Chris RedfieldEdit


  • So this is who we’re up against. It’ll be a tough fight…
  • Be careful. There’s no telling what tricks they have planned.
  • You should put your feelings aside. They’ll only make you weaker.
  • Roger that. Commencing the mission.
  • We’re all making it out of this alive.
  • Don’t underestimate the enemy. Let’s do this.
  • We’ll make it through this mission one way or another.
  • I’m fully loaded and ready to go.
  • Let’s get this operation started. You know the plan right?
  • We can’t allow things to end here.

Special AttackEdit

  • I can’t miss!
  • I’ll give it a shot!
  • I’ll show you how to survive!
  • I see you. Freeze!
  • I’m your opponent!

Support AttackEdit

  • We'll provide backup!
  • Leave it to me!
  • Go get 'em, Jill!
  • Supporting! Let's drop them!
  • Jill, follow my lead.
  • I'll stop them right here!


  • I never take any threat lightly.
  • That was an ideal outcome. Let's make it the same next time.
  • Don't relax just yet. We've got to move on to the next target.
  • Well, that's that.
  • Be careful. The enemy could get backup.
  • I've got to check my ammo reserves.

Jill ValentineEdit


  • I’ll do the best I can. Let’s get moving.
  • Looks like warnings aren’t going to work here, so let’s just take care of them.
  • I think I should have brought more weapons.
  • We shouldn’t try to draw this out any longer than we have to.
  • I wish we could fight them at a greater distance.
  • Let’s take note of the enemy’s pattern as we fight.
  • You seem ready. I’m counting on you.
  • This is just another mission. Don’t let it get to you.
  • Focus. The battle is about to begin.
  • It’s like the only way forward is straight through them.

Special AttackEdit

  • My eyes don’t deceive me.
  • Begin scanning.
  • Bio-scanner, on!
  • Genesis, activate!

Multi AttackEdit

  • Sorry, but you're finished.
  • This is my trump card!
  • None of you will escape.
  • Think you can stand this?

Support AttackEdit

  • We must strike the enemy's weak point!
  • Chris, leave it to me.
  • Giving one hundred and ten percent!
  • Stepping in to take command.
  • Let's blow them to pieces.
  • Providing cover fire.


  • Somehow we managed to pull it off.
  • Mission complete. Let's keep moving.
  • Don't relax just yet. We've got to find our next target.
  • I'm glad I brought along that extra ammo.
  • As long as guns work, we can handle anything.
  • We're lucky to be alive.

Paired CharactersEdit


  • Chris: Teamwork is going to be the key here Jill.
    Jill: Roger. This’ll be just like old times.
  • Jill: I don’t think this is going to be easy…
    Chris: No problem. I brought plenty of ammo.
  • Jill: Chris, our mission…
    Chris: Yeah, I know.
  • Chris: I don’t want to lose anymore friends.
    Jill: Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere Chris.
  • Chris: Lately, it’s like I’m already sizing things up before I can be afraid…
    Jill: Well, we have seen a lot over the years.


  • Jill: You seem a bit out of breath, Chris.
    Chris: Not by a long shot. I still have plenty left to give.
  • Chris: Somehow, this takes me back to my days in S.T.A.R.S…
    Jill: I guess we are still doing pretty much the same thing as we did back then.
  • Chris: That went well.
    Jill: No complaints here either.

Solo CharactersEdit



  • Alisa: Chris, Jill, let’s do our best!
    Chris: A combat android. We could use of few of them in the B.S.A.A…
    Jill: But first we’d have to get her to stop removing her head in front of people.



  • Arthur: Let us begin! As long as I have my daggers, I shall never fall!
  • Jill: Does he mean to say that knives are stronger than guns?
  • Chris: It might seem that way if you watch Arthur, but I wouldn’t try to imitate him.



  • Bahn: Bioweapons? Sound confusin’ to me!
  • Jill: It’s actually not that difficult to understand, Bahn.
  • Chris: Yeah. They’re enemies of humanity that must be defeated, that’s all.

Batsu Ichimonji Edit


Batsu: You guys have a ton of guns. Can I try shooting some of them?

Chris: No way. These aren't toys, after all.

Jill: You aren't satisfied with shooting fire from your fists, Batsu?



Jill: We've even heard of you even in the B.S.A.A., Detective Bruno.

Bruno: Are you saying even you special units are thinking of recruiting me now?

Chris: I don't think we have enough lives to work alongside you.



Devilotte: You soldiers should be soldierly and get out there on the frontline!

Chris: Don't get the wrong idea. We aren't soldiers.

Jill: Even though our work is sometimes more difficult than military missions...



Jill: Now this is a pretty surreal scene here.

Flynn: Huh? What do you mean?

Chris: A medieval knight fighting alongside two special forces agents.



Chris: Heihachi Mishima, where was your age-reversing drug manufactured?

Heihachi: As if I'd tell. What're you so worried about?

Jill: We're a bit sensitive when it comes to viruses and pharmaceuticals.


Heihachi: This body could even handle that virus of yours!

Chris: What are you thinking, Heihachi. Don't underestimate it.

Jill: I'm scared that he might actually be crazy enough to try it.



  • Jill: Imca, can you really handle a weapon like that?
    Imca: I was going to ask you all the same thing.
    Chris: I've got my rocket launcher if the need arises.


  • Chris: It's over. Are you two okay?
    Imca: The enemy is down. No problems here.
    Jill: Just as long as they don't get back up again.



Chris: How involved is S.I.N. in this incident?

Juri: As if I'm gonna talk to low-level B.S.A.A. dogs like you!

Jill: Actually, we're founding members of the orginazation.



Lady: Does the B.S.A.A. also hunt devils?

Chris: We specialize in bio-terrorism. That keeps our hands full.

Jill: You can’t really compare B.O.W. and devils in the first place.


Chris: Being a devil hunter seems dangerous. How about coming over to the B.S.A.A.?

Jill: You’d be able to fight B.O.W. that are just as dangerous as any devil.

Lady: Can I think it over?



Jill: Lindow, that arm of yours…Will the infection spread?

Lindow: Nah, I don’t think so. Does it bother you that much?

Chris: Experience has taught us that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.



  • Neneko: Oooh, Neneko is so hot, you know. Neneko's heart is pounding, it is.
    Jill: Neneko, do you feel itchy?! Do you have a hunger that won't go away!?
    Chris: Don't be so worried, Jill. I'm sure it's just a cold or something.



Rikiya: You should not rely upon guns alone. You must train your bodies to become weapons as well.

Chris: I couldn't agree more. I need to keep working on my fighting skills.

Jill: That’s true, but just don’t start spinning around or shooting flames everywhere.


Jill: Phew…mission complete, for now.

Rikiya: This is still far from over.

Chris: There’s no telling what will happen next. But that’s just part of our job description, eh Jill?



  • Sänger: You both look as if you have been to hell and back.
    Chris: It's not as if we wanted to see what we've seen.
    Jill: Even this time we've found ourselves caught up in all this during another mission.



Jill: So your orginazation is dedicated to bringing chaos to the world?

Saya: But don't worry, we don't use viruses or anything like that.

Chris: That goes without saying. We wouldn't be able to fight alongside you if you did.


Saya: You B.S.A.A. aren't bad. How would you like to work with Ouma?

Jill: You're kidding. We would never work with an orginazation that skirts the edge of the law.

Chris: We've got our hands full with B.O.W. as it is.



Tron: Let’s get this over with so we can strip them of valuables!

Chris: If you find any ammo send it my way.

Jill: Yeah. Wait, is looting the enemy part of what we’re doing here?



Ulala: This time we bring you detailed coverage of the B.S.A.A. bioterrorism unit.

Jill: Chris, shouldn't we have some sort of policy for dealing with the media?

Chris: I don't think anyone's ever dealt with reporters from space before...



Jill: You'd think B.O.W.s would be enough, but now we've got an angel here.

Valkyrie: Umm, I'm sorry...?

Chris: Hey, at least the angel is on our side. And some of the devils too.



  • Vashyron: I think this old guy will take a break and let you youngsters handle this!
    Chris: I'm pretty sure I'm older than you, actually.
    Jill: No comment.
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