Ada Wong

Original Appearance:

Resident Evil 2



Voice Actor:

Junko Minagawa

Ada Wong is a character in the Resident Evil series and a non-playable character in Project X Zone 2.


Crosspedia EntryEdit

A beautiful woman with elite combat skills and superior judgement. Ada is an assumed name, and her real name is unknown.

Formerely affiliated with one of Umbrella's rivals, she infiltrated the zombie-infested Raccoon City to obtain a sample of the company's new virus strain. There she met Leon and adopted a fake identity to use him for her own ends. After he saved her life, however, she started to developr true affection for him.

She went on to support Leon from the shadows during his subsequent exploits, including his rescue of the President's kidnapped daughter and his fight against a new bio-terror threat. Although they are now on opossing sides, her feelings for him remain unchanged.


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