• Let's do this. Don't be afraid.
  • Pull yourself together. We can't afford any slip-ups.
  • If we make the first move, we can end this quick.
  • There's no need to worry as long as I have my special weapons.
  • As a Maverick Hunter, I must defeat you!
  • No problem. Zero and I are here.
  • Ok, I'll clear a path with my X-Buster.
  • It is my mission to defeat all Mavericks...
  • If I can just get a special weapon from this enemy...
  • Time to go on the offensive. Are you ready?

Special AttackEdit

  • Now! Ultimate Armor!
  • Can you stand the armor's full power?
  • Armor, full power!
  • It's OK, I will not be distracted again.
  • I will show you the strength of time power!

Multi AttackEdit

  • Cross Charge Shot!
  • Zero, lend me your powers!
  • Now's our chance to sweep them away!
  • Energy, full power!

Support AttackEdit

  • Zero, flank them!
  • I can cut you a new path!
  • Leave it to us!
  • I will fulfill my duties as a Hunter!
  • I can support you from here!
  • Bait them in, Zero!


  • Too bad. I didn't get a special weapon.
  • Was there any purpose to this battle?
  • I can't waste time with doubts either.
  • I guess the hard part has yet to come.
  • Tell me if you find any special weapons.
  • Victory favors the bold. That's the way combat is.

Zero Edit


  • Guess I'll just have to think of this as another mission.
  • What matters is how much you focus on the battle, got it?
  • Watch yourself or you'll just end up getting in the way.
  • I also have my pride as an A rank Hunter.
  • Cover me, I'm going in.
  • The key to survival is honing one's skills.
  • We'll do this efficiently, just like always.
  • No problem. I'll take care of it.
  • Let's get this mission started. You know what to do right?
  • Nothing good comes out of being too cocky.

Special AttackEdit

  • I'll beat them down.
  • Energy released!
  • Don't miss the target!

Multi AttackEdit

  • I'll wipe you all out!
  • Fun's over!
  • Can you stand our power?
  • Checkmate!

Support AttackEdit

  • Leave it to us!
  • Target acquired!
  • Let's pulverize them!
  • X, do not show mercy!
  • This too is the responsibility of a Hunter!
  • Let's obliterate them!


  • As I expected, they weren't anything special.
  • You were defeated because you lost sight of the big picture.
  • That fight was barely even worth noting.
  • Well, that could have gone better, but there's no problem for now.
  • Combat complete; target destroyed.
  • I see, so that's what it was...

Paired CharactersEdit


  • X: Do you want to take the lead this time, Zero?
    Zero: Don't worry about me. Just do what you want, X.
  • X: The duty of a Maverick Hunter...
    Zero: a swift and certain victory.
  • Zero: Don't get in over your head, X!
    X: With you at my back, I can afford to be a little reckless.
  • X: I'll take the lead. Can I get you to back me up, Zero?
    Zero: Leave it to me. Just like old times, eh X?
  • Zero: I can handle this one on my own!
    X: I'm here too, Zero. You can rely on me.


  • X: I always feel like I lean on you too much, Zero.
    Zero: Don't worry about it. You can return the favor sometime.
  • X: Zero, if I should become a Maverick...
    Zero: We've talked about this before. Don't waste time with pointless questions.
  • Zero: The target has been completely eliminated. We're through here.
    X: Alright. Let's hope the next mission goes this well.

Solo CharactersEdit



Zero: Alisa, make sure you assess the situation properly before you act.

Alisa: Yes, let's all make sure to use our heads properly!

X: I think you're the only one who can use yours that way.


Alisa: What makes Reploids and androids different?

X: Maybe that we can't remove our heads? What do you think Zero?

Zero: No comment.



Zero: Arthur, we need you to support from the rear. Can you handle it?

Arthur: Come now, we’re all armored up here. Have a little faith in me.

X: I hope I don’t really need to tell you this, but you’re missing something Arthur.



Zero: I've got a bad feeling about this target. Let's hit them with everything we have straight off.

Bahn: Fine with me. Don't forget to remove your armor if things get really heavy!

X: I'm afraid things don't really work the same for us!

Batsu Ichimonji Edit


X: I wonder which special weapon I should use here...

Batsu: You've got a lot of weapons. You should try using Twister Uppers and other things too, Zero.

Zero: I don't have any of those techniques.



X: As a Maverick Hunter I must do something!

Bruno: So are you hunters like cops or something?

Zero: Maybe so, if you think of Mavericks as criminals.



Devilotte: Now my Maverick Hunters, go forth and defeat our foes!

Zero: I don't recall joining the service of the Deathsatan Royal Family.

X: Just think of it as protecting a member of the royal family.


Devilotte: At this rate I will soon have the power to rule the entire galaxy!

X: She's started raving about some pretty serious ambitions here...

Zero: Don't get carried away, kid, or we might be forced to take you down.



Flynn: Wow, a sword made of light…Can I see it for a moment?

Zero: Only I can wield the Z-Saber properly.

X: I hope he doesn’t ask to see my X-Buster next…



Heihachi: As long as I have my hardened iron fists, I need no other weapons!

Zero: I agree. As long as I have my saber I’m fine.

X: I prefer to pick the right weapon for the job myself…



  • Imca: Show me your arm. I might be able to use it on Var.
    X: Sure, after the battle is over.
    Zero: X, you shouldn't reveal technological secrets so quickly.


  • ImcaThe weapons of your world are interesting. I could use them to upgrade Var.
    XHow about adding on a double charge shot?
    Zero: X, you shouldn't reveal confidential information. 

Juri HanEdit


Juri: Heh heh heh...Hahahaha!

Zero: X, are you sure we should classify her as a Maverick?

X: No, don't do it Zero!



X: A devil hunter, huh? I look forward to working with you, Lady.

Lady: I’m looking forward to seeing you Maverick Hunters in action, too.

Zero: We all do pretty much the same thing. Let’s get started.



Zero: That God Arc of yours is pretty useful if it can salvage weapons from enemies.

Lindow: Well, to be precise it only recovers materials used to make weapons.

X: If I had one of those I could get even more special weapons.



  • Neneko: X and Zero are good friends, huh. That's great, you know.
    X: It's not so much that we're good friends as we are fellow hunters.
    Zero: I view him as more of a rival.



Rikiya: I feel a powerful evil presence…We must be cautious.

Zero: Does he have some sort of sensors that we don’t?

X: Just an ability we Reploids don’t have.



  • Sänger: They will rue the day fate brought them before us.
    Zero: You said it. Time to eliminate our targets.
    X: Understood. We'll defeat them all with a coordinated attack.



X: Saya, are you a Maverick?

Saya: That’s hard to say. I guess you could say I’m a different sort of girl.

Zero: I don’t think that’s what he’s talking about.



  • Zero: I feel that I must warn you as a member of Bonne Pirate Family that if you would commit any crime...
    Tron: I would never do such a thing while in a company of Maverick Hunters!
    X: That just makes me more worried about what you would do when we aren't here.


  • X: Mission complete. That was a bit more difficult than I expected.
    Tron: How about I give you a little reward for all your hard work?
    Zero: That’s not a tool for rewarding people.



Ulala: Today we have an intense show with some Maverick Hunters.

X: Ugh, this is going to be a pain…

Zero: Unlike normal missions, we don’t have any strategies for dealing with the media.



X: There must be no Mavericks in the realm of gods.

Valkyrie: There are those with evil in their hearts... As well as those who cannot suppress that evil.

Zero: Evil in their hearts...



  • Vashyron: Working side by side is the foundation upon which trust is built.
    Zero: If you can't do that you're just in the way. Let's go, X.
    X: I understand what I need to do, Zero.


  • Vashyron: This is no good! It's like I only see stacks of money instead of the actual enemies!
    Zero: They all look like Mavericks to me.
    X: You two are both too extreme in your own ways...
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