• Ok, just sit back and watch me in action!
  • Just your friendly wandering bounty hunter!
  • You look like you're ready. Shall we?
  • Uh oh, looks like my Night Fowl is starting to get excited.
  • This situation calls for a bounty hunter.
  • Always bet on me in a fight.
  • The show's about to begin! You ready?
  • Float like a butterfly, sting like a...
  • Okay, little soldier, let's get this party started.
  • Hey, are you sure you're ready for this?

Special AttackEdit

  • Let's finish him with this!
  • Longtomb, open!
  • Stay still! Don't wanna miss ya.
  • Klondike Mode!

Multi AttackEdit

  • This will make a perfect finale!
  • Curtain call! Time to wrap this up!
  • Time for a Combination Attack!
  • No encore, this will be it!
  • Fun and games are over! Adios!

Support AttackEdit

  • Behave, princess!
  • Service time, Kaguya!
  • The star has made his entrance!
  • OK, here's the Support Attack!
  • Over here. I'll look after you!
  • Ladies and Gentlemen!


  • That seemed a bit amateurish to me.
  • Now that was a smooth finish if I ever saw one.
  • Looks like the party's finshed. I had a good time, did you?
  • Okay. Chalk up a total victory for us.
  • A little celebration is fine and dandy, but we've still got a long road ahead of us.
  • That's right. A win is a win.



  • Yes, this will be a piece of cake!
  • I'm Kaguya Nanbu! The sword that smites evil!
  • A fight! Let's go all-in this time!
  • Let's take this to the extreme!
  • Ooh, you're just so dependable!
  • Ok! The odds are long against us, but I'll do it!
  • Should we give them a little punishment?
  • Ooh, that makes me feel so excited...
  • Nanbu Ittoryu never yields!
  • I shall cut down whoever opposes us!

Special AttackEdit

  • Burn brightly, Zankanto!
  • Nanbu Ittoryu Technique!
  • The moonlight glistens on the beautiful blade...
  • Moonlight, become the sword that smites evil!
  • None can resist my Zankanto!
  • Reach with the speed of shining clouds!

Support AttackEdit

  • Excuse me!
  • Haken, let's do our best!
  • I'll back you up!
  • Don't let them hit the ground, Haken!
  • Coming through!
  • The Zankanto is howling!


  • None can resist my Zankanto ♪
  • All's well that ends well ♪
  • I guess you could say my sword is invincible ♪
  • Yeah but... I'm starting to get hungry...
  • Looks like the odds were in our favor this time!
  • I'm so sorry this had to happen!

Paired CharactersEdit


  • Kaguya: How about you take the lead this time Haken?
    Haken: No can do. This is a ladies first situation.
  • Kaguya: Don't you think it would be better to go in fast and hard here?
    Haken: I prefer a softer touch...
  • Haken: Well then, princess, shall we make this a quick one?
    Kaguya: Alright. I'll cut them down with a single slice!
  • Haken: Okay, princess. Give something to look forward to.
    Kaguya: U-Uh, don't get any funny ideas...
  • Haken: Ok, it's showtime Ms. Kaguya!
    Kaguya: O-Oh yes! I'll do my best.


  • Kaguya: I guess this is where we say sorry this had to happen, right?
    Haken: Yep, sorry we had to cut you down. Adios!
  • Haken: Hey, did you change up your techniques a bit?
    Kaguya: I tried adding in some new moves. I'm still learning.
  • Haken: How about it, princess? You got the hots for me now?
    Kaguya: Oh, umm, I'm not sure...

Solo CharactersEdit



Kaguya: Should we slice them thick or thin?

Alisa: I prefer a good clean severing myself.

Haken: Okay, guillotine girl. Let's not make jokes like that.



Kaguya: I hope you're ready if I need you, Arthur!

Arthur: I-I must be strong! I have my own beloved princess...

Haken: Uh oh, don't go getting the wrong idea about our princess here.



Bahn: You've got some big guns there, sister. How about showin' me what they can do?

Kaguya: Um, I don't think my guns are that big...

Haken: Slow down there, teenager. I think you're still a little too young for that.


Kaguya: Bahn, your fighting style reminds me of one of our friends.

Bahn: Really? If they're strong I'd love to go a few rounds with 'em!

Haken: Okay, Fighting Viper. We'll introduce you if we get the chance.

Batsu Ichimonji Edit


Haken: Okay, bomber princess. Make sure you keep up.

Batsu: I'm ready to go! Don't fall behind, princess!

Kaguya: Oh, ah, yeah! Don't worry, Batsuken!



Haken: Okay, Dynamite Cop. Shall we?

Bruno: I hear ya loud and clear, cowboy. How about you, cowgirl?

Kaguya: Yes, yes, dairy references, very original.



Devilotte: Kaguya, I'm willing to convert some of your "excess baggage" you're carrying around into weaponry.

Kaguya: E-Excess baggage? And what do you mean by weaponry?

Haken: Don't worry princess. They already look explosive enough to me.


Devilotte: Very well. I suppose that was satisfactory.

Kaguya: Is that the proper way for a princess is supposed to speak?

Haken: I'm not sure if I would consider her a good standard to learn from.



Flynn: Allow me to perform my duties as a knight, Princess Kaguya.

Kaguya: Oh, y-yes of course. Thank you.

Haken: Uh-oh... There aren't any guys like him in the Endless Frontier.



Kaguya: You can't use a sword like this if you're a dandy or a drunk!

Heihachi: You don't get hair like mine if you're a dandy or a drunk either! Wahaha!

Haken: Okay, iron knuckle. Would you care to explain that?



  • Haken: Okay, ace girl. You sure you can handle a big gun like that?
    Imca: No problem. But, everyone has big weapons here.
    Kaguya: That's because it's harder to miss the enemy with them ♪

Juri HanEdit


Haken: Okay bad girl, how about I escort you?

Juri: I can't stand clueless idiots!

Kaguya: That's what I like about you, Haken.



Haken: You really brought out the whole armory. Why put it all onto one weapon?

Lady: That machine gun of yours does look very versatile.

Kaguya: I also highly recommend my Zankantou 



Kaguya: I want to come up with some new moves, so can I please see your God Arc?

Lindow: Sure, but I don’t think you’re going to learn much from it.

Haken: That’s because you haven’t met our mad scientist yet.



  • Neneko: Amazing, it is! It's amazing Kaguya, it is! How did you get those, huh?
    Kaguya: Well, I guess I drank a lot of milk.
    Haken: Nice advice, but we've got bad guys to deal with.



Rikiya: Hm? This evil presence...!

Kaguya: W-Where? Is this bad guy really so powerful?

Haken: Well, the princess' body is evil in a certain sense.



  • Sänger: Did you call for me, Kaguya Nanbu?!
    Kaguya: Huh? Oh, umm... We're counting on you boss!
    Haken: Okay boss, it's showtime!


  • Sänger: Kaguya, excellent work. There is nothing our colossal blades...
    Kaguya: I know! "...cannot cut!" Right?
    Haken: Okay, double swords. Somehow I feel left out.



Saya: Welcome to the new world, Mr. Cowboy and Dairy Princess.

Haken: Okay sexy fox. There is still much of the world left to explore.

Kaguya: I wish people would stop calling me that...



Kaguya: I'm Kaguya Nanbu, the sword that cleaves evil!

Tron: I'm Tron, of the Bonne pirate family!

Haken: And I'm Haken Browning, the wandering Bounty Hunter.


Tron: Alright, my favorite part! Time to shake them down for treasure!

Kaguya: We seem to be surrounded by a lot of this type of person...

Haken: I guess pirates and merchants aren't all that different.



Haken: Make sure you get good coverage of the princess in action!

Ulala: I'm afraid the censors might not allow me to show that!

Kaguya: What?! This is just how I normally am!


Ulala: How about a few words on your victory to your friends back home?

Kaguya: Neige, Suzuka! Are you watching?

Haken: Alady, Aschen! I'm going to have some great stories when I get back!



Kaguya: I've never seen an angel like you before. You don't even have a tail or horns...

Valkyrie: Kaguya, is that normal for angels in your world?

Haken: Okay, Valkyrie. It just means you're not crazy like the ones we know.



  • Vashyron: Kaguya, I can see you're a girl who likes to put it out there. I know how it is.
    Kaguya: Um, I'm not sure I get what you mean...
    Haken: All the girls in Endless Frontier put it out there.
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