This is a list of quotes for the solo character Arthur. Like the other solo characters, he has a unique pre-battle dialog with all the paired characters and additionally, around five post-battle dialogs with select paired characters.



  • En garde! Sir Arthur is here!
  • Come, let us test their mettle.
  • Zounds! In my excitement, I seem to have shaken my armor off!
  • What's this? Do I sense monsters afoot?
  • Oops! Just give me a moment to put on my armor.
  • Hmm, it seems a tiresome foe awaits us!
  • I'm afraid your luck has run out!
  • The carnage of battle... It never changes!
  • Unfortunately, I don't think we have the time for that...
  • Never fear! My daily training is most rigorous!

Solo BeginEdit

  • I shall attempt much here!
  • Ha ha ha! Leave it to me!
  • I shall use all of my weapons!
  • What weapon should I clean up with?
  • I will fulfill my duties as a Knight!
  • Ha ha ha! Excellent, excellent!
  • We can't lose now. Time to go!
  • This is the chivalry I believe in.
  • Watch how my weapon cuts!

Solo FinishEdit

  • In the honor of my knighthood!
  • Give me the power, Golden Armor!
  • Give me great magic powers!
  • Now, time to clean up!
  • Thunder of justice, sound loudly!
  • I can use magic, too!
  • The true nature of Arthur the Knight!
  • Try my Great Magic Powers!
  • This is my chivalry!


  • As if defeat were ever a possibility!
  • My armor cannot be broken so easily... I hope.
  • Hahahahaha! Victory is ours!
  • Indeed. Though we may fight a million battles, we shall never be defeated!
  • Unbelievable! That last battle was so fierce it knocked off my armor off!
  • Not even an army can stop me!

Paired CharactersEdit

Akira Yuki & Pai ChanEdit


Akira: The initial approach is key. That's what the stomp is for! Hmph! Ha!

Arthur: I think I understand! Hmph! Ha!

Pai: Arthur! You lost your armor!

Chris Redfield & Jill ValentineEdit


  • Arthur: Let us begin! As long as I have my daggers, I shall never fall!
  • Jill: Does he mean to say that knives are stronger than guns?
  • Chris: It might seem that way if you watch Arthur, but I wouldn’t try to imitate him.

Chun-Li & MorriganEdit


Morrigan: A succubus and a knight... We actually make a good combination.

Arthur: I couldn't agree more. Even Chun-Li fits in fine!

Chun-Li: Arthur, is that supposed to be a compliment?

Dante & Demitri MaximoffEdit


Dante: One of the pioneers of devil hunting…I’m looking forward to seeing a legend in action.

Arthur: My lance is pretty stylish, you know! Hahaha!

Demitri: Why am I always surrounded by hunters?

Frank West & Hsien-KoEdit


Hsien-Ko: Show us what makes the "silver weapon-flinging old guy" so cool!

Arthur: A knight must perform when asked! I'll throw until I cannot throw any longer!

Frank: I think this might be a bit too niche for a regular story...


Hsien-Ko: I wouldn't expect any less from the coolest hunter of them all, Arthur the silver knight!

Arthur: Such praise makes me blush, hahaha!

Frank: It looks like you lost the silver part.

Gemini Sunrise & Erica FontaineEdit


  • Gemini: I wonder if I'll be able to see your spirit as a knight?
    Arthur: We shall see. It's hidden under my armor right now.
    Erica: I hope we get to see it during this fight.


Erica: Alright, here we go... Victory pose!

Arthur: Yes!

Gemini: Whoa! Now that is a real display of knightly spirit!

Haken Browning & Kaguya NanbuEdit


Kaguya: I hope you're ready if I need you, Arthur!

Arthur: I-I must be strong! I have my own beloved princess...

Haken: Uh oh, don't go getting the wrong idea about our princess here.

Ichiro Ogami & Sakura ShingujiEdit


Sakura: Arthur, we’re counting on you!

Arthur: I’m so ready for battle my armor feels like it could just fall off!

Ichiro: Hey, that’s not supposed to happen before the battle starts!

Jin Kazama & Ling XiaoyuEdit


Xiaoyu: If the battle gets to crazy, Jin might lose control of his Devil Genes...

Arthur: Even if he should lose control one million times, it doesn't matter as long as we win in the end.

Jin: I'll show you I can keep it under control at least that much.

Kite & BlackRoseEdit


Arthur: An illusionary body. What lies beneath your armor?

Kite: Do you know, BlackRose?

BlackRose: How should I! And why are you asking me to begin with?!


Arthur: Though my armor may shatter, I will still fight on!

Kite: It could be interesting if they added that system to The World...

BlackRose: Hey, just what are you hoping will happen?!

Kogoro & MiiEdit


  • Arthur: I like to face my foes up close and personal!
    Mii: K-Kogoro, does he mean it like I think he means it?
    Kogoro: Don’t get the wrong idea.  I think he just forgot to put on his armor.

KOS-MOS & T-elosEdit


T-elos: Limiter removed! I'll blow you all to pieces!

Arthur: I shall remove my limiter as well!

KOS-MOS: I do not think that should have been removed, Arthur.

Kurt & RielaEdit


Arthur: I envy you, Riela. If I had your power...

Riela: D-Don't be silly! This power is nothing...

Kurt: It's how you use your power that matters. You should be proud of your abilities, Riela.


Kurt: There are some things that we could work on, but I think we learned a lot, too.

Arthur: It was a flawless victory by my standards! I have nothing to regret!

Riela: You're missing your armor, but then that doesn't seem to bother you...

Reiji Arisu & XiaomuEdit


Xiaomu: If you're really a knight you should be able to fight even if you're stripped bare!

Arthur: Let it never be said that Arthur turns down a challenge!

Reiji: At least start with your armor on, Arthur.

Ryu & Ken MastersEdit


Arthur: It appears the time has come for me to show the strength of my unarmored body!

Ryu: Do you think he might possibly be able to use martial arts?

Ken: I wouldn't try it. You'll probably end up with more than just some broken bones.

Soma Schicksal & Alisa AmiellaEdit


Arthur: Lend me your God Arc. How do you throw it?

Soma: Don't bother trying. A God Arc can only be used by its appointed wielder.

Alisa: You aren't supposed to throw them either.

Toma & CyrilleEdit


Toma: A knight's weapons are the instruments by which he upholds his principles.

Arthur: Wise words indeed. Perhaps you might make a good knight yourself!

Cyrille: You're just repeating what you heard Gadfort say.

X & ZeroEdit


Zero: Arthur, we need you to support from the rear. Can you handle it?

Arthur: Come now, we’re all armored up here. Have a little faith in me.

X: I hope I don’t really need to tell you this, but you’re missing something Arthur.

Yuri Lowell & Estellise Sidos HeurasseinEdit


Yuri: It’s a knight’s duty to protect a princess. Can I count on you?

Arthur: Have no fear! I shall always rescue her, no matter how many times she may be kidnapped!

Estelle: I would rather not be kidnapped in the first place…


Arthur: Ah, Princess Estelle. I am pleased to see you are safe and sound!

Estelle: Um, I’m not sure how to put this…

Yuri: I think it’s your armor that you should be more worried about, Arthur.

Zephyr & LeanneEdit


Zephyr: I don't know that I like those weapons of yours.

Arthur: Lances and daggers are quite fun once you get used to them.

Leanne: It does look like it would be fun to jump and rain them down on enemies.

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