This is a list of quotes for the solo character Rikiya Busujima. Like the other solo characters, he has a unique pre-battle dialog with all the paired characters and additionally, around five post-battle dialogs with select paired characters.



  • Aren't you afraid of dying...?
  • Let's get started. You know what we have to do, right?
  • It must be my destiny to keep fighting.
  • The word you're looking for is "ominous".
  • Fine, I'll do my part.
  • I see. I think I can understand.
  • Don't throw your life away recklessly.
  • Be careful. The enemy is surrounded by a sinister energy.
  • This is a dangerous omen. The evil energy here is strong.
  • Don't take your eyes off the enemy no matter what.

Solo BeginEdit

  • Leave it to me.
  • Evildoers, be warned!
  • Our opening will be fatal.
  • Time for Busujima techniques!
  • I must complete the job.
  • Evil spirit, be gone.
  • Sorry, I have no pity.
  • I must pursue the mission.
  • I have a bad feeling about this.
  • I will take this job.

Solo FinishEdit

  • Explode to the heavens, Fireworks!
  • Busujima Fireworks, Ooooh!
  • I will purge the essence of this evil!
  • Busujima-style... Fireworks!
  • Eat this!
  • Time to pick up the pieces.
  • Just wait for the fireworks!
  • I mean you no malice. Forgive me!
  • Busujima techniques, Fireworks!
  • Now I will drive away evil!


  • Rest easy. The evil surrounding you has vanished.
  • Don't let your guard down. Misfortune awaits around every corner.
  • It seems we have no choice but to improve as we go.
  • We won. Luck was on our side it seems.
  • Evil spirit, return to the world from whence you came!
  • The evil presence is gone... We're done here.

Paired CharactersEdit

Akira Yuki & Pai ChanEdit


Akira: So your Busujima style focuses on sending ki into your opponents? Sounds interesting.

Rikiya: Akira, if you truly think so...then I wouldn't mind teaching you.

Pai: Don't do it. A Tetsuzanko that makes your opponents blow up would be too dangerous.

Chris Redfield & Jill ValentineEdit


Rikiya: You should not rely upon guns alone. You must train your bodies to become weapons as well.

Chris: I couldn't agree more. I need to keep working on my fighting skills.

Jill: That’s true, but just don’t start spinning around or shooting flames everywhere.


Jill: Phew…mission complete, for now.

Rikiya: This is still far from over.

Chris: There’s no telling what will happen next. But that’s just part of our job description, eh Jill?

Chun-Li & MorriganEdit


Rikiya: I must put an end to this, bewitching energy!

Morrigan: Really? The enemy doesn't seem so impressive to me.

Chun-Li: Morrigan, I think he might be sensing you.

Dante & Demitri MaximoffEdit


Rikiya: Demitri…The evil emanating from you is overwhelming.

Demitri: So, you can feel the power flowing within me!

Dante: Hey, anybody could tell with an aura like yours.

Frank West & Hsien-KoEdit


Frank: Shall we begin? Hsien-Ko, hand me a mannequin and a lawn mower.

Rikiya: I need a drill and guitar case, quickly!

Hsien-Ko: H-Hold on now, there are limits to what even my sleeves can hold!


Frank: Compared to zombie hordes, special forces, and psycopaths that was nothing.

Rikiya: Yes, compared to undead soldiers and mutants.

Hsien-Ko: Just what sort of crazy lives do you two lead?

Gemini Sunrise & Erica FontaineEdit


Rikiya: There is an ominous stench to this battle...

Erica: What?! Well it wasn't me!

Gemini: Wow, that was just plain bad...

Haken Browning & Kaguya NanbuEdit


Rikiya: Hm? This evil presence...!

Kaguya: W-Where? Is this bad guy really so powerful?

Haken: Well, the princess' body is evil in a certain sense.

Ichiro Ogami & Sakura ShingujiEdit


Sakura: Our foe reeks of death and destruction...

Rikiya: An ominous stench indeed. Be careful, you two.

Ichiro: We never back down, no matter what we may face!

Jin Kazama & Ling XiaoyuEdit


Rikiya: Jin Kazama. Can you restrain the evil energy within you?

Xiaoyu: Jin's strong, so don't worry! I'm here too!

Jin: Why am I alway surrounded by people who can't mind their own business?

Kite & BlackRoseEdit


BlackRose: I wonder if I can meet the real me with this body.

Rikiya: Data enters the real world, while your real body becomes data...

Kite: That distinction may be all but gone now...

Kogoro & MiiEdit


Rikiya: There is a sinister stench in the air. What do you think, Kogoro?

Kogoro: M’lady’s perfume is intense. To a sinister level.

Mii: Hey! You’re supposed to say it’s a wonderful fragrance!


Mii: An easy win! That’s why they call me a goddess of good fortune

Rikiya: Oh really? The foul stench has yet to disappear…

Kogoro: I’ve never heard anyone call her that either, but m’lady seems happy so let’s leave it at that.

KOS-MOS & T-elosEdit


Rikiya: T-elos, the evil I sense in you is very powerful, but there is something hollow to it.

T-elos: What's that supposed to mean!? Don't piss me off!

KOS-MOS (Mary): That hollowness might be something we share now.

Kurt & RielaEdit


Rikiya: I’ve got an ominous feeling about this. Be on your guard.

Riela: Could he be talking about me? I have been called the Grim Reaper before…

Kurt: You’re getting into bad habits again, Riela. Be more confident in yourself.

Reiji Arisu & XiaomuEdit


Reiji: Let's see what an AMS agent can do in action.

Rikiya: Unfortunately I can't use the Busujima figure-four lock on this enemy...

Xiaomu: That's not something you learned in the AMS! But, do you still think you could teach it to me?


Xiaomu: I'm one step closer to my dream of building Busujima Island!

Rikiya: Yep, we just have to take things one step at a time.

Reiji: Hold on now. I've never heard that project before.

Ryu & Ken MastersEdit


Ryu: I've noticed your Busujima techniques also use ki like ours.

Rikiya: ...I would be willing to teach you the Busujima Figure-Four Lock.

Ken: No, just keep it related to moves that use ki.

Soma Schicksal & Alisa AmiellaEdit


Rikiya: Soma, you should not brood so much. You'll only attract negative energy to yourself.

Soma: I'm always like this. And I'm not brooding over anything.

Alisa: I think he's just trying to tell you to be a bit more pleasant.

Toma & CyrilleEdit


Rikiya: Toma, how do you view the path of the sword?

Toma: I'm not too sure, but I'll make sure to use this Holy Sword right!

Cyrille: That's a decent answer coming from Toma.


Rikiya: Those swords of yours have an ominous air to them.

Toma: The Shining Force are holy swords. They can't be ominous.

Cyrille: But when you consider what these swords have caused, he may be right...

X & ZeroEdit


Rikiya: I feel a powerful evil presence…We must be cautious.

Zero: Does he have some sort of sensors that we don’t?

X: Just an ability we Reploids don’t have.

Yuri Lowell & Estellise Sidos HeurasseinEdit


Rikiya: There is a powerful evil presence in the air…Be careful, you two.

Estelle: We’ll be fine♪ You guys are so strong, after all!

Yuri: I think her innocence might be just as dangerous…

Zephyr & LeanneEdit


Zephyr: The best gun is the one you’re most familiar with.

Rikiya: If worst comes to worst, you can also destroy your enemies with ki.

Leanne: Not everyone can do that, you know…

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