• Yes, I think this is going to require some extreme measures.
  • Don't distract me. Let's get moving!
  • I hope you're ready for this!
  • Let's get this investigation started! Keep your eyes sharp!
  • I think a little punishment is in order here!
  • You're under arrest for obstruction of justice!
  • Detectives do more than just investigate things, you know.
  • I don't want to waste too much time here.
  • Stand aside. I have a job to do.
  • Let's end this here and now.

Special AttackEdit

  • Secret Shichisei Kick!
  • Heavenly Shichisei!
  • My kicks hurt!
  • finish this!

Support AttackEdit

  • I'll show you my kung-fu!
  • Let us take care of things!
  • Let's start the investigation!
  • Morrigan, we must move as one.
  • I'll match the timing.
  • We will not go easy on you!


  • Morrigan, don't let up!
  • I can't believe they made us clean up.
  • Don't slack 'cause there are two of you!


  • Well, I don't think we'll be able to question them now...
  • Sorry, but you weren't even a challenge!
  • Theories don't apply to battles or defeat.
  • There's no replacement for daily training!
  • Maybe it'd be better to just be a normal girl...
  • Xie Xie!



  • Mmm, I hope you can show me a good time...
  • How cute. I think I'll take your body and your soul.
  • There's no need to be frightened. It'll only hurt for a second.
  • Are you ready? I shall claim your body and soul.
  • Enough talking. Let's just have fun.
  • Let's have some fun together.
  • Well, at least I won't be bored this time.
  • You don't have to resist me...
  • Ooh, how clever. This should be interesting.
  • Alright, let's finish this your way.

Special AttackEdit

  • Take a look at the phantom of darkness.
  • Time for the grown-ups to play.
  • Time for your punishment!
  • The fun's just starting.
  • I'll be nice ♪

Support AttackEdit

  • We are your opponents.
  • You should be thankful.
  • I'll join in, Chun-Li.
  • I'll just take a nibble.
  • Don't worry, it won't hurt.
  • Chun-Li, all yours.


  • So rough and demanding.
  • Poor, poor you ♪
  • Yeah, yeah, I know.


  • Hmm, I'd give that a 60 out of 100.
  • Awww, they were all looks and no show.
  • What do you think? Beautiful, right?
  • And here I'd thought you'd be able to show a girl a good time...
  • Let's play again sometime.
  • How pathetic. Try again next time.

Paired CharactersEdit


  • Morrigan: Ooh, it looks like it will be fun to tease this one...
    Chun-Li: That's not how I do things. Let's just get this over with.
  • Chun-Li: Morrigan, can you take this seriously?
    Morrigan: Oh, I'm always serious. As long as I'm not bored.
  • Morrigan: Can you hear my heart beating in excitement?
    Chun-Li: I'll just take that as a sign of your warrior spirit.
  • Chun-Li: I'll show you the culmination of 4000 years of Chinese history!
    Morrigan: I wonder how many years it's been for the Demon world?
  • Chun-Li: I'll kick the information we need out of them.
    Morrigan: Legwork is the foundation of all investigations, right?


  • Chun-Li: Maybe I need to put on a bit more muscle...
    Morrigan: Put on any more and it'll be hard to keep your figure.
  • Chun-Li: Ahahahahaha♪ We did it!
    Morrigan: Really? That seemed a bit forced.
  • Morrigan: Should I tell you one of your weaknesses?
    Chun-Li: There's no need to pour salt on their wounds.

Solo CharactersEdit



Alisa: You can fly and shoot missiles too, can't you Morrigan!

Morrigan: All those things you can do seem fun, too.

Chun-Li: I guess I'm the only normal one around here...



Morrigan: A succubus and a knight... We actually make a good combination.

Arthur: I couldn't agree more. Even Chun-Li fits in fine!

Chun-Li: Arthur, is that supposed to be a compliment?



Morrigan: How does it feel to be surrounded by beautiful women, tough guy?

Bahn: Awesome! Buff girls like you would make great VIPERS!

Chun-Li: I don't think there's a girl out there who likes to be called "buff."

Batsu IchimonjiEdit


Morrigan: It must be wonderful being so young and full of strength, hmm...Batsu?

Batsu: W-What's with you? Help me out here, Chun-Li!

Chun-Li: Morrigan, he's still in high school.



Morrigan: Hmm, I never knew human detectives could be so interesting...

Bruno: I get beat, shot, sent flying by explosions, and the pay is lousy to boot.

Chun-Li: Don't try make it out like you're an average detective.


Chun-Li: Fights like this are just routine for us.

Bruno: Yeah, I guess it went a little easier than my cases usually do.

Morrigan: I guess the human world has its problems, too.



Devilotte:  Perform well enough, and I may even recruit you as one of my minions.

Morrigan: Well, it sounds like we wouldn't be bored at least. What do you think, Chun-Li?

Chun-Li: A member of law enforcement shouldn't become a minion of evil.



Flynn: I never thought I would have to ally myself with monsters from the dark world...

Morrigan: Hee hee, you could at least call me a succubus.

Chun-Li: I always forget that you aren't human.


Morrigan: Does your armor come flying off right away, too?

Flynn: A knight's armor is his soul. Mine will not break so easily.

Chun-Li: I know one knight who expects his armor to break.



Morrigan: You've always been full of life, but now you're almost unbelievable.

Heihachi: It's all thanks to the age-reversing drug! Gahahaha!

Chun-Li: Heihachi Mishima, I'm going to have to confiscate that drug...for myself.



  • Morrigan: Your clothes are so bulky, Imca. You should dress in something more flashy.
    Imca: I only wear what I must to protect my body. It's common sense on the battlefield.
    Chun-Li: Normal people are definitely a rarity around here.



Juri: Why the hell am I stuck working with you two?!

Chun-Li: We can't trust you, so we have to keep you under observation.

Morrigan: Hee hee, I think this adds a bit of spice to things, personally.


Juri: Once you've gotten a taste of violence, it's hard to enjoy anything else!

Morrigan: Hee hee, its definitely better than being bored.

Chun-Li: If you start turning into a villain, I'm going to have to arrest you, Morrigan.



Lady: Chinese martial arts, eh. It'd be easier if you just used a weapon.

Chun-Li: And walk around weighed down by weapons? Why do that when I can just kick the bad guys?

Morrigan: Either way, its our enemies that I feel bad for in the end.



Chun-Li: Lindow, is that arm of yours okay?

Lindow: Yeah, well, people can get used to anything with time.

Morrigan: Hee hee, you could make a good Darkstalker.


Morrigan: Doesn't it make you lonely being so far away from your wife?

Lindow: Hmm...Yeah, but I guess some couples are just like that.

Chun-Li: Morrigan, don't go getting any bad ideas.



Neneko: You're both so big, you know! Neneko is super jealous, really!

Morrigan: You'll be fine once you grow up,  but maybe there are a few things you can start working on now...

Chun-Li: Morrigan, don't go teaching strange things to children.



Rikiya: I must put an end to this, bewitching energy!

Morrigan: Really? The enemy doesn't seem so impressive to me.

Chun-Li: Morrigan, I think he might be sensing you.



Morrigan: Hee hee, it's been a while since I met a man so full of vigor.

Chun-Li: Whoa, Morrigan. Could you stop it?

Sänger: Flattery and seduction will never sway me. 



Saya: How about the three of us go out on the town and drive the boys wild?

Morrigan: Ooh, I like that idea...

Chun-Li: Before we worry about going out on the town, we need to take care of these enemies here.



Tron: With all this chaos, I can be as bad as I want!

Morrigan: Ooh, that sounds fun. Can I join you?

Chun-Li: I hope you two haven't forgotten that I'm a detective.



Ulala: Joining me here today are two women with impressive thighs!

Morrigan: Um, hold on there, Ulala...

Chun-Li: Someday I swear I'll go back to being a normal girl!



Morrigan: We're a team of beautiful women that brings together allure, innocence, and savagery.

Valkyrie: Thank you. Let's all do our best together.

Chun-Li: Hey, would you mind explaining what quality applies to each of us?!



Vashyron:  Looks like I have no choice but to whip out my big magnum here!

Morrigan:  Oh, and just what is it you're trying to show off, hee hee.

Chun-Li: Don't go getting yourself arrested just before the battle, Vashyron.


Chun-Li: All men of the world must bow down before me!

Vashyron: Oh my queen! My beautiful queen!

Morrigan: It looks like there's at least one man here who is taking you seriously.

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