Captain Commando
Captain Commando

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Captain Commando

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Ryotaro Okiayu

Captain Commando is the main protagonist in the Captain Commando series and a playable character in Project X Zone 2.


Captain Commando was the original mascot of Capcom (CAP-tain COM-mando). He is also a main character in the 1991 arcade game of the same name where he is the hero and leader of the "Commando Team".

Crosspedia EntryEdit

Leader of the "Commando Team", a group of brave warriors that combats crime everywhere in space.

His powerful physical gifts are matched by a clear-headed intelligence that makes him an excellent leader. Together with the other team members, he defeated the criminal organization led by the arch-criminal Scumocide.

He is able to shoot electricity and fire from the "power gloves" on his hands. He also can wear various pieces of equipment, including gauntlets that give him excellent punching power, a super alloy Captain Ceramic chest protector that confers incredible heat resistance, and goggles that automatically cross-reference enemy facial data with intergalactic databases of known criminals.

Other appearancesEdit

Captain Commando also appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes and Namco x Capcom (along with the rest of his team: Ginzu (Sho), Baby Head (Hoover), and Mack (Jennety), along with Guy from Final Fight who was paired with Ginzu).

Theme Edit

Captain's theme is a remix of Stage 1 (City), the first level in Captain Commando

STAGE 1 (City)

STAGE 1 (City)

Stage 1: City (Captain Commando)


Captain uses many of his attacks, including Captain Fire and Captain Corridor, and even calls on help from other Capcom allies.

Attack Edit

Name Strength Effect
Captain Storm A None

Skill ListEdit

Name SP Cost Target Effect Description
Captain Goggles 20 Ally Extends CRT Window Goggles that analyze data in order to reveal enemy weaknesses.
Tendon 40 Ally HP Recovered 75% Fried shrimp tempura over rice. Not connective tissue, as hardcore as that would be.

Auto Skill List Edit

Name CP Cost Activation Rate Effect Description
Leadership 0 Start of Turn: 100% Support Cross Hit The Commando Team leader takes the lead and unleashes an effective combo.
Justice Heart 1250 Start of Turn: 100% Skill SP Cost down 25% The Captain's unwavering faith pushes his skills to the limit.
Genetic Knife 750 Enemy Turn: Damage taken more than 20% of Max HP Poison Counter Knife of Commando Team member Mack the Knife, coated with a special medicine.
Secret of Bushin 500 Start of Turn: Round 5 or lower Back Attack +25% A secret Bushin Ninjutsu technique taught by Ginzu in the Commando Team.
Genius Advice 1000 Enemy Attack: if Bound Nullifies Poison, Stun, Down, and Bind Helpful support provided by Baby Head of the Commando Team.


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