This is a list of quotes for the solo character Devilotte. Like the other solo characters, she has a unique pre-battle dialog with all the paired characters and additionally, around five post-battle dialogs with select paired characters.



  • If you don't perform up to spec, I'll use you for parts in one of my creations!
  • I see, I see. That sounds fun ♪
  • Behod the glory of Princess Devilotte, the beautiful flower of evil!
  • Oh just shut up and get on with it!
  • There's no stopping now, even if I wanted to!
  • I'll show you what it means to be bad!
  • That's acceptable. Shall we play with them a bit?
  • Go ahead and get excited while you still can.
  • Do good here and I may even take you in as one of my minions.
  • I'll make an exception this time and let you off with a punch from Blodia.

Solo BeginEdit

  • Make way, idiots! You're in the way!
  • Reality is brutal, isn't it!
  • And now, some secret weapons!
  • Fool! A Princess is in your presence!
  • I will show you!
  • I forbid this world's justice!
  • Take a gander at this!
  • Ho ho ho ho! Get outta my way!
  • Think of this as an honor!
  • Princess Devilotte makes her appearance!

Solo FinishEdit

  • A-aah!
  • Tsk!
  • N-wha?
  • Ngh...
  • Wh-what?
  • Oh wha--?
  • Heh?!
  • Hyaa!
  • Ahhh?


  • Being bad always makes me feel so good ♪
  • That was a pretty shabby performance. I think you could use some more time in the fire.
  • That felt great! I'm going to sleep well tonight.
  • I'll stoop as far as I have to in order to win!
  • Yes, that's acceptable. You are now free to praise me too.
  • You could never beat me, even in 1 million years and 4 months!

Paired CharactersEdit

Akira Yuki & Pai ChanEdit


Devilotte: The armies of my kingdom are full of soldiers as strong as this enemy!

Akira: That's pretty impressive. I'd like to go and take a few of them on.

Pai: And just how are you going to get into space, not to mention the future?

Chris Redfield & Jill ValentineEdit


Devilotte: You soldiers should be soldierly and get out there on the frontline!

Chris: Don't get the wrong idea. We aren't soldiers.

Jill: Even though our work is sometimes more difficult than military missions...

Chun-Li & MorriganEdit


Devilotte:  Perform well enough, and I may even recruit you as one of my minions.

Morrigan: Well, it sounds like we wouldn't be bored at least. What do you think, Chun-Li?

Chun-Li: A member of law enforcement shouldn't become a minion of evil.

Dante & Demitri MaximoffEdit


Dante: I guess I should probably try to show what I can do in front of a princess.

Devilotte: I like your attitude. I’ll you remake you two as a gorgeous devil and a muscle-bound onion!

Demitri: Would you care to try repeating that, little girl?

Frank West & Hsien-KoEdit


Devilotte: You’d better make me look good! Do it well enough and you may even get a reward!

Frank: Well then, I’ll just have to do my best work, princess.

Hsien-Ko: I think you’d better find out what she means by a “reward” before we get started…

Gemini Sunrise & Erica FontaineEdit


  • Devilotte: Fight well and I may even rebuild you two as a patchwork monster!
    Gemini: Oh my god! But wait, what's a patchwork monster?
    Erica: We'd probably be called Gerica Fonrise.

Haken Browning & Kaguya NanbuEdit


Devilotte: Kaguya, I'm willing to convert some of your "excess baggage" you're carrying around into weaponry.

Kaguya: E-Excess baggage? And what do you mean by weaponry?

Haken: Don't worry princess. They already look explosive enough to me.


Devilotte: Very well. I suppose that was satisfactory.

Kaguya: Is that the proper way for a princess is supposed to speak?

Haken: I'm not sure if I would consider her a good standard to learn from.

Ichiro Ogami & Sakura ShingujiEdit


  • Ichiro: Now is the time to stand up for justice! Let's go!
    Devilotte: In that case I will fight for the glory of evil! Right, Sakura?
    Sakura: U-Um, I'm actually on the side of justice, too!


  • Devilotte: Too weak! I think Ogami here needs some upgrades...
    Sakura: Maybe you can fix his brain first so he doesn't have such a dirty mind...
    Ichiro: Eep! W-What are you asking her about, Sakura?!

Jin Kazama & Ling XiaoyuEdit


Devilotte: You know, Jin, I wouldn't mind rebuilding you as a monster with beam vision.

Jin: Sorry, but I'll pass.

Xiaoyu: Yeah, beam vision... That would be pretty cool!

Kite & BlackRoseEdit


Devilotte: The World, a realm in cyberspace... Someday, it will be mine as well!

BlackRose: I wouldn't try it if I were you. That would make us enemies.

Kite: A quest to defeat the princess... That sounds pretty innovative, actually.

Kogoro & MiiEdit


  • Devilotte: You might have money, but a peasant will always be a peasant! What the hell are you wearing?
    Mii: H-Hey let go of me! Kogoro!
    Kogoro: Let's save the fun stuff for after the battle.

KOS-MOS & T-elosEdit


T-elos: Fool! I'll crush you like an insect!

Devilotte: I haven't seen such pure evil in years. You have my permission to join the Four Heavenly Kings!

KOS-MOS: That does not fall within the purpose for which we were constructed, so we must decline, Devilotte.

Kurt & RielaEdit


Devilotte: Don’t let me catch you two messing up! Otherwise it’s the flame pits for you!

Riela: What?! She’s crazy Kurt!

Kurt: Calm down. Nobody uses such inhumane punishments.

Reiji Arisu & XiaomuEdit


Xiaomu: Your techniques are the ultimate fusion of dreams, hope, and friendship, right?

Devilotte: Sorry, but I'm not really into ultimate fusion.

Reiji: I have absolutely no idea what they're talking about.


Reiji: You both should start taking things more seriously.

Devilotte: How dare you insult my multitude of top caliber skills!

Xiaomu: They call that getting carried away.

Ryu & Ken MastersEdit


Devilotte: Fight well enough and I might even consider remaking you two into one of my patchwork creations!

Ryu: P-Patchwork creations?!

Ken: We'd probably be able to pull off a Metsu Shinryuken.

Soma Schicksal & Alisa AmiellaEdit


Soma: What do you want, little princess. Quit staring at me.

Devilotte: That devouring mechanism... Maybe I can get the doctor to make me one.

Alisa: It's not something you can just go and make as simple as that.

Toma & CyrilleEdit


Devilotte: Even our foes fear the glory of the Deathsatan family! Hahaha!

Toma: Why do people from royalty always have to be such a pain?

Cyrille: Quiet! She'll be even more of a pain if she hears you!

X & ZeroEdit


Devilotte: Now my Maverick Hunters, go forth and defeat our foes!

Zero: I don't recall joining the service of the Deathsatan Royal Family.

X: Just think of it as protecting a member of the royal family.


Devilotte: At this rate I will soon have the power to rule the entire galaxy!

X: She's started raving about some pretty serious ambitions here...

Zero: Don't get carried away, kid, or we might be forced to take you down.

Yuri Lowell & Estellise Sidos HeurasseinEdit


Estelle: The punishment for defying us is being burnt alive…I guess!

Devilotte: Not good enough! You’ve got to look down on them more like the scum they are!

Yuri: Don’t try to give Estelle any bad ideas. Flynn will get mad at me.


Devilotte: The final form of a princess is the Evil Empress of the Heavens!

Estelle: Empress of the Heavens…! The one rules all of creation!

Yuri: It’ll never happen, so don’t let her bad example rub off on you…

Zephyr & LeanneEdit


Zephyr: Leanne, doing your makeup is fine, but don't fall behind!

Devilotte: If you're hoping to become one of my female minions, then you need thicker eye shadow.

Leanne: I'm not trying to become one of your followers...

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