• I'll defeat you with my Niten Ichiryu techniques!
  • We have no choice but to cut our way through!
  • Yes! I'll do my best too!
  • Focus!
  • Justice will prevail over evil!
  • On our honor!
  • Battle positions everyone! Let's go!
  • We must not lose!
  • We all have things we must protect!

Special AttackEdit

  • Haaaaaaaa!

Support AttackEdit

  • Leave it to us.
  • Behind us, Sakura!
  • We are justice.
  • Watch your back.
  • Covering. Uuuuuuuuuuuah!
  • Sakura, let's go.

Multi AttackEdit

  • Futari wa... Sakura Iro


  • Don't let your guard down, even after a victory.
  • It will be hard going from here.
  • Alright! Victory pose!
  • Justice always wins!
  • I would have expected no less.
  • That last blow was amazing.



  • Seeing the enemy before us makes me excited!
  • Nothing good comes of arrogance. Let's go!
  • Okay, I'll follow your lead!
  • We must not lose!
  • It's a battle! I'm counting on you!
  • Just stay calm and everything will be fine!
  • I'll be supporting you all along the way!
  • Yes, let's fight with no regrets in our hearts!
  • I swear by my sword that we will be victorious!

Special AttackEdit

  • Haaaaaaaaa!

Support AttackEdit

  • I'll follow through.
  • Ogami-san, strike first!
  • The Flower Division is here!
  • We will do it together!
  • As long as Ogami is here...
  • Leave this to me.

Multi AttackEdit

  • Futari wa... Sakura Iro


  • The path of the sword is the path of the soul!
  • 1,2,3... Victory pose!
  • We must remain diligent in our efforts!
  • Victory! Excellent work.
  • We've got to work harder.
  • Skillfully done!

Paired CharactersEdit


  • Ichiro: We can do this even without Kobu!
    Sakura: That's right! As long as we have each other!
  • Ichiro: Sakura, justice must prevail here!
    Sakura: Of course! Sakura Shinguji is ready to do her part!
  • Sakura: I'm counting on you, Ichiro!
    Ichiro: Leave it to me. I'll protect everyone!
  • Ichiro: Are you ready Sakura?
    Sakura: Yes sir! I'll do my best Ichiro!
  • Sakura: We won't give the enemy any ground!
    Ichiro: That's what makes us the Imperial Assault Force!


  • Ichiro: Okay, here we go... Victory pose!
    Sakura: Okay!
  • Sakura: We fight to protect the peace and happiness of the people.
    Ichiro: Yes, that is our pride and duty!
  • Ichiro: My last strike felt a bit weak...
    Sakura: The path of the sword is the path of the heart. You musn't be worried.

Solo CharactersEdit



Alisa: Shall I take Kobu's place?

Ichiro: That's okay, but we do appreciate the thought, Alisa.

Sakura: I still don't understand how she would act in Kobu's place...



Sakura: Arthur, we’re counting on you!

Arthur: I’m so ready for battle my armor feels like it could just fall off!

Ichiro: Hey, that’s not supposed to happen before the battle starts!



Bahn: You're a pretty classy girl, sister!

Sakura: And you're, um, very crude!

Ichiro: Just what exactly is going on here...?

Batsu Ichimonji Edit


Batsu: I'm ready to go! Let's do this, Ogami!

Ichiro: I used to be that hot-blooded too when I was in the navy academy...

Sakura: You're still hot-blooded in my eyes!



Bruno: So you’re the commander? It must be nice being in charge of so many pretty girls.

Ichiro: I’ve never really thought about it that way before!

Sakura: Ogami is a very straight-laced guy. Right? Right!?



  • Ichiro: Now is the time to stand up for justice! Let's go!
    Devilotte: In that case I will fight for the glory of evil! Right, Sakura?
    Sakura: U-Um, I'm actually on the side of justice, too!


  • Devilotte: Too weak! I think Ogami here needs some upgrades...
    Sakura: Maybe you can fix his brain first so he doesn't have such a dirty mind...
    Ichiro: Eep! W-What are you asking her about, Sakura?!



Flynn: Why does your commander fight on the front lines?

Sakura: Ogami is our commander as well as our squad leader♪

Ichiro: It seems like you’ve really figured out a distinction between the two…


Ichiro: Okay everyone, time a victory pose!

Sakura: Yeah!

Flynn: Uh, Yeah!



Heihachi: The youth of Japan today need more muscle! Muscle!

Sakura: Muscle? I don't know about that...

Ichiro: This guy sounds kind of like Kanna's dad.



  • Imca: You're the commanding officer? You don't look very reliable.
    Sakura: Ogami isn't very reliable, but he always comes through in the end.
    Ichiro: Don't you two think you're being a bit harsh?

Juri HanEdit


Juri: This Combat Revue or whatever of yours sounds kind of fun.

Ichiro: Now that you mention it, the Paris Combat Revue does have an archvillain as a member...

Sakura: U-um, Ogami...



Lady: These Kouma are demons, right? Then they’re my foes, too.

Ichiro: Lady, I’m glad to fight on your side.

Sakura: Ogami! Don’t forget our mission!



Lindow: Just because you’re the commander doesn’t mean you have to overexert yourself. Learn to relax.

Ichiro: But, a commander must be responsible for every member of his unit…

Sakura: Do you mean to say you were once a commanding officer too, Lindow?



  • Neneko: Are you really devoted to Sakura, huh? It's a mystery, it is.
    Ichiro: Eep?! N-Neneko, it's not nice to tease grownups!
    Sakura: I wonder that myself, Ogami...


  • Ichiro: Sakura, your swordplay back there was amazing.
    Sakura: Y-You're making me blush, Ogami...
    Neneko: Grownups are so mushy.



Sakura: Our foe reeks of death and destruction...

Rikiya: An ominous stench indeed. Be careful, you two.

Ichiro: We never back down, no matter what we may face!



  • Sänger: Ogami, show me the badge that signifies your rank as a commanding officer.
    Sakura: Don't you worry! Ogami is a great commander!
    Ichiro: Eep! Don't go putting so much pressure on me...



Saya: Don't get distracted while you're fighting, Ogami...

Ichiro: Y-Yes Saya, I'll do my best.

Sakura: Excuse me, Ogami?



Servbots: The Imperial Assault Force is here!

Sakura: T-The Imperial Assault Force is here!

Ichiro: U-Uh, let’s go Sakura! And servbots!


Tron: I heard that you have a robot called Kobu.

Ichiro: W-Why do you have those tools, Tron?

Sakura: We already have enough specialists on our team!



Ulala: We're here with Ichiro Ogami, who will bring us a marvelous victory.

Ichiro: Huh?! I-I'll give it everything I've got!

Sakura: Ulala, please don't make him nervous before he fights.


Sakura: Okay, victory pose!

Ichiro: Yeah!

Ulala: And that was the Imperial Assault Force. Yeah!



Valkyrie: Ogami, Sakura, rest assured that the Great Goddess is watching over us all.

Sakura: Is there someone who even outranks the other gods?

Ichiro: Maybe it's someone like Grand Mere?



  • Ichiro: We're all going to make it out of this alive!
    Vashyron: Just make sure you don't die and leave your soldiers behind, Mr. Commander sir.
    Sakura: The same goes for your Vashyron. You've got people waiting for you too, right?
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