Project X Zone
Chapter 2 - The Fighting Vipers


Roppongi, Japan


Project X Zone

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Akira and Pai continue searching for clues to their missing companions' disappearances. The foursome then arrive at the center, and notice the two others looking for something. Suddenly zombies from the Bermuda jump out of the fountain! Kogoro seems to recognize Pai, as does Chun-Li. They then tell Chun-Li about their run-in with Juri, so they decide to help clear the area of zombies.

While clearing them out, a big guy shows up. He introduces himself as Drei Belanos of the Belanos Brothers. He've heard of the group from his brother and now has business with Mii. Just then, someone else pops up. He is Bahn, one of the Fighting Vipers from Armstone City. He came to settle a few scores with someone in the center, but he hasn't seen them, and Akira wonders if he vanished as well.

With Genghis Bahn III on their side, the fighters take on Drei and his crew. After thrashing Drei, he retreats. It seems that every person they are looking for has gone missing. After sharing what they know, they head into Kogoro's office building. On the roof, Saya and her lackeys watch from above and plan a trip to Shibuya....

Strategy: The Modern Sneakers will be useful later on, so go and grab them before dealing with Drei.

Trivia: The actor friend Pai mentions is Fei Long from Street Fighter.

Party MembersEdit

Pair UnitEdit

Kogoro & Mii

Chun-Li & Morrigan

Akira & Pai

Solo UnitEdit



Ebitan x6

Oros Serpus x2

Kamaitachi (Orange) x3

Drei Belanos (Boss)


Mixed Juice, Wild Leather Jacket, Modern Sneakers

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