Kurt Irving
PXZ Kurt Irving

Original Appearance:

Valkyria Chronicles 3




Riela Marcellis

Voice Actor:

Yuichi Nakamura

"This isn't where we die... Let's go!"
—Kurt, Project X Zone

Kurt Irving (クルト・アーヴィング Kuruto Āvingu?) is one of the main protagonists from SEGA's Valkyria Chronicles 3. He is a young, talented soldier who finds himself entangled within a diabolical scheme.


Kurt is the commander of Squad 422 of the Gallian Army, a.k.a. Nameless. Prior to becoming the leader of Nameless, Kurt was fresh from graduating top of his class from Lanseal Academy, thus ensuring him an officer position within the Gallian Army. His natural talents eventually drove him further up within the ranks until he became involved with a scandal regarding one of his superiors, thus landing him Nameless in order to silence him.

However, his determination to reclaim what he had lost only drove him to further victories as he used his honed abilities in tactics and strategies to lead the Nameless into many successful operations, as well as gaining the trust of his fellow Nameless members. He instilled a sense of camaraderie and closeness between the infamous Nameless members, the Ace and the Grim Reaper, ensuring that they fought to the best of their abilities and got along with the squad while also experiencing within himself an newfound joy and trust when interacting with the two in particular.

Following the conclusion of the Second Europan War, Kurt settles down with a particular individual from Nameless who meant more to him than what the military ever could. Kurt is an avid lover of chewing gum amidst tense situations and cooking exotic foods using the spices he makes, being very particular about his curries.

Crosspedia EntryEdit

The captain of the Gallian penal military unit "Nameless." Very serious and excels at everything, but can also be inflexible, and tends to keep his distance from others. Although he had trouble getting along with the other members of Nameless to start with, his excellent strategies and effective commands started to bring the unit together, and pulling off bold and risky missions earned him the trust of those beneath him. Eventually he was even able to support Riela and Imca, who had been isolated within the unit and a bond started to form between them. His hobby is mixing spices, and he is very particular about his curries. He has a habit of chewing gum to calm himself down or overcome irritation.


Due to the nature of the gameplay within Valkyria Chronicles 3, Kurt is capable of wielding several weapons. In battle, he is capable of using a rifle, a machine gun, an anti-tank lance, a pistol, a military wrench, an instrument and ragnite grenades. His partner is Riela Marcellis, a woman of Valkyrian origins and also his potential love interest. They make their official appearance in Chapter 13: Valkyries' Adventure.

Stats (For comparison)Edit

50 13778 352 363 142 154

Attack ListEdit

Name Strength XP Rate Effect
Submachine Gun & Rifle C 8% None
Flamethrower & Valkyrian Lance B 5% Stun & Critical+
Mortar Lance & Military Wrench B 6% Stun & Critical+
Anti-Tank Rifle & Musical Performance B 8% None
Anti-Tank Lance & Valkyrian Light A 3% Critical+
Special: Localized Assault S 100% Cost Stun
MA: Valkyrian Flash (2-4 enemies) C 100% Cost


Support: Machine Gun & Valkyrian Light C None None

Skill ListEdit

Skill Name XP Cost Target Effect Description
Revival Ragnaid S 30% Ally Heal HP 30% Riela uses a Ragnaid for some emergency healing
Direct Orders 35% Self Support Attack +1 Kurt brings reinforcements for the battle
Musical Performance 35% Self All stats increase 10% Riela raises morale with some music
Order: Critical Strike 15% Ally First Critical Kurt orders a critical strike on the enemy
Chewing Candy Auto (HP under 80%) Self Heal all ailments Kurt Only


Im Japanese game. His theme is an instrumental version of the Valkyria Chronicles III theme ,If you Wish For.... But it was removed in English version due some copyright issues. And changed to use OPEN FIRE!, the same theme with Imca as his theme instead.


List of Quotes - Kurt Irving & Riela Marcellis


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