• I'll just do the best I can.
  • Y-yeah... I guess it's okay...
  • Looks like we've no choice but to stand our ground!
  • I'm going to give it all I've got too!
  • I'll go up first. Back me up, okay?
  • Don't worry. We have the blessings of the Twilight Dragon!
  • I'll try not to hold you back.
  • We should be cautious about this one.
  • Let's be careful.
  • If we work together, we're sure to win!

Special AttackEdit

  • I feel the will of the bracelet!
  • I must use it! Now!
  • Aura, lend me your power!
  • Haaaaaaaaaaa!
  • If I can release the bracelet's powers...!

Support AttackEdit

  • Combine our strengths!
  • Follow Me strategy, go!
  • Cover me, BlackRose!
  • BlackRose! Now!
  • Wonder Battle strategy!
  • Try the Union Battle strategy!

MA AttackEdit

  • Now, BlackRose!


  • The more we level up, the more we can do.
  • Grinding for experience is a key part in any game.
  • Alright! That was an awesome combo!
  • Ah, I'm not really sure...
  • We make a good combination.
  • Getting stronger one step at a time.



  • Come on, let's clear the way so we can keep moving!
  • I just can't stand waiting around! You ready?
  • You don't have anything to worry about with me here!
  • He who strikes first wins, so don't dawdle!
  • Alright, let's see if you're as good as you say.
  • Get out there and prove you aren't all talk.
  • Ugh, seriously? We have to fight this?
  • Fine, fine. Let's just get on with it!
  • This isn't the time for that kind of talk!
  • Let's make short work of this creep!

Special AttackEdit

  • Here goes! One shot!
  • So, you ready?
  • Here I goooo!
  • I'll blow them away!
  • I'll rip you to shreds!

Support AttackEdit

  • Alright, time to blast through them!
  • Watch this, Kite!
  • I'm gonna destroy them!
  • I'm gonna give 'em all I got!
  • Kite, show me what you got!
  • Leave it up to us!

MA AttackEdit

  • Meteor Strike!


  • That was barely worth the effort!
  • Ok!
  • Alright, not bad! Let's go see who's next!
  • It feels nice to get a little workout!
  • Of course! I can't wait to get back to the real world!
  • I think I might be getting used to this body.

Paired CharactersEdit


  • Kite: BlackRose, let's use a Union Battle tactic!
    BlackRose: A focused attack. Leave it to me!
  • BlackRose: If you're a real man, then you would know to escort me!
    Kite: Escort...? I don't really think you need one, BlackRose.
  • Kite: Let's lure in the enemies until the last second.
    BlackRose: Got it. I'll make sure and pull off some critical hits!
  • Kite: BlackRose, I'll take the lead here!
    BlackRose: Okay! Leave the rest up to me!
  • BlackRose: I'm counting on you, Kite!
    Kite: Okay, BlackRose, let's do our best!


  • BlackRose: Hmm, I guess you were kind of cool back there.
    Kite: Huh? Did you say something, BlackRose?
  • Kite: I wish I had a better grasp of the situation...
    BlackRose: What?! I've always got my eyes peeled for anything!
  • Kite: Looks like we did it somehow, BlackRose.
    BlackRose: There's no somehow about it! That was too easy!

Solo CharactersEdit



Kite: Alisa, with your abilities you may even be able to access The World.

Alisa: As long as the server is functioning properly, I should be able to hack it.

BlackRose: Really? You're just like Kite's bracelet!



Arthur: An illusionary body. What lies beneath your armor?

Kite: Do you know, BlackRose?

BlackRose: How should I! And why are you asking me to begin with?!


Arthur: Though my armor may shatter, I will still fight on!

Kite: It could be interesting if they added that system to The World...

BlackRose: Hey, just what are you hoping will happen?!



Bahn: Characters from a game? I know! It's the one that makes the funny noises!

Kite: No, with The World you have to connect via a network and...

BlackRose: You're just wasting your time Kite. You'll never get through to him.

Batsu Ichimonji Edit


Batsu: You should get outside more instead of wasting your time with games.

BlackRose: I'll have you know that my real body is very athletic!

Kite: The real me isn't so much different, I guess...



Bruno: Characters from a game? You mean those things that make the bleep-bloop noises?

Kite: No, you have to connect to the network with your PC, and then...

BlackRose: Give it up, Kite. He'll never understand.


Bruno: I wonder how I would go about arresting a character from a game...

Kite: Hmm, well you could arrest the person actually playing the game.

BlackRose: First off, we haven't done anything wrong. We're victims here!



Devilotte: The World, a realm in cyberspace... Someday, it will be mine as well!

BlackRose: I wouldn't try it if I were you. That would make us enemies.

Kite: A quest to defeat the princess... That sounds pretty innovative, actually.



BlackRose: A sword and shield, eh? That's a pretty generic character build.

Flynn: Huh? Character build?

Kite: The World isn't the same as the real world!


Flynn: My sword is unbeatable!

BlackRose: A straightforward sword and shield style might not be so bad.

Kite: I don't think it's really the time to change classes...



Heihachi: A false body, eh? Is your real body in good shape?

BlackRose: Of course! I'm a member of the tennis club, not to mention a great swimmer!

Kite: I-I don't think I fit that description...



  • BlackRose: Kite! Don't just stand there! Let's go!
    Imca: Kite, there is no time to waste. Let's get moving.
    Kite: O-Okay, but I don't think I'm just standing around that much...


  • ImcaBlackRose. What was that attack just now? It was pathetic.
    BlackRoseWhat! You got a problem with my sword, Imca?!
    KiteC-Come on guys, don’t fight…

Juri HanEdit


Juri: Characters from a game? You two must have been dropped on your heads as kids.

BlackRose: It's not like I want to be stuck this way!

Kite: If I don't wake up soon, I might get used to this body...



BlackRose: Bazookas and machine guns... The World doesn't have any of that.

Kite: Guns and bazookas could be nice. Maybe we should ask Aura.

Lady: Don't think you can drag me into your online game!



Lindow: A body made of data. Must be nice not having to watch your weight.

Kite: Definitely. Our bodies never change.

BlackRose: Nope, nope, we are not talking about weight!



  • Neneko: Neneko wants to be a game character in flashy armor too, you know!
    BlackRose: What more could you want to add to your outfit?
    Kite: Y-Yeah, you might actually just start to blend in...


  • Neito: I should become a game character and expand my personality
    BlackRose: I don't think you need any more personality than you have now!
    Kite: Y-Yeah, it'd just make things even more confusing.



BlackRose: I wonder if I can meet the real me with this body.

Rikiya: Data enters the real world, while your real body becomes data...

Kite: That distinction may be all but gone now...



  • BlackRose: Hey, that's a nice sword. Can I see it for a second, Commander?
    Sänger: A man's sword is his soul. It's not something to flaunt before others.
    Kite: It sure does make an impression, though.



Saya: It must be nice being a character in a game. You can dress as crazy as you want.

Kite: Well, you can choose whatever design you want for your character...

BlackRose: It's not like everyone here doesn't dress strange enough as it is.



Tron: Transferred from cyberspace to the real world, eh? Hmm...

BlackRose: D-Don't think you can take us apart with that!

Kite: If you're going to disassemble anything, go for the server... Actually that's no good either.



Ulala: Any comments for your real world counterparts?

BlackRose: Once you wake up, be sure to go to your club meetings!

Kite: Let's just try to regain consciousness first.



BlackRose: Having your wings attached to your helmet instead of your back looks so much more fresh.

Valkyrie: What are you talking about, BlackRose?

Kite: Um, you wouldn’t understand, Valkyrie.



  • Vashyron: A character from a game in the real world? I wonder what you feel like.
    BlackRose: W-What are you doing?! I'll sue you if you don't stop.
    Kite: I wonder if this would really make a case in court...?
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