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Alisa Ilinichina Amiella

Original Appearance:

God Eater (2010)

Platform of Origin:

PlayStation Portable

Unit Type:

Pair (Project X Zone)
Solo (Project X Zone 2)


Soma Schicksal (Project X Zone)

Cross appearances:

Project X Zone
Project X Zone 2

Voice Actor:

Maaya Sakamoto

First Chapter Appearance:

Chapter 5 (PXZ)
Prologue 4 (PXZ2)
Chapter 17 (PXZ2 Joins Party)

"I'll be forced to remove you if you get in my way!"
—Alisa Ilinichina Amiella, Project X Zone

Alisa Ilinichina Amiella (アリサ・イリーニチナ・アミエーラ Arisa Irīnichina Amiēra?)  is a character from the God Eater series. She wields a God Arc, a weapon used to fight Aragami, monsters that infest her world. Her God Arc can switch from a gun to a blade in a flash, not to mention she's also good in a fight.


Originally from Fenrir's Russia Branch, she was transferred to the Far East Branch a year later. She gained a traumatic fear of Aragami ever since she witnessed her parent's death, and received therapy sessions on a regular basis. During the "Moon on the Welkin" mission, her fears rose to the surface and trapped Lindow in the Mercy City's ruined church by collapsing the entrance. Feeling responsible, she helped in the search mission to find him.

During the attack on Aegis, she had a subconscious command implanted by the former Director to take down Lindow. She turned on her teammate Sakura momentarily due to this command, but eventually resisted and fought using only healing shots. She has since gotten over the mental commands, and is now free from further mental intrusions.

In Project X Zone[]

Alisa's first appearance within Project X Zone, regarding the actual chapters, was Chapter 5: The God Eaters.

After the current playable characters decided to return to Roppongi to try and piece together a plan, a gigantic vortex opens up, out of which comes Alisa, Soma Schicksal, and, surprisingly, Vashyron. Alisa is the first of the two God Eaters to notice the out-of-place Vashyron, which results in him introducing himself, and all three eventually telling each other about the worlds they come from. As soon as they all realize they are in another realm, Soma suggests leaving through the vortex, but then, Aragami, ferocious creatures from the God Eater series, jump through and attack the three. Vashyron agrees to provide backup for the God Eaters, and they prepare to fight the Aragami.

At the same time, Kogoro, Mii, and the rest of the characters return, due to Mii thinking that something bad would happen upon them returning to the spot. After realizing the whole situation, they agree to help in the fight, and Alisa and Soma become members of the team for the rest of the game, with Vashyron as an optional Solo Unit.

In Project X Zone 2[]

Alisa is one of only a few characters from the first Project X Zone to return in Project X Zone 2 with a changed Unit Type. She first appears in Prologue 4: Welcome To The World. She is mentioned by several characters in Chapter 16: Thicker Than Water, and finally reappears in Chapter 17: Road Combatants.

This Alisa is three years older than the Alisa that the characters from the first game knew, since that is how much time had passed in the God Eater timeline since Project X Zone was released.

In Chapter 17, Alisa is seen instructing M. Bison to evacuate the premises, believing him to be a normal citizen. She brings up that the God Arc Soldiers are coming to try and remove the golden chains that have recently rained down on the Fenrir Far East Branch battle zone that Alisa was stationed in, which gives Bison the idea of doing that himself, believing he can't fully rely on Ouma to do it (even though they were already doing that for their own plans.) After Alisa fully introduces herself to Bison, he brings in an army of Aragami and reprogrammed God Arc Soldiers, as well as V-Dural, to attack her. Luckily, the rest of the playable characters up to that point show up, and together, they (and eventually Ryu and Ken) help Alisa fight off Bison, the Aragami, the God Arc Soldiers, and V-Dural (and eventually Robot Axel). Once the battle is over, Ryu and Ken join your party for the rest of the game, with Alisa as an optional Solo Unit.

Crosspedia Entry[]

A new type of God Eater from Russia. her full name is Alisa Illinichina Amiella.

Her select status as a new type of God Eater and her exemplary training results have made her keenly aware of her elite nature, to the point that she initially looked down on her allies.

She lost her parent to Aragami at a young age. As a direct effect of this childhood trauma, she took actions during a mission that caused Lindow to go MIA, giving her something of a mental breakdown. However, with the support of her allies, she managed to recover. In fact, she found she was able to cooperate far more effectively now that she opened up to those around her.

She also participated in the search for Lindow, ultimately rescuing him alive.

She is serious and studious, with a dislike for cooking.


As a New Type God Eater, she can attack at both long and short range. She can use bullets with various effects, as well as the blade's Impulse Edge. She is partnered with Soma Schicksal, and is also joined with Lindow Amamiya.

Stats (For comparison)[]

50 12574 356 352 155 163

Attack List[]

Project X Zone Attack List[]

Name Strength XP Rate Effect
Charge Crush & Chain Slash A 4% Stun
Jumping Slash & Sliding C 5% Critical+
Devour & Jumping Slash C 8% None
Chain Slash & Impulse Edge A 2% Critical+
Combo Devour & Hold Trap B 7% Down
Special: Over the Clouds S 100% Cost Stun
MA: Devour & Call Rain (2-4 enemies) C 100% Cost


Support: Chain Crush & Swift Strikes C None Poison

Project x Zone 2 Solo Attack[]

Name Strength Effect
IE Mk0: Slash A None

Skill List[]

Project X Zone Skill List[]

Skill Name XP Cost Target Effect Description
Healing Shots 30% Ally Heal HP 30% Alisa fires healing shots at an ally
Charge Crush 15% Self Attack Range +1 Soma extends the reach of his blade
Advanced Guard 25% Self Defense +15% Soma deploys a shield
Boost Shots 15% Ally First Critical Alisa fires enhancing shots at an ally
Enhanced Linkaid Auto Self Give full HP when Rescuing Alisa Only

Project X Zone 2 Skill List[]

Skill Name SP Cost Target Effect Description
Healing Shots 50 Other Heal HP 100% Alisa fires a shot that heals her cherished allies.
Status Remedy Shots 20 Other

Heal Poison

Heal Stun

Heal Bind 

Alisa uses a special "rogue chip" to heal her allies' status ailments.

Auto Skill List (Project X Zone 2)[]

Skill Name CP Cost Effect Activation Rate Description
Life Stealer 1250 Absorbs HP After taking action: 10 or more enemies defeated Alisa's longblade Blood Art absorbs bodily force from the foes she attacks.
Enhanced Linkaid 500 Heals self when rescuing At start of turn: XP 100 or more Alisa's self-sacrificing support fully revives KOed foes.
Zero Stance 750 Mirage cancel XP cost ↓ 30% After taking action: HP 70% or more A special longblade stance that lets Alisa quickly move to the next attack.
Drawback Shot 1000 Nullifies Counterattacks Rate at start of turn 100% Alisa leaps backward to avoid enemy counterattacks.
Predator and Prey - Collects SP At start of turn: SP 25% or less The God Eaters prey upon downed foes to power up their weapons.


Her theme in Project X Zone Japanese version is "Over The Clouds", a remix of God Eater's opening theme. But due some issues with licensing, her theme was changed in English version to "God and Man", the same theme with Lindow Amamiya instead.

In Project X Zone 2, her theme is "No Way Back" from God Eater, same theme with Ciel Alencon.


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  • Alisa is the only character that shares her first name with another character, that being Alisa Bosconivitch.
  • Alisa, KOS-MOS, Heihachi, and Jin are the only playable units to receive significant design changes.
    • Alisa is the only one to do so in Project X Zone 2.
  • Alisa, Reiji, Xiaomu, and Chun-Li are the only character to receive new portrait sprites in Project X Zone 2.
  • The God Eater cast are the only ones to debut on the PlayStation Portable.
  • In Project X Zone 2, she is the first God Eater character to appear and the last one to join the party.
  • Alisa is the only playable God Eater character to appear in both Project X Zone games.
  • Alisa and Demitri are the only East Europeans in the Cross games.
    • Alisa is Russian.
  • Alisa is the only character to have a notable age difference in her appearances, as She was 15 in Project X Zone and 18 in Project X Zone 2.
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