• Phew, take it easy okay?
  • Yeah, they're going to get a real beating.
  • Guild jobs are never easy as they seem.
  • Don't expect me to hold back if you get in my way.
  • I like you enthusiasm. Shall we?
  • Let's get this over with!
  • I don't really think we have the time for that.
  • I think it'll be faster if we just lay them out.
  • This is nothing compared to guild work.
  • Don't mind me if I get a bit carried away.

Special AttackEdit

  • Savage Wolf Fury!
  • This... will defeat them!
  • Sorry, you're history!
  • Now, Wolf Fury!
  • Let's finish this!

Support AttackEdit

  • Now's a good time.
  • Do not fall down, Estelle!
  • Estelle, do not be nervous!
  • I can make a path in front of me!
  • This would be a matter for the Guild!
  • Presenting Brave Vesperia!


  • Alright! That's that.
  • Huh, I guess that's one way of seeing things.
  • Well, at least we won.
  • You sure know how to flatter a guy.
  • I think I actually broke a sweat back there.
  • Now that's what I call a real fight...



  • I won't lose! Let's go!
  • I-I don't know if I'm up to the task...
  • I'm stronger than you might think!
  • Ok, let's do our best!
  • Ok! This will be a good lesson.
  • I've got to keep myself together!
  • Carelessness is dangerous. We must be alert!
  • Um, I'm sorry if this hurts!
  • I'm a bit frightened, but I think I'll be okay.
  • Let's work together!

Special AttackEdit

  • Holy Lance!

Multi AttackEdit

  • Peace to your soul.
  • Sleep peacefully.
  • Goodbye!
  • Blessed Light!
  • Light, unto me!

Support AttackEdit

  • I will not hold back!
  • I will fight with all my strength!
  • Will you mind us stepping in?
  • Now, presenting Brave Vesperia!
  • I will lead the attack!
  • Yuri, please provide support.


  • This is a bit embarrassing...
  • I'll fight for the entire world!
  • We're growing stronger, aren't we!
  • That was a brilliant victory!
  • Ooh, I'm feeling a bit dizzy...
  • Keep your wits about you, even in victory!

Paired CharactersEdit


  • Estelle: Let's fight side by side, Yuri!
    Yuri: I'm afraid I don't work so well with others...
  • Yuri: Hang in there, Estelle. I'm right here beside you.
    Estelle: Okay! I'm counting on you Yuri!
  • Yuri: There's a lot fewer of us this time...
    Estelle: Yeah, but we're still members of Brave Vesperia ♪
  • Estelle: Let's do our best to put a smile on everyone's faces!
    Yuri: Sounds like a good enough reason to fight for me!
  • Estelle: A journey means fighting on daily, right Yuri ♪
    Yuri: I think it's about time we found an easier way of doing things.


  • Yuri: Damn, Flynn would laugh if he saw that!
    Estelle: Really? I thought you did pretty good Yuri.
  • Estelle: Okay, time for our victory pose!
    Yuri: Hey, you've gotten pretty good at this.
  • Estelle: Everything on this journey is something to learn from!
    Yuri: Let's try and take things a bit easier, Estelle.

Solo CharactersEdit



Estelle: Alisa, you're amazing! I'd love to introduce you to Rita!

Yuri: I wouldn't if I were you. Rita'd probably just try to take her apart in the name of research.

Alisa: Well, I could give her one of my heads for research purposes.



Yuri: It’s a knight’s duty to protect a princess. Can I count on you?

Arthur: Have no fear! I shall always rescue her, no matter how many times she may be kidnapped!

Estelle: I would rather not be kidnapped in the first place…


Arthur: Ah, Princess Estelle. I am pleased to see you are safe and sound!

Estelle: Um, I’m not sure how to put this…

Yuri: I think it’s your armor that you should be more worried about, Arthur.



Bahn: A princess from a distant land, huh? I'll protect you!

Estelle: It's so nice having someone older to rely upon, right, Yuri?

Yuri: Bahn is actually younger than us, I'm afraid.

Batsu Ichimonji Edit


Estelle: Our weapons are love!

Yuri: Justice!

Batsu: And a brave party-up!



Estelle: Let’s do our best, right?

Bruno: That’s right. You two kids can handle it no problem.

Yuri: You should try helping, too.



Estelle: The punishment for defying us is being burnt alive…I guess!

Devilotte: Not good enough! You’ve got to look down on them more like the scum they are!

Yuri: Don’t try to give Estelle any bad ideas. Flynn will get mad at me.


Devilotte: The final form of a princess is the Evil Empress of the Heavens!

Estelle: Empress of the Heavens…! The one rules all of creation!

Yuri: It’ll never happen, so don’t let her bad example rub off on you…



Estelle: On a journey, battle is part of daily life! Yuri, Flynn, let's do our best!

Flynn: Lady Estelle, please don't get carried away...

Yuri: Flynn, you're such a worrywart.


Yuri: Our weapons are Swords and Magic!

Estelle: Justice! Solidarity! and Drive!

Flynn: Umm, maybe a man's charms?



Heihachi: You’re too skinny, Yuri. You need to put on more muscle like me!

Estelle: Are you going to start working out after this battle, Yuri?

Yuri: I don’t even know where to begin training to end up like that.



  • Estelle: A unit without names... It just sounds so sad.
    Imca: It's never bothered me. All that matters is completing my mission.
    Yuri: Well, I guess somebody has to do it...

Juri HanEdit


Juri: Let's get this party started. I'll smash you to pieces!

Estelle: I-Is this what it means to be a strong woman?

Yuri: Don't you go and start imitating her, Estelle.



Lady: Does your guild also hunt down devils?

Estelle: We take up any job, with our names as Brave Vesperia on the line!

Yuri: Hold on now! We don’t know exactly what she’s asking.



  • Estelle: I just received a request from Lindow, Yuri.
    Yuri: It’s not some meaningless thing like going to get him some booze, is it?
    Lindow: What, you mean you Brave Vesperia guys don’t do that?



  • Neneko: Neneko is transforming for battle, okay! Estelle should transform too, you know!
    Estelle: Okay, then I'll turn into the Massage Therapist!
    Yuri: If you're going to transform, at least make it something useful in battle...



Rikiya: There is a powerful evil presence in the air…Be careful, you two.

Estelle: We’ll be fine♪ You guys are so strong, after all!

Yuri: I think her innocence might be just as dangerous…



  • Sänger: We shall be your guides to the underworld!
    Yuri: Why do I always seem to attract crazy old guys?
    Estelle: I think all you strong people are a bit eccentric.



Estelle: Hee hee…T-This is a bit embarrassing…

Saya: Well then I guess you’re still a ways away from earning the name “Enchanted Belle.”

Yuri: Estelle, you got that name by having someone make you a dress, didn’t you.



Tron: Would you mind letting me have a look at the inner workings of the Blastia? I promise I’ll put it back together.

Yuri: This isn’t the time or place. We’ve got enemies to deal with.

Estelle: Is this how all gearheads are?



Ulala: Let’s have a few words from Estelle about the battle!

Estelle: H-Hello! My hobby is um, reading, and…

Yuri: Don’t do something that makes you nervous before battle.



Valkyrie: I shall be victorious on my name as a maiden knight...!

Yuri: We'll do our part too. I'm counting on you, Estelle.

Estelle: Okay ♪ I'll win on my name as a member of Brave Vesperia!


Estelle: I can't help but admire you as a maiden knight, the Bright Green Battle Maiden.

Valkyrie: Estelle, how about you christen yourself "The Seeker of Truth"?

Yuri: Hmm, I still think "The one who can't be trusted on her own" sounds better.



  • Vashyron: So your guild and the PMF are working together now, eh?
    Estelle: How nice! A team-up between fellow fix-it-alls!
    Yuri: Don't go around calling us fix-it-alls. The other guilds will get mad.


  • Yuri: Too easy.
    Vashyron: Yeah really. Fighting chumps like this doesn't do anything for me.
    Estelle: Easy-peasy♪
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