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Azure Kite
Azure Kite.png

Original Appearance:

.hack//G.U. Vol. 1//Rebirth (2006)

Platform of Origin:

PlayStation 2

Unit Type:


Cross appearances:

Project X Zone 2

Voice Actor:

Sayaka Aida

First Chapter Appearance:

Prologue 4, Chapter 26

Azure Kite (葬炎のカイト Souen no Kaito?) (also known as Tri-Edge (トライエッジ Torai Edjji?)) is the false antagonist from the .hack//G.U. series. He appears a boss in Project X Zone 2.


Crosspedia Entry[]

A mysterious PC also known as "Tri-Edge" who hunts and PKs other players in The World.

He exudes an ominous aura and lacks any kind of visible expression. On the surface, he looks exactly like Kite, even wielding the same triple-edged blades, but otherwise he is very different from regular PCs. He is able to float, teleport, and split into three separate versions, enabling him to attack an opponent from different directions.

When Haseo first tracked him down, Azure Flame Kite defeated him easily and used his Data Drain ability to revert Haseo's PC to its initial state. At first he was believed to be the same kind of being as AIDA, but as other PCs thought to be his allies have been known to oppose AIDA, the truth remains a mystery.


Azure Kite (referred to as Tri-Edge throughout the game) makes his first appearance in Prologue 4: Welcome To The World appearing on the bridge in Root Town in The World where Haseo first meets Kite, where the pair fight him alongside the pair of Zephyr, Vashyron, and Leanne and the arrival of Alisa Illinchina Amiella. After he is defeated he escapes.

Tri-Edge's second appearance is in Chapter 15: Echoes in Eternity in front of the statue of Aura in the Hulle Granz Cathedral. When the heroes arrive on the scene, he summons an army of enemies from the game world to hold back the heroes until Skeith arrives on the scene, after which he retreats from the battle. After the battle, Aura appears before the group and explains that she couldn't appear before due to some illegal function in The World. When Aura says that Kite removed a bug in her system to let her return and Kite says it wasn't him, Haseo speculates that it was Tri-Edge who freed her, but doesn't believe it.

Tri-Edge's third appearance is in Chapter 26: The Terror of Death Approaches where he appears in Cyberspace with more enemies from The World and Skeith. Following his defeat, Kite asks Tri-Edge what he is trying to do and who he is but he escapes. Kite speculates that he brought Skeith here just when he was about to return to him for the sole purpose of delivering him to Haseo, but he refuses to believe it to be nothing more than coincidence.

Tri-Edge's fourth appearance is in Chapter 34: A Door in Time where he appears outside of the Golden Castle, though the group of heroes is confused as to how he and his army of enemies have a physical form. The group and Sigma realize that Tri-Edge is after Zero, prompting the group to fight him. After he is defeated, he manages to remove the AIDA in Zero's body before fleeing.

Tri-Edge's fifth and final appearance is in Chapter 38: Undying Souls where he appears outside the Millennium Tower after M. Bison uses his Psycho Drive to bring forth several AIDA. The heroes suppose he has been hunting down AIDA all this time, but he still fights the group with another army of enemies from The World. After he is defeated, Haseo tells him to return to The World, resolving to handle his problems in the online world. Tri-Edge accepts and flees for good.

Note: Azure Kite can be very dangerous due to his HP Counter skill. Even worse, when you deliver a huge amount of damages on him, said damage will be counter to your unit and he will counterattack as well. This could instantly kills your unit if they don't have any counterattack nullification skill equipped (such as Chun-Li/Xiaoyu's Skillful Dodge).

Attack list[]

Enemy Attack List[]

Name Strength Effect
Attack B Down
Multi-Attack (2-3 targets) A None
Special: Empty Skies S Stun
MA: Data Drain (2-3 targets) S Bind

Enemy Auto Skill List[]

Name Effect
Nultify Poison & Stun & Down Cannot be poisoned, stuned and downed (or removes the effect)
HP Counter Applies incurred damage to foe (cannot bring foe's HP to 0)



  • Azure Kite and Haseo are the only .hack// characters who were created after Bandai and Namco merged.
  • When you first encounter Azure Kite, he is registered as Tri-Edge in the Crosspedia, however, once Kite and Haseo receive their multi-attack, Azure Kite's name changes from Tri-Edge to Azure Kite.
    • Azure Kite is the only enemy to have a name change during the game.
  • Azure Kite's Japanese name translates to "Funerary flames Kite".
  • Azure Kite, Dokurobo, Nelo Angelo, and Zagi are the only new bosses in Project X Zone 2 that are fought four times.
    • Azure Kite is technically encountered five times, but his second encounter, Chapter 15, has him leaving by the time anyone could reach him.
  • Azure Kite and Robot Axel are the only bosses to be doppelgängers.
    • Azure Kite and Kite never meet in their home franchise.
  • Azure Kite is the last recurring Bandai Namco boss to appear in the Chapters.
    • Zagi is the technically the last one if Azure Kite's encounter in Prologue 4 counts.
  • Azure Kite and Kamuz are the only bosses to appear in the Prologues in Project X Zone 2.
    • Both are Bandai Namco bosses.
  • The only bosses to appear in Project X Zone 2's intro are Azure Kite, Nemesis, Zagi, Metal Face, Vajra, T-elos, M. Bison, Dural, Dokugozu, Dokumezu, Saya, Sheath, Unknown, Juri, Pyron, and Byaku Shin.
  • Azure Kite vocalizes in battle but is mute in the cutscenes.
    • He shares this quality with Unknown and Robot Axel, but unlike the latter two, Azure Kite never speaks, even in his last encounter,
  • Azure Kite is the only new .hack// boss in Project X Zone 2.
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