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Byaku Shin

Original Appearance:

Project X Zone 2 (2015)

Platform of Origin:

Nintendo 3DS

Unit Type:


Cross appearances:

Project X Zone 2

Voice Actor:

Naoko Matsui

First Chapter Appearance:

Final Chapter

Byaku Shin (百神) is the final boss of Project X Zone 2.

She is the final step to Ouma's 101 Embryo Project, a plan previously mentioned in Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED. Her name translates as "100 Gods".

Her goal is to unify the worlds through Shibuya, using the Centipex and the Dimension Fusion Charges, to rule over the unified world as its god.


Byaku Shin is infact, Kyuju Kyu (or 99) well after her previous defeat in Namco x Capcom. After her defeat, she wasn't completely destroyed, every part of her broke into 101 pieces. 99 of these pieces were scattered into different worlds and time periods, evident by the fact that during her defeat, the fusion of all words was nearly complete.

However, 2 of the 101 pieces (the head and torso) ended up on a little island within a crevice outside of time called the "Centipex". The island and its function to complete the fusion was originally meant to be triggered by Kyuju Kyu.

Sometime after the head and torso ended up on the Centipex and without Saya as its core, Kyuju Kyu, still somehow surviving, uses the pieces to slowly but surely create a new body. During the process, the island itself releases the Golden Chains to many different worlds. The chains themselves have the ability to gather energy, widen the rifts/seams between dimensions, and point out where the scattered parts of Kyuju Kyu were.

Before Kyuju Kyu, now known as Byaku Shin, could be complete and reactivated, it required one final step. The rebuilt pieces that became Nine Nine to establish contact with it and for Shinra and its comrades to break the egg shaped barrier on the Centipex, not knowing what it was about to unleash...


Crosspedia Entry[]

Originally developed as Kyuju Kyu's upper body prototype by Ouma's Far East Headquarters, it has gone haywire as a result of losing its living core control device and has since followed its own evolutionary path.

It can command many different types of monsters and generates a form of energy capable of smashing through dimensional walls. In combat, it primarily uses the energy stored in its chest for projectiles and the high-powered beam sabers on both of its arms for melee. Its arms can also be fired as projectiles in their own right and controlled remotely.

Incidentally, the golden chains that appeared in each world were originally released from Byaku Shin's body, as a kind of beacon used to pinpoint each of Kyuju Kyu's parts that had been scattered across dimensions.


Enemy Attack List[]

Name Strength Effect
Attack A None
Multi-Attack (2 targets) A None
Special: Hellbolt S Stun
MA: Song of Ragnarok (2-4 targets) S Bind

Enemy Auto Skill List[]

Name Effect
Awakening (Low HP) Awakens when HP gets low (ATK up, DEF up, EP Heal, Nultify Poison, Nultify Stun
Super Back Attack Boosts damage for a Back Attack (+100%)
HP Absorb Heal HP by 10% of damage landed on foe
EP Heal (Lg) EP Heal


Project X Zone 2[]

Final Chapter[]

  • I am Byaku Shin. The one who is to rule all one hundred worlds.
  • The one born from the final experiment of the Tsukumo Project... Who will reign as a god...
  • In order to escape my dimensional prison... I had to forsake half of my own body.
  • In its incomplete form, Kyuju Kyu was defeated... Its body shattered into 101 pieces.
  • And so, using two pieces out of that 101, I created a new body.
  • I must thank you, young Arisu. Were it not for your help, I could not stand before you now.
  • Now I shall drop my Dimension Fusion Charges on every world, and the Song of Rifts will be played...
  • The worlds will be combined... and a new world will be born. Then shall I truly become a god.
  • Exactly, young Arisu. That is Ouma's dream... The dawn of a brand new world.
  • It has already begun. On this very stage.
  • Yes. In time, they will come to swallow everything.
  • You cannot stop the Song of Rifts. Should you try, you will all die here on this very spot.
  • I am immortal... The divine vessel who shall serve as the god of this brave new world...
  • Come, my servants... Let the Song of Rifts ring forth...
  • Come forth.. my endless limbs.
  • Fools... No one can stop the Song of Rifts now...
  • The plan will proceed... and worlds will collide... With chaos at the center!
  • Nn... Nnngghh... Aaaaaiiigghhhh...!
  • My name... is... Byaku Shin... I am... the one... who will unite... all... worlds...
  • The Song... of Rifts... must be... sung... That is... the purpose... for which Ouma... exists...


Her theme is "God The Hundred".



  • Byaku Shin translates to "Hundred gods".
  • Byaku Shin, Sheath, Nine Nine, Urashima, and Ouma America are the only characters that are original to Project X Zone 2.
  • Byaku Shin, Metal Face, and Zagi are the only bosses with filters in their voice.
  • The only bosses to appear in Project X Zone 2's intro are Byaku Shin, Nemesis, Zagi, Metal Face, Vajra, T-elos, M. Bison, Dural, Dokugozu, Dokumezu, Saya, Sheath, Unknown, Juri, Pyron, and Tri-Edge.
  • Like Meden, she was shown off at the end of the game's intro.
  • Byaku Shin is the only Super Robot Wars related thing in Project X Zone 2 because of her relation with the "Tsukumo Project", last mentioned in Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED.
  • Byaku Shin, Nine Nine, and Saya are the only bosses that have a protective barrier in the overworld.
  • Byaku Shin and the Cocoon Maiden variants are the only enemies that can't move.
  • Byaku Shin is the only final boss in the Cross series to not appear before the chapter she's fought.
    • Kyuju Kyu's shadow appears in early cutscenes in Namco X Capcom.
    • Meden appears a couple of times in Project X Zone.
  • Byaku Shin has the highest special attack range stats at 6 for both single and multi attacks.
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