Chizuru Urashima
PXZ2-Dr-Chizuru Urashima

Original Appearance:

Project X Zone 2

Voice Actor:

Mariko Kouda

Chizuru Urashima (裏嶋 千鶴 Urashima Chizuru?) is a brand new character and ally introduced in Project X Zone 2. She is the head of the Shinra's Equipment Division and pilots a new vehicle called the Dragonturtle Mk. 1, a well-equipped transport vehicle capable of traveling to various worlds.

Crosspedia Edit

An agent of Shinra like Reiji and Xiaomu. Head of the Equipment Division.

She appears to be in her early to mid-20s, but her actual age remains unknown. She oversees every weapon and piece of equipment used at Shinra and also handles R&D and maintenance entirely on her own. Thanks in part of her wide range of highly technical duties, she has begun to insist that Reiji and Xiaomu address her as "Doctor".

In addition to her other roles, she also serves as the driver for her local-use heavy-duty transport, the Dragonturtle Mk. I. Thanks to this mobility, she often heads directly to crime scenes on her own.

Although most of the time she is relaxed and laid-back, she is also eccentric and not infrequently stubborn, which can be a source of trouble for anyone in the vicinity. She also made sure the Dragonturtle Mk. I included a shop for buying and selling items to and from her companions, ensuring that she is equipped to take maximum advantage of any potentially lucrative situations. Or, as she might put it, "ready to pounce, commercial-wise."


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