynn: Leanne, do you understand what he’s saying?

Leanne: I think he’s saying that he finds this really annoying.



Zephyr: These chumps'll be dead before they know what hit them!

Heihachi: That's the basic rule of all combat! Crush your enemy before they can react!

Leanne: Zephyr, I don't think this is the type of guy you want to be buddying up to...



  • Zephyr: How're you supposed to do aerial shots with a huge weapon like that?
    Leanne: It looks like the weight would throw your balance off in the air...
    Imca: I don't jump before I fire my gun.



Juri: Zephyr! What are you hiding…deep down in your heart?

Leanne: How could she know about Zephyr’s…?

Zephyr: Shut up. There are no gods, that’s all that matters.



Zephyr: A bazooka combined with a bowgun, huh. Interesting.

Lady: Why? Surely you’ve seen something like this before?

Leanne: We only have three types of weapons.


Zephyr: Not bad, Lady. You can flip pretty fast.

Leanne: Your balance in the air is great too!

Lady: You two have some pretty strange standards for marksmanship.



Zephyr: Well, I suppose this beats sitting around in my room.

Lindow: Really? I’d rather be relaxing at home with a beer.

Leanne: You should try to be a little more respectable, Lindow!


Leanne: It frightens me that I’m starting to feel even that wasn’t enough.

Lindow: You kids are just full of energy. I wish I was that young again.

Zephyr: You’re not that old…



  • Neito: So your makeup changes your personality? That's so simplistic.
    Leanne: I need it to fight at full strength!
    Zephyr: Leanne, I'm not sure it changes you for the nicer.



Zephyr: The best gun is the one you’re most familiar with.

Rikiya: If worst comes to worst, you can also destroy your enemies with ki.

Leanne: Not everyone can do that, you know…



  • Sänger: There is meaning in confronting your crimes and bearing the burden.
    Zephyr: I know that. Believe me, I know...
    Leanne: Zephyr...



Leanne: I always feel stronger with my makeup done properly.

Saya: Me too. My makeup puts me in the mood to be really mean.

Zephyr: Vashyron was right. Women are scary.


Leanne: If you fight like that it's only natural that you die!

Saya: Oh no mistress, please forgive me!

Zephyr: You say your makeup changes you, but I say that's just going overboard.



Leanne: As long as you’re prepared, gender doesn’t matter one bit, right, Servbot?

Servbots: Leanne! You’re exactly right!

Zephyr: I don’t think gender is the real problem here.



  • Leanne: I really like you're eye shadow, Ulala
    Ulala: And that was the wonderful Leanne, paying me a compliment! Back to you.
    Zephyr: Hey, I'm here too! You can't just end it like that!



Zephyr: So there are gods... But, what're you going to do to me?

Valkyrie: Zephyr, what's troubling you? Is it something about me?

Leanne: Zephyr, don't tell me you're still...



  • Zephyr: You ready Vashyron? How about you Leanne?
    Leanne: I'm ready! You two have given me bravery and courage!
    Vashyron: Alright, then it's time for our little bullet ballet to begin!


  • Zephyr: Leanne, you're smiling.
    Leanne: What? Really?!
    Vashyron: Uh oh, looks like our little girl is starting to show her sadistic side.
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