• Cast aside your doubts and focus on what's before us!
  • The first step is believing in yourself.
  • Good. Our fists will do the talking.
  • This will be good training. Let's begin!
  • This fight is another step on the path to becoming a true warrior.
  • Be calm and rid yourself of tension.
  • Only you can find the answer.
  • Even if it shatters my fists...!
  • Our path lies beyond this fight.
  • The answer lies in the heart of battle!

Special AttackEdit

  • Nrrrr...
  • Time for battle!
  • This will finish things!
  • I will not be distracted!
  • I am betting it all on this!

Support AttackEdit

  • Beat 'em down with brute force.
  • Timing is on you, Ken!
  • I must strike while the iron is hot!
  • Let us deal with this.
  • Ken, time to step in.
  • By our fists...!

Multi AttackEdit

  • Nice, Ken!
  • Ken! Now!
  • Match my timing!


  • The path of a true warrior is long indeed...
  • ...I still need more training.
  • I would stay down if I were you!
  • It seems a warrior's journey never ends.
  • See for yourself!
  • My journey will never end until I learn what it is to be a true warrior!



  • Hey come on, what's the deal?!
  • Time to say hello!
  • Nice! This should be fun!
  • I don't feel like letting you off easy!
  • This first hit will knock you out!
  • Let's see how fast we can finish this!
  • I'm ready when you are.
  • Show me what you've got!
  • If you get too worked up it could backfire you know?
  • That's fine, just so long as you take things seriously.

Special AttackEdit

  • Feel my burning spirit!
  • Ryu, the last blow's yours!
  • I'll make all the pain go away!
  • See what it feels like to go to heaven!
  • Remember this attack forever!

Support AttackEdit

  • Heh, don't be so spaced out!
  • Ryu, I'll come in from up high.
  • Can't tell back from front, can you?
  • I said, leave it to us!
  • Don't mess it up, Ryu.
  • Reminds me of my years training.

Multi AttackEdit

  • Let me!
  • Alright!
  • Leave it to me!


  • Go home and practice!
  • Yay!
  • We did it!
  • Uh oh, I'd better give Eliza a call soon!
  • Maybe I should start calling myself the greatest fighter in the Northern Hemisphere...
  • True ability is the deciding factor in any fight.

Paired CharactersEdit


  • Ryu: Ken, where do you see your fists taking you?
    Ken: Victory in the battle before us, and then to Eliza, I guess.
  • Ryu: Does this battle have a purpose?
    Ken: You got me. All I know is that these guys need to be taken down.
  • Ken: Ryu, where will your fists take you?
    Ryu: It's hard to say. All I know is that the truth lies in the heart of battle.
  • Ken: Time for us to turn up the heat, Ryu!
    Ryu: The true battle is far from over. Don't wear yourself out, Ken.
  • Ryu: Let's leave the talking to our fists!
    Ken: Can these things even talk?


  • Ryu: Until you overcome my Shoryuken, you'll never beat me!
    Ken: And there are a lot of different variations, so I think it'll be a while before you can beat them all.
  • Ryu: The strength to win, not simply defeat foes...
    Ken: I wonder which we need right now?
  • Ken: Do you remember the words? Attaining gentleness through the pursuit of strength.
    Ryu: ...While the pursuit of gentleness does not give rise to strength, right?

Solo CharactersEdit



Alisa: I will eliminate the enemy with my destroy form!

Ryu: Alisa, it's not good to rely too much on weapons.

Ken: Or upon rocket punches or exploding heads.



Arthur: It appears the time has come for me to show the strength of my unarmored body!

Ryu: Do you think he might possibly be able to use martial arts?

Ken: I wouldn't try it. You'll probably end up with more than just some broken bones.



Ryu: I never thought I'd have to fight in a place like this.

Bahn: This is crazy! It's just like Armstone City!

Ken: Just what type of city do you come from?


Bahn: I could go for a tournament right about now! You up for it?

Ryu: I'm ready to fight anywhere, anytime.

Ken: Let's save it until after this whole mess is finished, guys.

Batsu Ichimonji Edit


Batsu: Some of my friends learned moves from you.

Ken: Oh, you mean my online karate courses?

Ryu: Ken, I hope you haven’t forgotten that our style was originally meant for assassination.


Ryu: Alright, I really pulled that last move off well!

Batsu: Heh, looks like everybody is using Shimazu Karate these days.

Ken: Hey Batsu, just because it looks similar doesn’t mean it’s the same thing.



Bruno: You guys are street fighters, right? You probably use everything including the kitchen sink.

Ken: Well, I do know a few guys who'll try anything.

Ryu: All we need are our diligently trained bodies and our honed skills.


Ryu: I only desire the strength to win, not to defeat others.

Bruno: I just want the strength to make arrests without breaking everything.

Ken: That all depends on how much effort you make, Bruno.



Devilotte: Fight well enough and I might even consider remaking you two into one of my patchwork creations!

Ryu: P-Patchwork creations?!

Ken: We'd probably be able to pull off a Metsu Shinryuken.



Flynn: Don’t you think it will be difficult to fight this enemy unarmed?

Ken: It’d just look weird if we if we started fighting with swords and shields, right?

Ryu: Definitely. We can take on anything as long we can make a fist!



Ken: So you used a drug to regain your youth? Are you sure that’s okay, Heihachi?

Heihachi: All these sensations, I had forgotten after so long! Not to mention my hair! Gahaha!

Ryu: Reversing aging…Perhaps my Hadoken could become even more powerful.


Ryu: Heihachi Mishima…I see now why they call you the King of Iron Fist.

Heihachi: Solid skills and good manners to boot. How about becoming my foster son, Ryu?

Ken: I think you should try fixing things with your real family first.



  • Ken: A weapon built for fighting tanks, eh? You know, we can handle cars with our fists, too.
    Imca: Don't lie. No one can destroy a car barehanded.
    Ryu: Actually it's pretty common around where we're from...

Juri HanEdit


Juri: C'mon, use that power of yours to wipe these guys out.

Ryu: What?! What is it you think you know?

Ken: You'd better stop there, Juri. You might bite off more than you can chew.



Ken: You could start a war with a weapon like that.

Lady: It's what I need to fight demons.

Ryu: If you'd like to try learning martial arts I'd help you with your training.



Ryu: Ken and I will break down their defenses. Then we’d like you to strike from behind.

Lindow: I think I’ll accept your offer and just take it easy, then.

Ken: Hey, don’t go relying on unarmed guys like us when you’ve got a monster weapon like that!



Neneko: What makes you a true warrior, huh? Do you know Ryu, really?

Ryu: A true warrior...I suppose it depends on what you consider to define a true warrior...

Ken: Neneko, you shouldn't ask him things like that right before a battle.



Ryu: I've noticed your Busujima techniques also use ki like ours.

Rikiya: ...I would be willing to teach you the Busujima Figure-Four Lock.

Ken: No, just keep it related to moves that use ki.



  • Sänger: Those who follow the paths of the fist and sword are not so different.
    Ryu: Pursue the path, and awaken yourself... The essence is the same!
    Ken: C'mon guys, I'm starting to feel a bit left out here.



Saya: Ooh, show me what makes the King of U.S. Martial Arts so amazing...

Ken: Heh, I can never deny a pretty lady. Just don't go falling for me, okay?

Ryu: ...Just don't go blaming me when Eliza gets angry at you, okay, Ken?



Tron: Can you guys teach some moves to my servbots?

Ken: They're free to take my Ken Masters Online Karate Course.

Ryu: I'm not sure our master would like that, Ken.


Servbots: Hadoken! Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku!

Ken: Hey, not bad! No one will be able to stop you!

Ryu: Heh, you'll make a good father, Ken.



Ulala: Let's have a word from Ken Masters before the fight.

Ryu: Huh? I'm not Ken. That's him over there.

Ken: Why do some people always get us mixed up?



Ken: It's fun having you around Valkyrie. Normally the only girls we get to hang around with is covered with muscle.

Valkyrie: Thank you, Ken.

Ryu: Ken, you never know who might be listening.



  • Ryu: So you're a former soldier? You still shouldn't rely on guns so much.
    Ken: Yeah, you should at least be able to launch a sonic boom from your hands.
    Vashyron: What the hell type of soldier can do that?
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