• It's show time! Here we go!
  • Nobody can beat us!
  • Take a gander at my Mifune Ryu Kempo!
  • Texas greetings can be a little rough!
  • You're almost as trustworthy as Larry!
  • This reminds me of Operation Desperado...
  • I'm ready and rarin' to go! Let's get 'em!
  • I'll give all I've got too, so let's work together!
  • Let's get this over with quick and go eat some steak sandwiches!
  • Well, let's just keep our chins up!

Special AttackEdit

  • Mifune Ryu Kempo! It's Finishing Kempo!
  • Mifune Ryu Finishing Kempo!

Multi AttackEdit

  • Tyrant of Texas!!
  • Let me show you my grand attack!
  • It's "on stage"!
  • My turn. Here I go!

Support AttackEdit

  • Follow my lead, Erica!
  • Here's a little Texas-style help.
  • The star has made her entrance. Heh heh.
  • It's Sukedachi Attack!
  • We'll lend a helping sword!
  • Erica, don't trip this time!


  • Ok! Victory pose!
  • It's the American dream!
  • Hate the sin, not the sinner, as they say!
  • Case closed! No sweat!
  • Now that's how you do it!
  • I couldn't be any happier!



  • Is that meant to be a display of self-confidence?
  • Reading the Revue is more scary than this!
  • Okay! I'll give it my all too!
  • You're really excited about this, aren't you?
  • At times like these I think they say "Fight"!
  • I could really use some pudding right now.
  • Erica Fontaine takes the stage!
  • Okay, feel free to give it your all!
  • Love conquers all!
  • I'm a little bit nervous...

Special AttackEdit

  • Black Cat, Waltz!
  • Erica is coming!
  • Meowww!
  • Erica is trying her hardest!

Multi AttackEdit

  • Now, in the name of love!
  • Holy Light, shine on them!
  • Light of many miracles!
  • Miraculous Light, go to their hearts!
  • Extinguish the dark, oh holy light!

Support AttackEdit

  • Leave it to Erica's group!
  • Engines, full speed ahead!
  • Gemini, let's go!
  • Gemini, please!
  • We are so groovy!
  • Now would be the time for a confession!


  • Oh, I'm so thrilled!
  • You could say our skills are almost divine!
  • You really shouldn't talk like that...
  • Victory pose, go!
  • That couldn't have been easier, heehee.
  • Ok, here we go... Victory pose!

Paired CharactersEdit


  • Gemini: Now I can finally prove to Shinjiro that... Aack, what am I saying?!
    Erica: Now I can make the enemy give me some pudding...
  • Gemini: Gemini Sunrise is here to steal the show!
    Erica: Erica Fontaine is here to umm... debut?
  • Gemini: The New York Combat Revue is ready to go!
    Erica: Likewise, for the Paris Combat Revue!
  • Erica: I'm just so clumsy...
    Gemini: Don't worry! I can be a bit dodgey at times too!
  • Erica: They look strong! I hope I don't mess up...
    Gemini: Never give up! I'm right here with you!


  • Erica: We did it! We won!
    Gemini: That's all she wrote! Yeehaw!
  • Gemini: This reminds me of Texas...
    Erica: Texas must be a strange place...
  • Gemini: No one can beat my samurai spirit!
    Erica: My sister spirit blew them away!

Solo CharactersEdit



Erica: What are your robot abilities, Alisa?

Alisa: I can fly, shoot my arms like rockets, make weapons pop out, and my head explodes!

Gemini: Wow, you can do more than even Kobu or Star…



  • Gemini: I wonder if I'll be able to see your spirit as a knight?
    Arthur: We shall see. It's hidden under my armor right now.
    Erica: I hope we get to see it during this fight.


Erica: Alright, here we go... Victory pose!

Arthur: Yes!

Gemini: Whoa! Now that is a real display of knightly spirit!



Erica: Japanese tough guy, you ready?

Bahn: Oh, ready and willing! Let's waste 'em!

Gemini: It's let's-waste-'em time!


Bahn: I think we've beat em' enough for today! Right, Gemini?

Gemini: That's what I call a whupping, tough guy!

Erica: I guess a whupping must be a good thing here.

Batsu Ichimonji Edit


Gemini: It's time for a justice and bravery team-up attack!

Batsu: Hey, those aren't that easy to pull off you know!

Erica: Justice, bravery, love, and friendship are all excellent!



Gemini: Yes, Mr. Dynamite! Let's go!

Erica: Blow them to smithereens, Bruno!

Bruno: Hey, you guys are talking like you actually think I explode.



  • Devilotte: Fight well and I may even rebuild you two as a patchwork monster!
    Gemini: Oh my god! But wait, what's a patchwork monster?
    Erica: We'd probably be called Gerica Fonrise.



Erica: You’re a knight who fights for justice, right Flynn?

Gemini: Which do you think is stronger, a samurai or a knight?

Flynn: U-Um…I can see you two will take some getting used to…



Erica: Hooray! Hooray! Hei-ha-chi!

Gemini: I wish you would teach me some of your Mishima fighting arts!

Heihachi: Gahahaha! You two are much cuter than my stupid son and grandson!



  • Gemini: Let's blow'em away! It's showtime!
    Imca: I don't like talking too much during battle.
    Erica: I understand, Imca. You really, actually just want to talk the whole time!



Gemini: I hope this goes okay... Juri is scaring me...

Erica: Juri is a hopeless bad and evil person, but we'll be fine!

Juri: Shut up already! You two are driving me nuts.


Erica: Come on, Juri! It's time for a victory pose!

Juri: Huh? I'm not gonna pose.

Gemini: Nice stance! Heh heh heh!



Gemini: Does that bazooka of yours have a name? My sword is called Red Sun!

Erica: My machine guns are named Raphael and Gabriel!

Lady: Kalina Ann. Do you expect me to scream it out?



Erica: How about some advice from a former commanding officer?

Lindow: Huh? Okay, fine. Don’t get yourselves killed.

Gemini: T-That’s a pretty to-the-point order.



Gemini: Oh, what if Shinjiro suddenly showed up to save us ♪

Neneko: A nun in love, it is. It's so mushy, really ♪

Erica: You two look like you're having so much fun. But we do have enemies to fight.



Rikiya: There is an ominous stench to this battle...

Erica: What?! Well it wasn't me!

Gemini: Wow, that was just plain bad...



  • Gemini: Someday I just want to shout "banzai" too!
    Erica: Banzai!! ...I said it too ♪
    Sänger: Gemini, Erica. The important thing is that you put your spirit into it when you say it.


  • Erica: Sänger, did you let your chonmage grow out?
    Gemini: That's right! All Japanese samurais are supposed to have that hairstyle!
    Sänger: I'm not even Japanese. 



Gemini: My master always told me to massage my chest if I get nervous.

Erica: Really? I'll try the next time I have a revue!

Saya: Why wait for next time? You should try it now...



Servbots: Let's see the strength of the Combat Revues!

Erica: I'll show you what the Paris Revue can do ♪

Gemini: The New York Revue are no slouches either!



Ulala: And now let’s have a few words from the Combat Revues.

Gemini: Yay! Shinjiro, Larry, are you watching?

Erica: I’ll fight my hardest!



Erica: Oh, Valkyrie. May God be with you.

Valkyrie: I do come from the heavens, but…

Gemini: Yeah, and you’re heaven a great time! Hehehee!


Erica: God was truly watching over us! Now if only I had some pudding.

Valkyrie: Oh, shall we make some?

Gemini: You're pretty domestic for an angel...



  • Vashyron: Having so many cute girls around really gets a guy excited!
    Erica: U-Um well, I like Ogami...
    Gemini: A-And I like Shinjiro...
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