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Original Appearance:

Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love (2005)

Platform of Origin:

PlayStation 2

Unit Type:


Cross appearances:

Project X Zone 2

Voice Actor:

Daisuke Egawa

First Chapter Appearance:

Chapter 18

Dokurobo (髑髏坊 Dokurobō?) is an antagonist from Sakura Wars V. He appears as an enemy unit in Project X Zone 2.

Crosspedia Entry[]

A monstrous monk who aids Ranmaru in reviving Nobunaga.

He has a large body and boasts inhuman strength. Although he fancies himself a shrewd commander, he is actually more than a little dim-witted, saying the dumbest things even in the middle of battle. Nevertheless, his overwhelming strength has caused plenty of trouble for the New York Combat Revue.

He attacks by swinging a large club with all of his might. The fact that he faces off against Gemini's team in their STAR spirit armor while he himself wears regular armor speaks for his toughness, if nothing else.

The sword through his head was a gift from Nobunaga. He claims the "procedure" made him more intelligent. through the truth remains up for debate.


Project X Zone 2[]

Dokurobo's first appearance is in Chapter 18: Escape from the Gangs of New York, though Gemini was surprised to see him alive again. He informs Ranmaru that he came up with a plan to help the two of them claim the shard of the Demon Sword with Nobunaga Oda's soul, where he then turns on a generator that summons Kouma. Afterwards he introduces Lord Raptor, who agrees to help them. He reveals that his plan involves using bombs from Hell Wraths that Lord Raptor brought along to blow up the Little Lip Theatre. Unfortunately for him, he gets distracted by Pai Chan and her compliments and drops his guard long enough for her to destroy the Kouma generator, enraging him. After he is defeated by the heroes, he claims HE won instead and runs off to tell others of 'his' victory.

Dokurobo's second appearance is in Chapter 25: Christmas, where he appears in Square Garden with an army of monsters from Basel, which he says he tamed as part of his brilliant strategy, though the heroes aren't all that impressed at the feat since the monsters aren't very smart in general. Nevertheless, he sends the monsters after the heroes. He becomes enraged by his defeat, but he tries to intimidate them by declaring that he will build a better strategy and gather more strength before retreating.

Dokurobo's third appearance is in Chapter 30: Way Beyond Good and Evil on the beach on the Fallen Arm where he announces his presence to both the heroes and Metal Face, both of which were confused to his sudden appearance. Dokurobo, however, says that he had been watching everyone this whole time trying to get them to notice him just standing there and becomes mad they failed to do so. When he accidently mentions that he had been left by someone, he claims his identity is "Plastic Face", and he has nothing to do with the Demons of New York, clearly trying to team up with Metal Face, which Metal Face confusingly agrees to. After he is defeated, he becomes enraged again by the group's insults and retreats, determined to show them his greatest strategy ever.

Dokurobo's fourth and final appearance is in Chapter 39: So Long, My Love where he appears from a portal alongside Ranmaru and monsters from Basel, where Ranmaru reveals their plan to connect all of the worlds to their world's New York and resurrect Azuchi Castle, and therefore Nobunaga Oda. After he is defeated, he tries to figure out how everything went so wrong for him before claiming he wants to be the heroes' friend, just as his armor blows up and taking him with it.

Enemy Attack List[]

Name Strength Effect
Attack C Stun
Special: Heaven's Demon: Granite Prison S Stun
MA: Skull Cannons (2-4 targets) S None


List of Quotes - Dokurobo (Story/PXZ2)



  • Dokurobo's name translates to "Skull boy".
  • Dokurobo, Nelo Angelo, Tri-Edge, and Zagi are the only new bosses in Project X Zone 2 that only appears four times.
  • The reason Dokurobo frequently says, "thick brain" is because he mistook an insult by Nobunaga, "thick head" as a compliment.
    • Ranmaru describes him as "sharp as a boulder".
  • Dokurobo is the only Sakura Wars boss who only appears four times.
    • Aya-me and Ciseaux has four encounters in Project X Zone 2, but have six encounters in the predecessor.
  • Dokurobo and Dokumezu are the only bosses that wield a kanabō.
  • Dokurobo and Seth are the only bosses that have different overworld sprites.
    • Ciseaux does too, but it is with him and his Steam Beast, Prelude.
  • Dokurobo is the only enemy in Project X Zone 2 who has 5 SP-M-RNG.
  • Dokurobo and Ranmaru are the only Sakura Wars enemies that didn't debut on a Sega console.
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