• I can smell a scoop in this.
  • I've got my shots, so all I need to do now is head home.
  • Ah, I get it! Thanks for the lead!
  • That enthusiasm is coming in loud and clear through my viewfinder.
  • You don't wanna mess with a freelance journalist.
  • This'll make a good shot. I knew there was a reason I came here.
  • Can you repeat that? I think it might make a good story.
  • Whoa, hold that pose! I want to take a photo.
  • I don't think it's going to be easy getting a release form this time.
  • This is who we're fighting? I don't think they'll make much of a story.

Special AttackEdit

  • Time to leave the scene.
  • Nice pitching, Hsien-Ko!
  • Looking forward to our next assignment!
  • Nice throw! I got it!
  • Let's wrap this up!

Support AttackEdit

  • On-the-spot interview!
  • Let me take a couple shots first.
  • Smile for the camera!
  • The scene was a battlefield.
  • Hsien-Ko, remember to pose!
  • I smell a scoop.

Multi AttackEdit

  • Let's wrap up all the loose strings!
  • Hsien-Ko, here's our big scene!
  • Hsien-Ko, it's up to you!
  • I'll give you something to munch on!
  • We got a bunch of them.


  • We can't die until the truth is exposed.
  • How about we take a photo to commemorate our win?
  • You need stamina and spirit to work freelance.
  • Another story wrapped up. This wears me out every time.
  • Now those were some great shots! Thanks for your help.
  • Sorry, but we're in a rush.



  • You're just going to hurt yourself if you overdo it, you know!
  • It isn't cool to fidget around, right?
  • Nihao! I like to greet my opponents before I give 'em a beating!
  • I can still take it easy without slipping up!
  • Let's fight hard, but have fun doing it!
  • I guess sometimes you just can't avoid a fight.
  • C'mon let's just have fun and take things as they come!
  • Don't you think you're getting a little too excited?!
  • You'd better show me some cool moves!
  • Let me know if you find any hidden weapons, okay?

Special AttackEdit

  • Hsien-Ko winds up for the pitch...
  • I'll throw a nice one!
  • Here's the wind-up!

Support AttackEdit

  • Frank, make me look cool!
  • Watch me whup some butt!
  • Looks like you lose!
  • Can't stop us once we're on a roll!
  • Aiya! Get outta the way!
  • Mmm, I'll think of something.

Multi AttackEdit

  • I'll show you my trade secrets!
  • What'll I pull outta my sleeve next?
  • A 4,000 year-old Chinese tradition!
  • Time to roll up my sleeves!


  • Saying "I did it" or "Kyahaha" just isn't my style...
  • You don't look so good, but sayonara!
  • Xie xie!
  • Hahaha! Piece of cake!
  • That's right, everything's fine as long as we survive!
  • And with that, I win!

Paired CharactersEdit


  • Hsien-Ko: Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?
    Frank: Exactly. There's nothing better than on the scene coverage.
  • Frank: I wonder if they'll let me get in a few shots?
    Hsien-Ko: Umm, I'm not even sure they know how to talk...
  • Frank: You know, just once I'd like to be the one in the spotlight.
    Hsien-Ko: Hey, it's your job to make others look good!
  • Hsien-Ko: I don't this is the time to be saying "aiya" or "xie xie" anymore...
    Frank: Yeah, I don't think I can say "good" or "fantastic" here either.
  • Frank: You have to catch the scoop before it gets away.
    Hsien-Ko: If so, then I'll just chase it down with my Air Dash!


  • Frank: This story is coming along nicely. Thanks, Hsien-Ko.
    Hsien-Ko: What, you were shooting all that?! I was just fighting my hardest.
  • Hsien-Ko: Just because I'm dead doesn't mean I don't get hungry...
    Frank: After this, I'll make you some mixed juice that'll perk you right up.
  • Frank: Uh-oh, my camera's almost out of juice. You got a charger, Hsien-Ko?
    Hsien-Ko: Hey, it's not like my sleeves can hold everything.

Solo CharactersEdit



Hsien-Ko: Come on Alisa, let's take a photo! Say cheese!

Alisa: Cheese!

Frank: Alisa, keep your head on your shoulders.



Hsien-Ko: Show us what makes the "silver weapon-flinging old guy" so cool!

Arthur: A knight must perform when asked! I'll throw until I cannot throw any longer!

Frank: I think this might be a bit too niche for a regular story...


Hsien-Ko: I wouldn't expect any less from the coolest hunter of them all, Arthur the silver knight!

Arthur: Such praise makes me blush, hahaha!

Frank: It looks like you lost the silver part.



Hsien-Ko: Don't worry if your armor falls off! I'll pick up all the pieces for you!

Bahn: Thanks, Hsien-Ko! Now I don't have anything to worry about!

Frank: I think she's just going to try and use the pieces as weapons.

Batsu Ichimonji Edit


Frank: So you're from Taiyo High right? Are the school festivals there still the same?

Batsu: Pretty much. It's fun to learn new moves and test them out.

Hsien-Ko: I'm not sure, but I don't think that's what school festivals are supposed to be about!



  • Frank: Hsien-Ko,  can you carry my dumbbell, chainsaw, and fire extinguisher?
    Bruno: You can hang onto my mop, pepper, and clock, too.
    Hsien-ko: Hold on guys! My sleeves can't hold everything!



Devilotte: You’d better make me look good! Do it well enough and you may even get a reward!

Frank: Well then, I’ll just have to do my best work, princess.

Hsien-Ko: I think you’d better find out what she means by a “reward” before we get started…



Flynn: All civilians should vacate the area!

Hsien-Ko: I wonder if that includes me too?

Frank: If you're not human, you probably don't count as a civilian, either.



Hsien-Ko: Heihachi, that's so cool that you regained your youth!

Heihachi: Heh, it is, isn't it? It'd make a good scoop! Gahaha!

Frank: I don't think it'd really fit anywhere but the gossip column, unfortunately.



  • Frank: How about a photo before we start? This could be the last time we're together.
    Hsien-Ko: Hey, don't go saying gloomy things like that!
    Imca: Stop! You're going to steal my soul!

Juri HanEdit


Frank: An S.I.N. agent would make for a good scoop.

Juri: Do whatever you want, as long as you're ready to die, that is!

Hsien-Ko: I almost wish I could see them go at it.



Lady: So as a journalist, I take it you like to keep your scoops close at hand?

Frank: That’s just how things worked out. But, the real scoop is still to come.

Hsien-Ko: What?! So I’m just some sort of lucky bonus?



Hsien-Ko: Lindow, can I try putting your God Arc in my sleeve?

Lindow: Sorry, but I can’t just take this thing off.

Frank: You just want to try devouring things with your sleeves, don’t you, Hsien-Ko.



Neneko: Franks takes lots of different types of photos, huh. It's a mystery, it is.

Hsien-Ko That does sound interesting. What kinds of photos can you take of me?

Frank: Hmm...Probably an outtake of brutality. 


Hsien-Ko: How about a photo to commemorate the win? Neneko, give me your best pose!

Neneko: Neneko will thrill everyone with a sexy pose, really!

Frank: Umm, I think you’re still about ten years too young for that kind of thing.



Frank: Shall we begin? Hsien-Ko, hand me a mannequin and a lawn mower.

Rikiya: I need a drill and guitar case, quickly!

Hsien-Ko: H-Hold on now, there are limits to what even my sleeves can hold!


Frank: Compared to zombie hordes, special forces, and psycopaths that was nothing.

Rikiya: Yes, compared to undead soldiers and mutants.

Hsien-Ko: Just what sort of crazy lives do you two lead?



  • Sänger: So you've returned from the underworld through an infernal ritual?
    Hsien-ko: What?! No, no, I just used this talisman here.
    Frank: Viruses, parasites, and now talismans? Man, there are just too many ways to become a zombie nowadays.



Saya: Oh, please don't take any compromising pictures of me and young men, okay?

Frank: Depends on how juicy of a scandal they'd make. Let's talk about it after this fight.

Hsien-Ko: Don't be surprised if you get a spanking from Reiji!


Saya: Hey, Mr. Cameraman. Make sure you capture my best angle.

Frank: Don't you worry. How about flipping your collar up a bit more?

Hsien-Ko: Frank, let's save the photo shoot for later.



Hsien-Ko: Hey Frank, do you think we can get any futuristic weapons from Tron?

Frank: Maybe…It would be cool to have a real Mega Buster and laser sword.

Tron: Y-You sure do know exactly what you want.



Ulala: This enemy is buzzing with dangerous energy!

Frank: Yeah, and my sense for scoops is buzzing off the charts!

Hsien-Ko: Maybe I should throw some weapons that buzz, too!


Ulala: This broadcast is brought to you by Ulala, the space reporter...

Frank: the space journalist, Frank West...

Hsien-Ko: and the space jianshi, Hsien-Ko, ♪



Frank: Valkyrie, huh... okay, Hsien-Ko, she's taking your place.

Valkyrie: Frank? What are you talking about?

Hsien-Ko: Hey Frank! No swapping! No swapping!



Vashyron: This is my big debut!

Hsien-ko: You heard him Frank, give him a picture so he can shut up.

Frank: I don't think I'll get many points for it...

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