This is a list of quotes for the solo character Ulala. Like the other solo characters, she has a unique pre-battle dialog with all the paired characters and additionally, around five post-battle dialogs with select paired characters.



  • Good evening, viewers! I'm ready to start the show, no matter what happens.
  • Now then everyone, sit back and enjoy the rest of the show!
  • Roger! This will make an especially intense emergency report!
  • How about I get things started with a dance?
  • A comment, if you please!
  • Look at that unexpected enthusiasm!
  • I'll be bringing you live coverage of the battle!
  • Did you catch all that out there?
  • There is definitely somthing suspicious going on here!

Solo BeginEdit

  • Support has been a success!
  • This just in!
  • Here comes a Cross Hit!
  • Hello, everyone!
  • Hey there, space cats!
  • Everyone, here I go!

Solo FinishEdit

  • Stay tuned!
  • Ready, fire!
  • I'm feeling kinda... funky.
  • Tension Blaster!
  • Here goes!


  • Stay tuned!
  • Keep your power on!
  • And now for a few words from our victors!
  • A flawless victory!
  • Stay tuned...
  • That was a sweeping win!

Paired CharactersEdit

Akira Yuki & Pai ChanEdit


Ulala: Do you have any messages for your families back home?

Pai: Father, I will never forgive...

Akira: Pai, stop right there. Otherwise, the entire galaxy will know about your family afffairs.

Chris Redfield & Jill ValentineEdit


Ulala: This time we bring you detailed coverage of the B.S.A.A. bioterrorism unit.

Jill: Chris, shouldn't we have some sort of policy for dealing with the media?

Chris: I don't think anyone's ever dealt with reporters from space before...

Chun-Li & MorriganEdit


Ulala: Joining me here today are two women with impressive thighs!

Morrigan: Um, hold on there, Ulala...

Chun-Li: Someday I swear I'll go back to being a normal girl!

Dante & Demitri MaximoffEdit


Ulala: Demitri’s aura is so bright!

Demitri: Hahaha! I’m Batmaster!

Dante: Who would’ve thought so many demons would have a sense of humor?


Ulala: Dante, a few words on your victory for your family!

Dante: Heh, okay…Don’t worry, I’ll clean up your mess, dad.

Demitri: The son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, eh…

Frank West & Hsien-KoEdit


Ulala: This enemy is buzzing with dangerous energy!

Frank: Yeah, and my sense for scoops is buzzing off the charts!

Hsien-Ko: Maybe I should throw some weapons that buzz, too!


Ulala: This broadcast is brought to you by Ulala, the space reporter...

Frank: the space journalist, Frank West...

Hsien-Ko: and the space jianshi, Hsien-Ko, ♪

Gemini Sunrise & Erica FontaineEdit


Ulala: And now let’s have a few words from the Combat Revues.

Gemini: Yay! Shinjiro, Larry, are you watching?

Erica: I’ll fight my hardest!

Haken Browning & Kaguya NanbuEdit


Haken: Make sure you get good coverage of the princess in action!

Ulala: I'm afraid the censors might not allow me to show that!

Kaguya: What?! This is just how I normally am!


Ulala: How about a few words on your victory to your friends back home?

Kaguya: Neige, Suzuka! Are you watching?

Haken: Alady, Aschen! I'm going to have some great stories when I get back!

Ichiro Ogami & Sakura ShingujiEdit


Ulala: We're here with Ichiro Ogami, who will bring us a marvelous victory.

Ichiro: Huh?! I-I'll give it everything I've got!

Sakura: Ulala, please don't make him nervous before he fights.


Sakura: Okay, victory pose!

Ichiro: Yeah!

Ulala: And that was the Imperial Assault Force. Yeah!

Jin Kazama & Ling XiaoyuEdit


Ulala: Jin, how about a few words for your family back home?

Jin: My family...? What makes you think I'd have anything to say to them?

Xiaoyu: Ulala! You might want to change the subject!


Ulala: Jin, any words for your family at home?

Jin: Tell my family that I'm going to kill them.

Xiaoyu: You shouldn't say anything about his family Ulala!

Kite & BlackRoseEdit


Ulala: Any comments for your real world counterparts?

BlackRose: Once you wake up, be sure to go to your club meetings!

Kite: Let's just try to regain consciousness first.

Kogoro & MiiEdit


Ulala: This broadcast will be brought to you by Ulala of Space Channel 5…

Kogoro: Kogoro Tenzai of the Tenzai Detective Agency…

Mii: And me, the great mistress of the Koryuji Holdings!

KOS-MOS & T-elosEdit


Ulala: KOS-MOS, T-elos. Do you have any comments for our viewers?

KOS-MOS: Shion... I swear I will return to your side.

T-elos: Maiden with no past... Wait for me.


Ulala: KOS-MOS, T-elos, which one of you is stronger?

T-elos: Can't you tell? If not I'm more than willing to prove it here and now.

KOS-MOS: Please refrain from making comments that will adversely affect our teamwork, Ulala.

Kurt & RielaEdit


Kurt: No! Why do I always think of new recipes at times like these!

Ulala: Please tell me everything about this new recipe!

Riela: No, Ulala! Don't ask him!

Reiji Arisu & XiaomuEdit


Ulala: Please tell us about your relationship with Reiji.

Xiaomu: He’s my superior, and the one who spanks me.

Reiji: I see. Just don’t ask me what’s going to happen to your bottom later.

Ryu & Ken MastersEdit


Ulala: Let's have a word from Ken Masters before the fight.

Ryu: Huh? I'm not Ken. That's him over there.

Ken: Why do some people always get us mixed up?

Soma Schicksal & Alisa AmiellaEdit


Ulala: I would now like to conduct a interview with the God Eaters.

Alisa: I-I'm so nervous. I don't know what to say...

Soma: I'll leave that up to you. I'm going on ahead.

Toma & CyrilleEdit


Ulala: Do you have any messages for our viewers?

Toma: Zenus! I'll be back soon, so say hi to everyone for me!

Cyrille: Zhirra, are you being good?

X & ZeroEdit


Ulala: Today we have an intense show with some Maverick Hunters.

X: Ugh, this is going to be a pain…

Zero: Unlike normal missions, we don’t have any strategies for dealing with the media.

Yuri Lowell & Estellise Sidos HeurasseinEdit


Ulala: Let’s have a few words from Estelle about the battle!

Estelle: H-Hello! My hobby is um, reading, and…

Yuri: Don’t do something that makes you nervous before battle.

Zephyr & LeanneEdit


Leanne: I really like you're eye shadow, Ulala 

Ulala: And that was the wonderful Leanne, paying me a compliment! Back to you.

Zephyr: Hey, I'm here too! You can't just end it like that!

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