This is a list of quotes for the solo character Bruno Delinger. Like the other solo characters, he has a unique pre-battle dialog with all the paired characters and additionally, around five post-battle dialogs with select paired characters.



  • Is that your way of saying you're fired up?
  • Looks like we're going to have to search this one by force!
  • Man, I've got the worst luck...
  • Hands up! Ah, if only that would work here...
  • You mean we have to fight this guy? Give me a break...
  • I wish I could pass some of this bad luck onto you.
  • I was hoping to just arrest them and get this over with, but it looks like they aren't coming easy...
  • Time to take care of business!
  • I was hoping we take it easy this time, but...
  • Come on now, this is no time to joke around.

Solo BeginEdit

  • I'm still on active duty!
  • C'mon, let me deal with this!
  • I use whatever I got!
  • Wanna know what I use as weapons?
  • Oh ho ho, coming through!
  • Make way for Mr. Dynamite!
  • Here comes the cavalry!
  • Shoo fly, don't bother me.
  • Hey, I'm a cop. Freeze!
  • Don't worry about me.

Solo FinishEdit

  • I got a little carried away!
  • This is gonna be crazy!
  • Overdid it agaaaaaaain!
  • Wh-What is going on?
  • H-help meeeee!
  • Nga... My clothes!
  • Too much explosives!
  • That's not according to plan!
  • Oh god, I need help!


  • Not bad for someone my age, eh?
  • I don't think we've suffered too many losses this time.
  • I agree. We get along, you and I.
  • Hey now, don't let it go to your head.
  • What else did you think would happen?!
  • I guess that closes this case!

Paired CharactersEdit

Akira Yuki & Pai ChanEdit


  • Akira: I heard they teach you detectives martial arts.
    Bruno: Yeah, I know a few moves. Somersaults, the giant swing, kouenraku, stuff like that.
    Pai: Um, who taught you all that?

Chris Redfield & Jill ValentineEdit


Jill: We've even heard of you even in the B.S.A.A., Detective Bruno.

Bruno: Are you saying even you special units are thinking of recruiting me now?

Chris: I don't think we have enough lives to work alongside you.

Chun-Li & MorriganEdit


  • Morrigan: Hmm, I never knew human detectives could be so interesting...
    Bruno: I get beat, shot, sent flying by explosions, and the pay is lousy to boot.
    Chun-Li: Don't try make it out like you're an average detective.


  • Chun-Li: Fights like this are just routine for us.
  • Bruno: Yeah, I guess it went a little easier than my cases usually do.
  • Morrigan: I guess the human world has its problems, too.

    Dante & Demitri MaximoffEdit


    Demitri: Combat bores me if it is not elegant and refined.

    Bruno: I think elegant is probably the last word anyone would use to describe me.

    Dante: Mops, pepper, and clocks…I don’t think even I could pull that off with style.

    Frank West & Hsien-KoEdit


    • Frank: Hsien-Ko,  can you carry my dumbbell, chainsaw, and fire extinguisher?
      Bruno: You can hang onto my mop, pepper, and clock, too.
      Hsien-ko: Hold on guys! My sleeves can't hold everything!

    Gemini Sunrise & Erica FontaineEdit


    Gemini: Yes, Mr. Dynamite! Let's go!

    Erica: Blow them to smithereens, Bruno!

    Bruno: Hey, you guys are talking like you actually think I explode.

    Haken Browning & Kaguya NanbuEdit


    Haken: Okay, Dynamite Cop. Shall we?

    Bruno: I hear ya loud and clear, cowboy. How about you, cowgirl?

    Kaguya: Yes, yes, dairy references, very original.

    Ichiro Ogami & Sakura ShingujiEdit


    Bruno: So you’re the commander? It must be nice being in charge of so many pretty girls.

    Ichiro: I’ve never really thought about it that way before!

    Sakura: Ogami is a very straight-laced guy. Right? Right!?

    Jin Kazama & Ling XiaoyuEdit


    Jin: Heh, there sure are a lot of weird detectives around.

    Bruno: I heard in Hong Kong there's even a cop who spends most of his time rolling around on the ground.

    Xiaoyu: I think I might know who you're talking about...

    Kite & BlackRoseEdit


    Bruno: Characters from a game? You mean those things that make the bleep-bloop noises?

    Kite: No, you have to connect to the network with your PC, and then...

    BlackRose: Give it up, Kite. He'll never understand.


    Bruno: I wonder how I would go about arresting a character from a game...

    Kite: Hmm, well you could arrest the person actually playing the game.

    BlackRose: First off, we haven't done anything wrong. We're victims here!

    Kogoro & MiiEdit


    • Kogoro: I'm from the Tenzai Detective Agency. We'll take on any case.
      Bruno: You're pretty young for a detective. Maybe I should become one too.
      Mii: Only if you're okay making next to nothing.


    • KogoroPhew, I’m pooped. Could you rub my shoulders, m’lady?
      MiiWhy me?! Well, I guess I can a bit later…
      BrunoYou two have a good working relationship.

    KOS-MOS & T-elosEdit


    T-elos: Time to decimate this maggot. Don’t just stand there!

    Bruno: Killer robots in sexy getups…This is some scary stuff.

    KOS-MOS: We are humanoid, anti-Gnosis tactic systems, Bruno.

    Kurt & RielaEdit


    Kurt: Let's commence the battle. Detective, Riela, cover me.

    Bruno: The military, eh... I don't have too many good memories of those days.

    Riela: Don't worry, Bruno. Kurt is a great commanding officer.

    Reiji Arisu & XiaomuEdit


    Reiji: Xiaomu, do you know what Detective Bruno uses for weapons?

    Xiaomu: Mops! Clocks! Pepper!

    Bruno: Today is just another case for the dynamite cop!

    Ryu & Ken MastersEdit


    Bruno: You guys are street fighters, right? You probably use everything including the kitchen sink.

    Ken: Well, I do know a few guys who'll try anything.

    Ryu: All we need are our diligently trained bodies and our honed skills.


    Ryu: I only desire the strength to win, not to defeat others.

    Bruno: I just want the strength to make arrests without breaking everything.

    Ken: That all depends on how much effort you make, Bruno.

    Soma Schicksal & Alisa AmiellaEdit


    Soma: Our weapons have good reach. This should be over in no time.

    Bruno: So we're talking big weapons, eh? I'm pretty handy with a frozen tuna myself.

    Alisa: A tuna?! Are sure that's really a weapon?

    Toma & CyrilleEdit


    Bruno: You kids shouldn't go around carrying giant knives like that.

    Toma: Don't worry, we keep them put away most of the time.

    Cyrille: They're actually Holy Swords. Saying giant knives makes it sound overblown.

    X & ZeroEdit


    X: As a Maverick Hunter I must do something!

    Bruno: So are you hunters like cops or something?

    Zero: Maybe so, if you think of Mavericks as criminals.

    Yuri Lowell & Estellise Sidos HeurasseinEdit


    Estelle: Let’s do our best, right?

    Bruno: That’s right. You two kids can handle it no problem.

    Yuri: You should try helping, too.

    Zephyr & LeanneEdit


    Leanne: Let's pull off some great aerial shots this time!

    Bruno: I can't jump all over the place like you kids, so I hope you're okay with that.

    Zephyr: It's all good as long as you at least go flying somewhere in the end.


    Bruno: You know, sometimes it's fun to use other things besides guns.

    Zephyr: A machine gun is the only other thing I need.

    Leanne: Shaking pepper down on everyone from the air does sound fun, though.

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