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Bruno Delinger

Original Appearance:

Dynamite Cop



Voice Actor:

Ben Hiura

"Make way for Mr. Dynamite!"
—Bruno Delinger, Project X Zone

Bruno Delinger (ブルーノ・デリンジャー Burūno Derinjā?) is a character from Dynamite Deka, which was released overseas as Die Hard Arcade.


Die Hard Arcade[]

Bruno Delinger and Cindy Holiday was given a mission to save hostages as well as the president's daughter from a group of terrorists. They fought tooth and nail against everyone in their path, including bikers, wrestlers, robots, and other thugs. After fighting their way through, they finally face the boss: Wolf "White Fang" Hongo. After a long fight, he falls from the tall building and everyone was saved.

Dynamite Cop[]

Bruno is once again faced with a crisis: The president's daughter and other hostages onboard the cruise ship Bermuda is being held hostage by a group of modern-day pirates led by the still-alive "White Fang". Along with agents Jean Ivy and Eddie Brown, they infiltrate the ship and head inside to rescue the hostages. The pirates retreat once the agents proved too much for them. They track them down to a nearby island, where they were not only attacked by the pirates, but also the local Bermuda tribe. After reaching the main ship, they finally face the ringleader in battle and is defeated again. After sailing off in the distance, Bruno accidentally hits a switch and sends the missile used by the pirates at their island.

Crosspedia Entry[]

A hot-blooded detective with the San Francisco PD. Bruno goes to whatever lengths are required in order to catch criminals. The claims for damages caused by his actions have climbed to over fourteen billion dollars, earning him the nickname "Mr. Dynamite." The year after resolving a terrorist incident in a skyscraper, he got caught up in a seajacking incident on the large passenger vessel, the Bermuda, orchestrated by terrorists calling themselves the Pirates of the Caribbean. With his achievements catching the recognition of the President himself, Bruno has continued to take part in hostage rescues and anti-terrorist missions. His hobby is DIY. He is separated from his wife Barbara.


Bruno first appears in Prologue 5: Dead Re-Rising and reappears in Chapter 22: God, Man, and Demon. Bruno starts attack with a handgun, followed by an axe, mop, pepper, and a bomb-filled clock which explodes on impact.

Solo Attack[]

Name Strength Effect
Mop, Clock, & Pepper C Stun

Skill List[]

Skill Name XP Cost Target Effect Description
Quick Smoke 10% Self Fixed Enemy Launch Height Bruno takes a moment to himself
Food Toss 30% Ally Heal 30% HP Bruno tosses food to an ally
CAUTION! Auto (HP under 50%) Self Nullify ZOC Bruno Only


His theme in the Japanese version of Project X Zone is "High Rise to Hell". It was changed to "Poop Deck Pursuit" in the overseas release. Both are remixed from Dynamite Cop.


List of Quotes - Bruno Delinger


  • Bruno is the one of two solo units whose active turn theme was changed for the overseas release of Project X Zone. The other is Ulala.
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