Original Appearance:

Sakura Wars



Voice Actor:

Ai Orisaka

Aya-me (also known as Ayame Fujieda) is a former supporting character turned one of the main antagonists from SEGA's Sakura Wars franchise.

Crosspedia EntryEdit

Ayame Fujieda, the second in command of the Imperial Assault Force, was implanted with a Kouma seed, and when it awoke this is what she was turned into. A total transformation from the beautiful, kind and intelligent Ayame, she is now cold and unforgiving. As a leading member of the "Black Demon Society," she worked alongside Aoi Satan to bring out the destruction of the capital, facing off with the Imperial Assault Force as they opposed the Kouma. She skillfully wields a whip during battle and has wings on her back that make her capable of flight.


Prior to becoming a Kouma, Ayame was once a prominent member of the Imperial Assault Force. She had been the one to recruit the current members of the Imperial Assault Force, most of which had possessed exceptional spiritual powers and also the excellent potentials needed to utilize the Kobu.


She makes his debut in Chapter 9: Justice Over Evil as Boss Unit. In the past, she had been killed twice and had temporarily stayed at the Makai until the events of the game where she revives and attacks the heroes. However, she feels that her body is not enough for defeat Ichiro and retreats from the city. Later, she appears in Chapter 15: The Gain Ground System, who helps Due to go to Makai in order to seek a more suitable world for the Koumas to obtain more power, but is defeated and she fleees to the Makai.

She then reappears in Chapter 22: God, Man, and Demon in God-Eating Fool's Carrier, a server from The World created by Feydooms based on Soma, Alisa, Lindow, Bruno, Toma and Cyrille's memories. She only comes to hinder the mission of the heroes in recovering the fragments of Aura, however, she is defeated and retreats from the server. In Chapter 25: A Storm of Romance, she collaborates along with Oros Phlox in using the Fujisakura's spirit power as weapon to damage several worlds with a simple blast, but their plan is aborted by Ichiro and Sakura when they released their energy to the heavens, calming the Fujisakura's spirit. When she sees that their plan has failed, she proceeds to attack the heroes, but is defeated and she retreats from the tree, but not before vowing to Ichiro that they will soon settle things between them.

In Chapter 34: Is Paris Burning Again?, she reveals that the evils of the world are gathering in one place and she lets them bear witness to the event, but in doing so fuels Ichiro's determination to stop her.. She is finally defeated, but before she dies, the true persona of Ayame Fujieda emerges and encourages Ichiro to fight on with her last words and promises that they will see each other again underneath the cherry blossom tree. In Final Chapter: The Winged Wanderers, a Aya-me's clone is created by Fused Meden along with other bosses units, to attack the heroes.

Enemy Attack List Edit

Name Strength Effect
Attack A None
Multi-Attack (2 targets) A None
Special: Number of The Beast S Poison
MA: Summon Kouma (2-4 targets) S Poison

Enemy Auto Skill List Edit

Name Effect
Nultify Poison & Stun & Down Cannot be poisoned, stunned and downed (or removes the effect)
XP (EP) Absorb Heal XP (EP) by 0.1% of damage landed on foe


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