• Someone to fight? I'll give them a beating they'll never forget!
  • Yeah, I've got what it takes too.
  • This'll be just like going hunting!
  • This is it? They look so weak...
  • I'm ready to cut loose too. Let's do this!
  • I'm fine with whatever, just as long as we get started soon!
  • You're serious about this, aren't you! I won't hold back either!
  • Don't expect me to go run off and hide. This is a fight!
  • Hey now, just make sure you don't wear yourself out too fast!
  • It'll work out somehow. Let's just take it easy.

Special AttackEdit

  • Let's go, Cyrille!
  • Let's finish 'em!
  • Shining Force!

Support AttackEdit

  • Cyrille, don't be late!
  • Cyrille, follow through!
  • I'll take it from here!
  • We'll make it happen!
  • Forget about us?
  • Ooh! Excuse me!

Multi AttackEdit

  • I'll break you!
  • I'll smash you to pieces!
  • I'll crush you all!
  • Here I goooooo!


  • Of course! I knew this was going to happen.
  • Who's next?! I'll take anybody on!
  • Heh Heh! It seems I've got some serious skills!
  • I'm hungry...
  • That was almost too easy!
  • It'll take more than that to beat us!



  • I'll devise something on my end.
  • I don't want to waste any time here. Let's put an end to this.
  • I normally don't like to be so violent, but...
  • I won't have any time to read at this rate...
  • I think I read about a counterspell for this in a book somewhere...
  • There's something intriguing about this enemy...
  • I have my responsibility as a heritor of the Holy Sword!
  • I hope this goes well...
  • It seems we have no choice but to get involved.
  • Don't get distracted. We should get this over with.

Special AttackEdit

  • OK, Toma!
  • Yes, let's finish them!
  • Give us the power!

Support AttackEdit

  • Get 'em, Toma!
  • Let's combine all of our powers.
  • Toma, don't trip.
  • We will take care of them.
  • How about this?
  • We've come to help.

Multi AttackEdit

  • I must only believe in myself!
  • Toma, sync up with me.
  • I'll petrify 'em!
  • Toma, I leave the rest to you!
  • They won't be able to move.


  • Phew, this type of thing really tires me out...
  • You should know your own strength better.
  • What a waste of time. I hope I at least get to collect some specimens next time.
  • I was hoping I could study that enemy a bit longer, but oh well.
  • I can't be defeated here. The true battle still lies before me.
  • I would rather have been reading.

Paired CharactersEdit


  • Toma: Nobody can beat the Shining Force!
    Cyrille: Don't get too cocky, Toma.
  • Toma: I'm gonna make you look like Cyrille's cooking!
    Cyrille: And just what is that supposed to mean, Toma?!
  • Toma: I've hunted wild pigs stronger than you!
    Cyrille: I don't know if wild pigs are a good standard to base things off of.
  • Cyrille: This enemy looks like it would make a good research subject...
    Toma: Cyrille! Quit talking to yourself and get moving!
  • Cyrille: Perhaps it is our fate to fight here.
    Toma: I don't believe in fate. It's all chance, Cyrille.


  • Toma: Phew, I'm always starving after a good brawl.
    Cyrille: I'll just have to cook something for you then.
  • Toma: As a bearer of the Holy Sword, I must not lose!
    Cyrille: It appears you're finally starting to awaken to things, Toma.
  • Cyrille: Now Toma, what was the meaning of this battle for you as a heritor of the Holy Sword?
    Toma: Man, Cyrille, sometimes you're even more of a pain than our enemies...

Solo CharactersEdit



Alisa: Toma, Cyrille, let's do our best!

Toma: Of course! You're pretty energetic for a robot!

Cyrille: It seems like most of the robots we meet are nice.



Toma: A knight's weapons are the instruments by which he upholds his principles.

Arthur: Wise words indeed. Perhaps you might make a good knight yourself!

Cyrille: You're just repeating what you heard Gadfort say.



Toma: Heh heh! This looks like it'll be a good time!

Bahn: I like your attitude, Toma. Let's take this guy down!

Cyrille: They couldn't look any more different, but they're the same at heart.

Batsu Ichimonji Edit


Batsu: Alright! Let's get these punks, Toma!

Toma: You got it! I'm always ready to go!

Cyrille: I-I just can't keep up with these two...


Cyrille: Good work, Batsu! Hey, what's the matter?

Batsu: It's not enough... I can't protect anyone like this!

Toma: That's true. Strength is meant to be used for others.



Bruno: You kids shouldn't go around carrying giant knives like that.

Toma: Don't worry, we keep them put away most of the time.

Cyrille: They're actually Holy Swords. Saying giant knives makes it sound overblown.



Devilotte: Even our foes fear the glory of the Deathsatan family! Hahaha!

Toma: Why do people from royalty always have to be such a pain?

Cyrille: Quiet! She'll be even more of a pain if she hears you!



Flynn: That’s pretty amazing that you both wield holy swords.

Cyrille: Stop…It’s not so amazing.

Toma: U-Uh, Cyrille? I’ve never seen you act like this before.


Flynn: Those with power must be prepared. It’s the same with your Holy Swords, right?

Cyrille: I understand, but I’m not so sure about Toma.

Toma: I know. I can’t wield this sword without a good reason.



Heihachi: I wonder which is stronger, your holy sword or my iron fists.

Toma: Are your fists a holy weapon too?

Cyrille: I don’t think that’s what he means.



  • Toma: If you always have a sour expression like that, you'll end up looking like Cyrille.
    Imca: Expressions meaning nothing in battle.
    Cyrille: Toma, I want to talk to you after we're done here.

Juri HanEdit


Juri: Why am I stuck babysitting a couple of brats like you?!

Cyrille: Toma, when we attack the enemy it may be best to...

Toma: Sometimes you scare me too, Cyrille! Just what are you trying to say we should do?



Toma: If it comes down to it we always have the Shining Force!

Cyrille: Toma, don’t use it unless absolutely necessary.

Lady: It must be nice to have weapons that are so compact.



Lindow: Well, I guess we should devour this guy and get some materials.

Toma: A devouring function, huh? We don’t have anything like that in the Shining Force.

Cyrille: The Geo-Fortress still has some incredible powers, like being able to move, right?



  • Neneko: Cyrille is much cuter when cheerful, you know, really.
    Cyrille: Oh really? Then I guess I'll try harder!
    Toma: Um, that just makes you seem scary, Cyrille.



Rikiya: Toma, how do you view the path of the sword?

Toma: I'm not too sure, but I'll make sure to use this Holy Sword right!

Cyrille: That's a decent answer coming from Toma.


Rikiya: Those swords of yours have an ominous air to them.

Toma: The Shining Force are holy swords. They can't be ominous.

Cyrille: But when you consider what these swords have caused, he may be right...



  • Sänger: It must be a heavy fate to bear a holy sword, Toma.
    Toma: I guess I should shout, "The Shining Force is the Holy Sword!"
    Cyrille: Now now, Toma. Don't make light of your duty.



Toma: Between Riemsianne and Saya, all girls from the evil tribes sure are trouble.

Cyrille: Hmm, and just what to do you mean by “girls from the evil tribes” Toma?

Saya: What are you talking about? If it’s something juicy, let me join in!


Saya: Toma, how about showing a girl your Shining Force?

Cyrille: Don’t do it, Toma! You know you can’t resist older women.

Toma: C-C’mon, Cyrille! You know that’s not true.



Servbots: Toma! Cyrille! Go get ‘em!

Cyrille: I feel like I’ve seen these servbots somewhere before…

Toma: You’re probably thinking of all of Adam’s friends in the Geo-Fortress.



Ulala: Do you have any messages for our viewers?

Toma: Zenus! I'll be back soon, so say hi to everyone for me!

Cyrille: Zhirra, are you being good?



Valkyrie: Eternal Sword, bring me victory!

Toma: Shining Force, give me an easy win!

Cyrille: It just sounds embarrasing to hear you say it like that, Toma.


Valkyrie: You must consider the reason you were chosen to wield the Holy Swords.

Toma: Instead of wasting time thinking, I'd rather use this power to make sure no more wars break out.

Cyrille: I think you've got the gist of it, but a little more thinking wouldn't hurt you.



  • Vashyron: Don't slack off! It's time to hit this guy full-on!
    Toma: Somebody's ready to rumble. You hear that Cyrille, we've got to go full-on!
    Cyrille: You just worry about yourself, Toma.
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