Erica Fontaine

Original Appearance:

Sakura Wars 3
Sakura Wars 4




Gemini Sunrise (Project X Zone)
Ichiro Ogami (Project X Zone 2)

Voice Actor:

Noriko Hidaka

"O God, grant your divine guidance to these wayward lambs."
—Erica, Project X Zone

Erica Fontaine (エリカ・フォンティーヌ Erika Fontīnu?) is one of the main protagonists from SEGA's Sakura Wars franchise, in particular, Sakura Wars 3 and Sakura Wars 4. She is a young nun-in-training who is very skilled with firearms and is also a member of the Flower Division of the Paris Combat Revue, a group of individuals with highly developed spiritual powers who are tasked with eliminating the Kouma in France while under the guise of a French theatrical troupe. She pilots a custom maroon-colored Koubu modeled after her convent dress, which is also outfitted with a larger, more potent version of her personal artillery.


Erica was born in the early 20th century France. As a young child, Erica was involved in a fatal car accident resulting in the death of her parents and her own tragic survival due to the accidental manifestation of her own powers. Fearing how the populace would react to her powers, she decided to become a nun and joined a convent run by Father Leno, the man who had taught her the Good Morning Dance she later used to wake up Ogami, much to the latter's chagrin.

She is later discovered by Grand Mere, the leader of the Paris Combat Revue and is recruited into the organization after she takes notice of Erica sprouting angel wings while in the midst of prayer. She is the first person to meet Ogami upon his arrival to Paris and eventually develops a romantic fondness for him. She later overhears a conversation between Ogami and Father Leno citing her banishment from the convent due to her severe clumsiness, causing her to run away. Ogami finds and successfully convinces her with the rest of the Paris Combat Revue to come back to Chattes Noires, the headquarters of the Paris Combat Revue. Although, the reunion is short-lived as Chattes Noires is attacked by the Kaijin. It is in the ensuing chaos of the attack that Erica's enormous divine powers begin to manifest, thus allowing her to save her friends from perilous circumstances and drive away the Kaijin from the Chattes Noires.

While possessing powers that some may liken to the divinity, Erica underscores this achievement with her excessive clumsiness, capable of destroying objects and foods alike. She is however, very loving and cheerful and is always found to be smiling. She is also very obsessed with Japan and its culture, often asking Ogami about things that she usually misinterprets. She is also a cabaret dancer for the Chattes Noires, citing the Black Cat Waltz as one of her most popular dances wherein she dons a black catsuit.

Crosspedia EntryEdit

A member of the Flower Division of the Paris Combat Revue, a special unit that keeps the peace in Paris, Erica is also a nun-in-training. While on the one hand she has healing powers, she can also sometimes be seen firing off machine guns. After defeating the monsters attacking Paris, with the help of Ogami and Sakura, she also traveled to Japan to help them with a new threat there. Has a cheerful and loving personality, and is always smiling. However, her excessive energy can sometimes lead to clumsiness, often causing trouble for those around her. She is also a cabaret dancer for the Parisian Theatre "Chattes Noires." Her "Black Cat Waltz," for which she wears a black catsuit, is particularly popular.


Erica wields two cross-shaped guns hidden within her skirt which she has named Raphael and Gabriel respectively. In battle, she uses the power of prayer, her guns, her innate clumsiness, her infamous Good Morning Dance and her innately powerful divine powers. Her partner is Gemini Sunrise, a member from the New York Combat Revue who shares almost many similar traits with her. They make their official appearance in Chapter 6: Justice Among the Skyscrapers.

In Project X Zone 2, Erica first appears in Prologue 2: O Brother, Thou Must Not Die and reappears in Chapter 19: The Call of the Evening. She's partnered with Ichiro Ogami. Her Hallelujah Multi-Attack is one of many Coupling attacks used throughout the Sakura Wars series, just like Futari wa Sakura iro from Project X Zone. Also, she changes into her Combat Revue outfit during their special, just like during the Sakura Wars 3 opening animation.

Stats at Level 50 (Project X Zone)Edit

50 14179 359 345 144 160

Project X Zone 2 Ultimate Equipment Edit

Gear: Sobu (ATK +311, TEC +40, DEX +40, HP +10000, Stun Rate +20%)

Accessory: Awakened Erica (ATK +40, DEF +234, TEC +10, DEX +10, SP +50)

Attack ListEdit

Project X Zone Attack List Edit

Name Strength XP Rate Effect
Mifune Ryu Kempo & Gabriel B 6% None
Gabriel & Raphael C 6% Critical+
Rodeo Wheel & Good Morning Dance C 7% Down
Rock Wave & Black Cat Waltz B 5% Stun
Turning Swallow & Folle Chatiment A 4% None
Special: Rambling Wheel & Sacre de Lumiere S 100% Cost Stun
MA: Tyrant of Texas & Gras au Ciel (2-4 enemies) C 100% Cost


Support: Rambling Wheel & Black Cat Waltz C None Stun

Project X Zone 2 Attack List Edit

Name Strength Effect
Kaitoranma & Kemuridama B Down
Tenchi Isshi & Black Cat Waltz B Block Crush
Gabriel & Raphael A None
Sanjin Seiko & Good Morning Dance A None
Musou Teni & Folle Châtiment C Stun
Special: Dreams & Hope & Tomorrow & Justice S None
MA: Hallelujah S Stun
Support: Sacré de Lumiére B Block Crush

Skill ListEdit

Project X Zone Skill List Edit

Skill Name XP Cost Target Effect Description
Good Morning Dance 10% Ally Heal all ailments A mysterious dance that somehow heals physical ailments
Gentle Squeeze 10% Self Fixed enemy launch heigth Applied to the chest area, the unique teachings of Master Mifune
Gemini's Wild Imagination 20% Special Attack +15%, Speed x2, or EP +50% Random Effect
Evangile 80% All Heal HP 30% Erica's spirit powers create a healing miracle
Spirit Healing Auto Self Give full HP when Rescuing Erica only. Active at all times.

Project X Zone 2 Skill List Edit

Name SP Cost Target Effect Description
Cpt. Command: Fire 70 Ally Attack +35% Ichiro's heart burns like fire as he stands tall before his foes.
Cpt. Command: Wind 80 Ally Move +1 Ichiro rushes toward his foe like a stinging blast of wind.
Evangile 80 All HP Recovery +50% Sister Erica's love for all life brings forth miracles of healing.
Good Morning Dance 40 All Heals Poison, Stun, and Bind Erica's bizarre song and dance, devised to wake up Ichiro, cures status ailments.

Project X Zone 2 Auto Skill List Edit

Name CP Cost Activation Rate Effect Description
Without Even Thinking 0 Start of Turn: 100% Join Counterattacks & Support Cross Hit Ichiro's body instinctively steps in to bolster his allies' attacks.
Cpt. Command: Forest 300 Start of Turn: 100% Nullifies Heavy Ichiro makes himself calm as a forest to unleash his body's latent force.
Acting Lessons 400 Start of Turn: XP 100 or more Extends Cross Freeze Ichiro steadily guides his team, both onstage and on the battlefield.
Spirit Healling 0 Start of Turn: 100% Heals Self when Rescuing Erica rescues the allies she holds dear with her healing spiritual force.
Erica's Confession 500 Start of Turn: HP 50% or less CP Acquired: +20% The faithful Erica prays that her shortcomings are forgiven.
Cpt. Command: Mountain 600 After Action: SP 50% or less Halves Defend SP Cost Ichiro's carefully crafted defense is as impervious as a mountain.
Erica's Cooking 700 Enemy Turn: Damage taken 30% or more of Max HP Poison Counter Erica's eye-poppingly unique cuisine rains down upon her foes.

Theme Edit

Her theme is an instrumental version of the Sakura Wars 3 opening theme, Mihato no Moto ni (Under the Imperial Flag).


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