• Excellent. Let's do this.
  • By the five elements!
  • Sorry I have to cut you down, but this is work!
  • Get ready to face a master of Gogyo Battou in battle!
  • Not that I care, but I think we should get moving.
  • You should think twice about messing with a Shinra agent.
  • Now all that's left is to see how we work together.
  • I'll get this party started. Just follow my lead.
  • Looks like all we need to do is get in there and finish it.
  • Huh, guess I'll have to pull us through this one.

Special AttackEdit

  • The power of Tenchi Banbutsu!
  • Give me the power to envelop worlds!
  • Get ready for these techniques!
  • This technique... reveals the truth!
  • Gogyo Batto Technique!

Support AttackEdit

  • I'm not passing up this chance!
  • Don't stop attacking!
  • Combination, go!
  • No joking around, Xiaomu!
  • Xiaomu, attack!
  • We will cut them down!


  • The outcome of that couldn't have been better.
  • That was a good combo.
  • This is how I put bread on the table. I won't lose.
  • Don't let your guard down yet. We've still got a lot to do.
  • We just got lucky this time.
  • Excellent. But, we've still got plenty ahead of us.



  • It's Xiaomu time! Get ready for a special lesson!
  • I'll give you a spanking if you don't take this seriously!
  • Hmm, it might just be time for an adventure.
  • This should be worth about 8 pieces of fried tofu.
  • Yeah, looks like we drew the joker...
  • I feel a storm coming on...!
  • Please refer to Chapter 7, Verse 65 of the Legend of Xiaomu!
  • This is turning into a legendary adventure!
  • I've got a good idea!
  • I can handle the point by myself this time!

Special AttackEdit

  • Mystic Fox Sorcery. Demon Gate Seal!
  • Xiaomuuuu Waaaaave!
  • Looky looky, my charm is at full blast!
  • Perky, playful and punishing!
  • Leave it up to me!

Multi AttackEdit

  • It's my Cosplay-attack!
  • Now, time for the grown-ups to have fun ♪
  • I'm so charming your heart will skip a beat ♪
  • Mystic Fox Assassination Technique!
  • Fall in love all over again!
  • Even the enemies are all weak in the knees ♪

Support AttackEdit

  • I've got one chance!
  • High speed Xiaomu!
  • Reiji, why aren't you impressed?
  • Ms. Xiaomu's Strange Attack!
  • Here I come, you idiots!
  • Call for me and I'll appear!


  • Aren't I just so cool I give you the shivers?
  • Yeah! This is superb!
  • Come, tend to my aches. And don't forget to rub my shoulders!
  • I think you could use a bit more character.
  • The last one standing wins!
  • That was a tough fight.

Paired CharactersEdit


  • Reiji: If you mess up here, Xiaomu, I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a rough spanking.
    Xiaomu: R-Reiji! Don't you think you're doing that a bit too much recently?
  • Xiaomu: Oh master, have I been bad? Do I need to be spanked?
    Reiji: Don't get ahead of yourself. We've still got enemies to defeat.
  • Xiaomu: I'll wipe them out with a Xiaomu Drill followed by a Xiaomu Fist!
    Reiji: I've never heard of those techniques before. Did you come up with some new ones?
  • Reiji: We'll destroy them where they stand! You know what to do, Xiaomu.
    Xiaomu: Why yes of course! Shall we?
  • Xiaomu: Nothing to do but take them down one by one!
    Reiji: You don't need to state the obvious. Let's do this.


  • Reiji: Phew, it's over. That was more difficult than I expected.
    Xiaomu: As they say, you can never be too tough.
  • Xiaomu: Come on Reiji. Show me some love and affection!
    Reiji: That sounds fine with me. Shall I give you the usual?
  • Xiaomu: I think my performance today was worth at least 16 pieces of fried tofu ♪
    Reiji: No, I'd say 7 pieces at the most.

Solo CharactersEdit



Xiaomu: C'mon Alisa, show us your steel angel powers!

Alisa: Okay! I will defeat them with my Destroy Form!

Reiji: I don't think angels normally use the word "destroy."



Xiaomu: If you're really a knight you should be able to fight even if you're stripped bare!

Arthur: Let it never be said that Arthur turns down a challenge!

Reiji: At least start with your armor on, Arthur.



Bahn: C'mon, let's do this! Reiji, Xiaomu!

Xiaomu: You got it! Let's take these wimps down!

Reiji: Don't be so impressionable! Let's waste these guys!

Batsu Ichimonji Edit


Batsu: This'll just be like Athletics Day, right? Let's go!

Xiaomu: Oh youth. What school does he go to again? Superhuman?

Reiji: I'm pretty sure Batsu goes to Taiyo High School.



Reiji: Xiaomu, do you know what Detective Bruno uses for weapons?

Xiaomu: Mops! Clocks! Pepper!

Bruno: Today is just another case for the Dynamite Cop!



Xiaomu: Your techniques are the ultimate fusion of dreams, hope, and friendship, right?

Devilotte: Sorry, but I'm not really into ultimate fusion.

Reiji: I have absolutely no idea what they're talking about.


Reiji: You both should start taking things more seriously.

Devilotte: How dare you insult my multitude of top caliber skills!

Xiaomu: They call that getting carried away.



  • Xiaomu: Heheheh, before we start, tell me about you and Yuri.
    Flynn: Huh? He's just a good friend that I've known for a long time.
    Reiji: Flynn, you don't have to answer her. I'll give her a good spanking later.



Heihachi: A young body with the skills of a veteran warrior! Gahahaha!

Xiaomu: An old man in a young body! Ack, it's almost like me.

Reiji: It's not like he's reversed his age that much.



  • Reiji: So each soldier has a number, eh? Must make things easy to manage.
    Imca: Names are meaningless on the battlefield.
    Xiaomu: I guess my number would be No. 765.

Juri HanEdit


Xiaomu: Will you teach me Taekwondo?

Juri: Who do you think you're talking to? You want me to kick your ass?!

Reiji: Save your kicks for the enemy. I'll take care of her behind.



Lady: Do all devil hunters in Japan work with devils?

Xiaomu: I’m not a devi! I am a bit devilish though♪

Reiji: She’s just another disagreeable imp.



Xiaomu: Lindow will be our point man this time!

Lindow: Aw man, can’t you just let me provide support from the rear?

Reiji: It looks like your ability to lead is coming apart at the seams.



  • Neneko: Yay ♪ Yay ♪ Time to fight, it is!
    Xiaomu: Yay ♪ Yay ♪ It's Time to fight!
    Reiji: At 765, I think you're a bit old to be acting the same age, Xiaomu.


  • Reiji: Xiaomu! What was that back there? I think you need some punishment.
    Neneko: What's going to happen, huh? It's a mystery, it is!
    Xiaomu: My behind is going to get spanked silly!



Reiji: Let's see what an AMS agent can do in action.

Rikiya: Unfortunately I can't use the Busujima figure-four lock on this enemy...

Xiaomu: That's not something you learned in the AMS! But, do you still think you could teach it to me?


Xiaomu: I'm one step closer to my dream of building Busujima Island!

Rikiya: Yep, we just have to take things one step at a time.

Reiji: Hold on now. I've never heard that project before.



  • Sänger: Did you call for me, Reiji Arisu?
    Reiji: N-No, I'll call you later, Sänger.
    Xiaomu: Sänger x Reiji? Now that's a little hard to believe...


  • Xiaomu: Wow! A complete victory for us!
    Reiji: Yep, anyone who steps up gets taken down. Hey, what's the matter, Commander?
    Sänger: Hm? No, it's nothing.



Xiaomu: Look Reiji. I’m so excited I’m getting goosebumps.

Saya: Oh yes, I’ve got goosebumps right here, too. Can’t you see them, little boy?

Reiji: Don’t show me that, you crazy vixens!


  • Xiaomu: Did you see that! That’s why they call me the “Dirt Fox” of Shinra!
    Saya: How about if we team up and call ourselves the Outfoxies?
    Reiji: Don’t forget that we’re still enemies, Saya.



Xiaomu: When it comes to weapons, leave it to Xiaomu

Tron: When it comes to tools, leave it to Tron!

Reiji: Tron, there’ll be time for disassembling things later.



Ulala: Please tell us about your relationship with Reiji.

Xiaomu: He’s my superior, and the one who spanks me.

Reiji: I see. Just don’t ask me what’s going to happen to your bottom later.



Valkyrie: Boss, there's an enemy dead ahead! What should we do?

Xiaomu: Boss, give him your business card first!

Reiji: What's gotten into you two?



  • Vashyron: I think I'm going to need an extra hazard bonus for this.
    Reiji: Just pay him the usual, Xiaomu.
    Xiaomu: Okay, a brutality bonus it is!
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