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Kogoro Tenzai
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Original Appearance:

Project X Zone (2012)

Platform of Origin:

Nintendo 3DS




Mii Koryuji

Cross appearances:

Project X Zone

Voice Actor:

Toshihiko Seki

First Chapter Appearance:

Prologue 1

"Ah well, looks like I'll have to show off my Tenzai Ninjutsu again."
—Kogoro Tenzai

Kogoro Tenzai (天斎 小吾郎 Tenzai Kogorō?) is one of the two main protagonists of Project X Zone.

Crosspedia Entry[]

Ostensibly a private detective. In reality, he is a descendant of the Tenzai clan, ninja-for-hire since feudal times. As well as "working" as a private detective he is currently in the employ of the Koryuji family as the tutor of their daughter Mii. During battle he displays complete command of the fabled sword of the Tenzai, "Nyoraito," a giant shuriken on his back called "Sharinken" and the blades "Hassojin" attached to his feet by wires. He has also mastered the art of creating copies of himself. He has a little bit of an attitude and tends to avoid anything resembling hard work. Nevertheless he treats Mii with respect, calling her "m'lady."


As a leading protagonist, Kogoro first appears in Prologue 1: The Wanderers and reappears in Chapter 1: Welcome to the Koryuji House. Kogoro fights with Mii as his partner. The detective wields his primary weapon, the Nyoraito, in addition to a variety of ninja weapons hidden on his person and ninjutsu such as creating clones of himself and releasing flames from his fingertips.

Attack List[]

Name Strength XP Rate Effect
Five Pillar Smash & Purple Pot B 7% None
Sharinken & Extensions C 4% Stun
Hassoujin & Tiger Flyer A 5% None
Heavenly Fang & Dragon Hadlar B 3% Stun
Hidden Peach Drop & Dragon Flyer B 9% None
Special: Forbidden Art: Five Element Seal S 100% Cost Stun
MA: Lion Lord (2-4 enemies) B 100% Cost Stun
Support: Evil Sage Bind & Tiger Stance C None Stun

Skill List[]

Skill Name XP Cost Target Effect Description
Emergency Rations 20% Self Heal HP 30% Relatively delicious rations eaten by Tenzai ninja
Solo Training 20% Self 20% increase in obtained Experience Mii actually does train quite hard
Tenzai Style: Ripple 15% Self Nullify enemy block A Tenzai technique that ignores enemy armor
Cheerleading 35% Self +1 Support Attack Mii provides support with her cheerleading skills
Tenzai Style: Cloud Walk Auto Self [Kogoro] Active: XP Over 100% Nullify ZOC & Range +2


His themes are "Wanderer's Road" and "Hard Time". He shares the themes with his partner, Mii Koryuji.


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  • Kogoro calls Mii "m'lady" a total of 36 times sans the pre-battle dialogue.
  • Throughout the game Kogoro refers to the Tenzai ninja clan but they are never shown.
  • In Chapter 37 of Project X Zone 2, Xiaomu confirms that Kogoro now works for Shinra and that he reported to them the attacks in Kamurocho, Shinjuku, and Shibuya after everyone arrives at the Koryuji Mansion in Den-en-Chofu.
  • Kogoro, Xiaomu, and Haggar are the only characters to pile-drive their opponents.
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