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Kurohagane α

Original Appearance:

Nightshade (2003)

Platform of Origin:

PlayStation 2


Enemy Unit

Cross appearances:

Project X Zone 2

Voice Actor:


First Chapter Appearance:

Chapter 4

Kurohagane α (黒鋼α Kurohagane Arufa?) is the primary antagonist of Nightshade from the Shinobi series. He appears as an enemy unit in Project X Zone 2.

Crosspedia Entry[]

A cybernetic ninja created by the Nakatomi Conglomerate Weapons Development Division to collect the shards of Akujiki.

A prototype model, it lacks a full range of combat abilities but nevertheless has achieved speed equal to that of a living, highly trained ninja.

It fights using two powerful "Prototype Akujiki" blades and martial arts techniques, including a string of blows starting from a powerful body check.


Project X Zone 2[]

Kurohagane α first appears in Chapter 4: A Summons to Action, appearing on the Island of Strays accompanied by some Hellspawn, with Hotsuma deducing he is connected to his time based on that fact. Aside from that, he finds his presence disturbing. After he is defeated, Hotsuma asks how he gained those Hellspawn, but he just warps away.

Kurohagane α's second appearance is in Chapter 10: Code Holder, this time working with Tong Pooh who summoned him. He fights the heroes on the Queen Zenobia but is defeated, though it manages to say the word "Akujiki" before exploding, leaving Hotsuma even more confused as to his origins.

Kurohagane α's third appearance is in Chapter 23: The Shade of the Night, having been rebuilt by Tong Pooh to serve her. After Hibana arrives on the Balrog, she reveals Kurohagane α's identity and origin as well as his mission to prevent the recovery of Akujiki. After he is defeated, he weakly says Akujiki before exploding, After which Hotsuma asks Hibana about his connection to Kurohagane α, but she refuses to answer as to not disrupt his timeline.

Kurohagane α's fourth appearance is in Chapter 27: A Summation of Malice, his pieces seemingly having been recovered by AIDA who them repaired him, where he confronts the heroes in cyberspace. After he is defeated though, he disintegrates into AIDA, indicating he was really just a 'ghost' crafted by the program.

Kurohagane α's fifth appearance is in Chapter 35: Justice Enforced, once again reconstructed by AIDA, and is used by Vile Mk. II to fight the heroes. After he is defeated, he weakly says Hotsuma's name before warping away.

Kurohagane α's sixth and final appearance is in Chapter 40: Iron Fists of Fury alongside several ninja and Hellspawn. However, at this point, it starts bugging out constantly asking for Akujiki, Hotsuma, and the Oboro Clan, and even mentioning Hibana and the Shinobi Agency, leaving her confused as to how he could use actual words now. After he is defeated, he starts repeating "Akujiki" over and over until he finally explodes, this time for good.

Enemy Attack List[]

Name Strength Effect
Attack C Stun
Multi-Attack (2-3 targets) C Stun

Enemy Auto Skill List[]

Name Effect
Nultify Poison Cannot be poisoned (or removes the effect)
Back Attack up +100% Boosts damage for a Back Attack
Side Attack up +100% Boosts damage for a Side Attack
HP Absorb Heals HP by 10% of damage landed on foe
Nullify ZOC Nullifies foe's ZOC (zone of control)


Chapter 10[]


Chapter 23[]

  • Aku... ji...

Chapter 27[]

  • Aku... jiki...
  • A... ku...
  • ...Aaa... kuuu... jijijijijijiji... ki.

Chapter 35[]

  • Ho... tsuma...

Chapter 40[]

  • Where... is... Aku... jiki... O... boro... Hotsu... ma... Oboro oboro oboro...
  • Rr... tt... Hi... bana... Shino... bi... Agen... cy....



  • Kurohagane has the highest move stat in Project X Zone 2 at 7.
  • Kurohagane is the only Sega midboss.
  • Kurohagane has multiple forms, but similar to Nemesis, only the first one is shown.
    • Another similarity with the two is their limited vocabulary.
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